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Beard Growth Guide – Everything You Need to Know to Achieve a Thicker, Denser & Natural Looking Beard

Reyap Hospital

Well, it is a common fact that a beard is a symbol of men’s crisp image since then. Alongside with great men are great beards. Beard showcases the essence of masculinity among the male species. But, the question is, how can you showcase a thicker and more natural-looking beard? Let’s find out.

Beard, just like any other hair on the human face, needs its beard cosmetic care. With this facial hair care, the beard will be able to grow healthy. But, which are the most effective ways to do so? Listed below are the top hair care routines that you should follow to maintain beard beauty.

How Much Will Be The Cost Upon Getting A Beard Growth?

For some, beard growth in a natural way is way cheaper yet very obligating. Most aspiring bearded men that got a nice looking beard usually invest in things like diet, hair supplements, and more. Men also consider cosmetic checkups for useful advice for better knowledge. Well, there’s no exact amount for someone to know if they’re into having facial hair the natural way, unlike going for a beard transplant, which can be fast and very efficient.

What Are The Most Effective Ways You Can Do To Maintain Beard?

Having or Growing a beard is a tough job to do, especially when you’re a busy person. This can be frustrating at times, but just like a true man, wait and do not give up. Of course, take full responsibility. It is more like having a significant commitment to a thing.

First, make sure to set your goal.

Remember, most of the time, being a goal setter makes your chance of winning bigger. So, create a beard growth timeline in which you have to manage. Time is the best friend of growth. With this, you will be able to achieve a thicker, denser, and natural-looking beard. Now along with time, is the value of patience. Do not tolerate edginess among the process of beard growth. All good things come to those who wait.

The timeline must be evaluated for at least a month. Within this period, there will be a lot of happenings per week. If you’re a first-time beard grower then, it might lead you to some state of weirdness. And to that, do not be tempted or don’t scarp on anything. Remember, this timeline will result in something better. As the weeks will pass among the beard growth challenge, apply the necessary oil for your beard. Oil is an excellent weapon for maintaining a good look upon follicle units. One factor can also be the usage of supplements. These growth meds will help your goal to be better. Of course, never a groom! Avoid yourself luring into the shaving a little hair or trimming ideas. You won’t be able to resist any kind of temptation. So, make sure to compose yourself.

Second, have a healthy lifestyle.

Upon doing the beard growth challenge, make sure to get a good and healthy routine. Start with your diet; make sure to eat healthy yet tasty food. And for sure, this will not only benefit the beard, but this includes your body health. To be in top shape while growing healthy gorgeous facial hair, here are some examples of food to eat:


Protein is an excellent growth factor; that’s why eating an egg is a good thing for someone who’s bulking up. Eggs are very rich in protein. Grow foods will surely benefit those who want to have enough supplements for system growth. Also, these functional bulk foods are excellent sources for biotin. The Biotin substance is one of the best vita-material for having healthy hair. To top it all, eggs also promote minerals, which are suitable for the whole system, such as iron, calcium, and more. So, you shouldn’t miss this one on the diet list.


If you’re committed, considering having vegetables on your food rack is a good idea. Potatoes, most notably the sweet ones, got the high percentage content of beta-carotene. This is a mineral saver for cell growth. Besides getting a full thick beard, it will look and feel good. Also, the beta-carotene can be converted into something better, which is Vitamin A. And, this one is the best kind of supplement for your beard growth.

   Spinach & Cinnamon

Spinach and cinnamon are common ingredients for a lot of food wonders. And in this case, both are the right food materials for making the beard grow with an excellent finish. Meanwhile, spinach is one of the best providers of iron, magnesium, and potassium. It works well with people who long for faster and better hair growth. Spinach can be sautéed or mixed with different healthy food choices if it’s included on your diet.

Moreover, cinnamon is also a useful component of healthy hair care. If you’re going to sprinkle some on oatmeal or shake, you already added a natural vitamin to your system. This natural vitamin that the cinnamon got is a substance that boosts the flow of oxygen among your hair follicles.

Lastly, get some exercise and have an 8-hour sleep.

Completing a healthy lifestyle needs both of the mentioned routines. A healthy diet and a goal-setting timeline are not enough to achieve a desirable thick beard. Now, with a good habit that will sweat you up, it will lead you to your goal. These two will be the icing to the best hair care routine.

Remember, these steps can only be practical with the right discipline with the person doing it. As mentioned earlier, having a beard is a commitment and not just to make the facial look better.

Is The Result Of Natural Beard Growth Permanent?

Well, the risk of the natural process for making beard growth is the stability of the beard alone. For some unwanted reasons and factors, genes might affect the result of the natural method. Even though you tried all routines and changed your lifestyle, if you got genetic concerns, then, it may be a little alarming. It may get your efforts wasted and as well as your allotted funds for this. Thankfully, the cosmetic scene got a fantastic solution. This solution is pricey yet very trusted by many. The result of this cosmetic procedure might lead you to a hassle-free outcome from doing beard growth.

Hence, the hair transplantation process by Reyap Hospital. This is the place you can trust if you’re going the direct way of making beard growth.

This cosmetic procedure is one of the newest cosmetic treatments of Reyap Hospital. It is a practical approach to those people who wanted an instant and an excellent result. Now, the process of this cosmetic remedy involves an operation in which the surgeon will do some grafting and extraction. Usually, the said procedure transplants a group of follicle units into target areas. This group is called donors. Donors will be put into a square and later on develop.

The transplantation from the Reyap Hospital Istanbul comprises six significant stages. These following steps are containing, planning, and providing local anesthesia. Also, as stated above, grafting or collecting of grafts and opening follicle channels - belong to the process of hair transplantation. The last one would be the planting of the grafted materials. Looking for the best cosmetic team will perform these stages.

The Reyap Medical team got members with specialties and got the best set of medical skills. This is the leading cause of why a lot of patients from Reyap got the best reviews and most satisfying reactions. For about 6 to 9 hours, the patient will continue under the transplantation procedure. But, the duration of this cosmetic process depends on the number of grafted follicles and the sessions. Usually, the medical team will examine all possible factors before proceeding to the procedure. This is Reyap’s method of making sure that the operation would be a success.

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This alternative solution for beard growth is a game-changer. Reyap Hospital is already operating for more than ten years, and there’s a lot that they can offer. This healthcare got globally competitive services designed to give out comfort among people. So, having beard growth through facial hair transplantation in Turkey is a wise choice. Reyap’s services also include lectures among medical concerns and issues. Again, if you want a fast procedure for beard growth besides doing it naturally, Reyap got the help you needed. Now, all you need to do is set an appointment through call or send the right proposal email. You can always contact us also through send us a message or feel free to reach us at https://m.me/reyaphospitalistanbul.
There’s no harm in trying. So, try it now!