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A Wonderful Gift for Amazing Mothers in the World

Reyap Hospital

As a woman who just gets pregnant or given birth to a beautiful child, many changes occur in your body. Your physical features will not be the same, just like when you are a teenager. These changes can be helpful, but most of the time, these changes result in physical and emotional stress.

There are physical changes like your body weight, hair loss, saggy skin, breast, waist, hips, and other features. It is because of the adjustments that the body undergoes for the preparation of childbirth.

These changes can put a limitation on what you can do. There are some cases that you will feel down about yourself. Even your work and socializing skills can be affected as well. It is a sure thing to happen, but there is a solution that you can do to get rid of it.

Mommy makeover is a surgery that can help you to improve your physical features. This procedure includes body contouring, breast surgery, facial rejuvenation, and additional treatments and services. If you want to have a long-term result of a mommy makeover, make sure that you maintain healthy body weight.

Mommy makeover in Reyap Hospital can provide you the best solution for your problem. This procedure is a combination of breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction as one major surgery. It can ultimately offer you the changes that you prefer. It helps in attaining a healthier and younger-looking appearance after childbirth.

Another interview from a mother named Yvette, who is a mother of two children. Let us know how the experience was different from the firstborn child. Yvette is also a patient from Reyap Hospital who undergoes a mommy makeover.

What are your experiences during your pregnancy on your second baby?

Yvette shared her story about the difference between having her second child. She said that on her first child, she even downloaded a pregnancy app and monitors her baby bump now and then. Unlike the second one, she is got used to it. She felt like she had given her full effort to discover the first pregnancy and just sit down and relax.

She has also experienced different symptoms during her second pregnancy. Yvette felt like her baby bump gets bigger sooner, unlike the first time. It is because her stomach had been stretched before. She also experienced that her second baby kicks or move more rapidly.

Even though Yvette experienced morning sickness during her first pregnancy, she also had it on her second. But there are some cases wherein a woman hasn’t experienced it on her early pregnancy will be able to experience morning sickness on the second.

Motherhood during the second pregnancy

As a second-time mother, Yvette also has to make some modifications to her lifestyle. Although it is an unplanned pregnancy, unlike the first one, it became smooth and gentle for the second time around.

Yvette is not bothered by the scars, curves, and changes on her body don’t surprise her all. She expected that her body would take into the shape of a natural pregnant woman. Her body muscles turn into its cycle of pregnancy. She felt her body stretch in response to a new life form in her womb.

By this time, Yvette is about to start a new life with her two children. Her body already adjusted from the first time that she had a child. Compared to the rigorous and detailed preparations on the first one, it seems like Yvette is now knowledgeable in handling pregnancy.

What are the things that make you happy or unhappy during your motherhood stage?

Yvette said that it is a privilege and honor to be a mother. It makes her complete more than anything in this world. The first years of her motherhood are incredible and, indeed, a hard time to deal with. The adjustments in the firstborn are way more complicated than the second one.

In the second pregnancy of Yvette, she now knows what to do with fewer panic attacks. She also expected mood swings and physical changes just like before. Yvette has her type of baby blues, such as crying. Yvette also experienced sleep deprivation, hormonal and emotional changes.

The most evident changes that Yvette is not so pleased with are her physical features. For the second time, she had saggy breasts, gain weight, loose skin, and stretch marks. That is when she decided that two children is enough for their family and wished to undergo a mommy makeover.

How was your Mommy Makeover in Reyap Hospital?

Yvette had her Mommy makeover in Reyap Hospital. It consists of several procedures. This surgery helps to boost her self-confidence and be a productive mother.

  • Breast implants are one of the most common procedures today. As part of a mommy makeover, it works on inserting silicone or saline-based implants for the breast to look larger and perkier.
  • Breast reduction can also be one of your choices in a mommy makeover. Yvette had been breastfeeding for her two children. She developed more massive breasts and wanted to reduce them for smooth movements.
  • Just like what was stated a while ago, if you want to have a mommy makeover, make sure that you are satisfied with the number of your children. This procedure involves a tummy tuck. Tummy tuck works on creating a tight and firm stomach. It removes the excess skin and fats on the belly.
  • Liposuction has a variety of procedures. But its primary goal is to eliminate the excess fat by suctioning the specific area.
  • You can also have additional surgeries such as thigh lift, arm lift, Brazilian butt lift, and other procedures that aim to provide a younger-looking appearance.

These are the procedures that Yvette had in Reyap Hospital. It was an excellent experience for her since the surgeons are very much skilled in performing a successful operation. She enjoys the benefits of Mommy Makeover in Reyap because she is now able to work just like before. Yvette no longer worries about saggy and loose skin whenever she is wearing her office uniform. As a working mom, she needs to retain a good body posture.

How did you get your Mommy Makeover in Reyap Hospital?

As a celebration for the International Mother’s Day, we are sharing the beautiful experiences of our awesome mothers out there. Their motherhood and pregnancy histories are an indication of how miraculous a woman’s body is. Imagine having a life inside your womb, beating together with your heartbeat. That is a delightful part of being a mother.

Yvette had this incredible surgery given to her by her parents-in-law as a gift for giving them two angels. International Mother’s Day is a holiday to honor motherhood in different cultures around the world. International Mother’s Day 2020 is on the second Sunday of May, May 10. Celebrations of International Mother’s Day vary depending on each country.

As a mom, you deserve the best gift in the world. A mommy makeover could be the suitable gift for you. This procedure comes with numerous advantages and benefits. It will also allow you to pamper and find time to improve yourself.

Yvette, as a working mom, is a selfless woman. She always put her children first above her comfort. A mommy makeover lets you focus on yourself for a while. After the procedure, Yvette felt like she was more beautiful and feminine. She is now feeling a lot more sexy and attractive, especially for the eyes of her husband. Most importantly, she has increased self-assurance in terms of social, professional, and romantic relationships.

Where to find the best mommy makeover for you?

If you are looking for the best mommy makeover for you, Reyap Hospital in Turkey is here. As Yvette shared her experiences with Reyap, you can also have that quality mommy makeover surgery. It is a reliable healthcare institution that provides quality healthcare services. They continue to strive for comprehensive education and training activities to improve the knowledge and skills of their medical staff.

Mommy makeover in Reyap Hospital is one of their best offers for mothers out there. As we are about to celebrate for International Mother’s Day, you can rely on Reyap as a gift for your wonderful mothers and wives. It is a fantastic gift to give back on all the hard work and sacrifices of your dear mothers.

Mommy patients enjoy the desirable results of their mommy makeover surgery in Reyap. Have your consultation here at Reyap Hospital in Turkey to know the best combinations for your mommy makeover. You can also modify your mommy makeover based on your needs.

Being a mother comes with great responsibility. It is a little and simple thing to treat them once in a while. International Mother’s Day is the best opportunity to show them how much we care for them. This kind of present repays so much of what they did to raise their own family.