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Bothered By Your Ear Size? Have Your Otoplasty Now!

Reyap Hospital

Hearing is one of the fundamental human senses. It is beneficial in so many aspects, such as communicating and interacting with one another. Ears also manifest the appearance of the individual. It is one of the factors that make a person attractive or even stand out from the rest of the crowd.

A prominent ear size can be the reason why most children experience bullying. Ears are said to be notified when they are more than two centimeters from the side of your head. This makes the ears visible and the first thing to look at when you see the entire face of an individual.

There are possible ways on how to get rid of your prominent ear size. Reconstructive surgery can be performed in the form of treating the outer ear caused by an accident or congenital deformity. However, if you just want to pin back your ears so that they look better, it falls under cosmetic procedures.

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is known as ear correction surgery, which deals with the surgical modification of the shape of the outer ear. Its goal is to correct a deformed ear or just to enhance its appearance.

Some people choose to have otoplasty if they are bothered by the shape of their ears on how it sticks out from the sides of their heads. You can also have this type of surgery if you have deformities from birth or an injury. This can be done when the ears are fully developed, commonly after the age of 5 to adulthood.

There are specific reasons why people consider otoplasty. This could be when your ears stick out very far from your head. It is also done when your ears are big in proportion to your head or when you are not satisfied with your previous surgery.

Things You Need To Know About Cauliflower Ear

Cauliflower ear happens when there are blood pools in your outer ear after being hit. The pooling of blood is called a hematoma. It needs to be cured right away. There are no treatments for cauliflower ear, but it can be prevented even when you already have the trauma.

When there is something that hits the side of your head, check your outer ear immediately if there are swelling or bruising. There can also be changed in the shape of your ear. If this incident is not yet treated, there are symptoms that you will experience. These include hearing loss, headache, blurry vision, and you will hear ringing in your ear.

There is a surgery to correct the damage done to you by the trauma resulting in a cauliflower ear. You can also improve the appearance of your ear by using otoplasty. During otoplasty, your surgeon will create a cut on the back of your ear to reveal the cartilage. After that, your surgeon will eliminate some of the cartilage on your ear or have some stitches to change the shape of your ear.

What is ear pinning?

Another type of ear correction surgery is ear pinning. It is a procedure used to correct prominent ear size. Your doctor might need to eliminate the cartilage and skin on the back of your ears and use permanent stitches. There are people seeking ear pinning for cosmetic purposes.

Your surgeon can recommend you to have ear pinning if you are not satisfied with the size of your ears. Those patients who are good candidates for ear pinning are those healthy adults and children from the age of five or older. You can also have a second opinion to get more options before pursuing your decision.

Ear pinning can be done in a hospital, your doctor's office, or in an outpatient surgery clinic. There are various ear pinning surgery techniques, depending on your needs. This surgery includes an incision behind your ear and eliminates the excess ear cartilage and skin during the operation. Your surgeon will then change the position and secure your ear with internal and permanent stitches.

There are two types of anesthesia that you can use for ear pinning surgery. Either of these two can be general anesthesia or regional anesthesia. This depends on the specific procedure to be done on the patient.

General anesthesia is the use of both Intravenous or IV medications and gases, which will make you fall asleep. You are unconscious, and you will not feel any pain along with the surgery. On the other hand, regional anesthesia is also perceived as the nerve block. It works on injecting anesthesia on the nerves of a large part of your body. You can also have sedation with the regional anesthesia to make you feel comfortable during the surgery.

There are possible risks when you choose to have ear pinning surgery. You might experience allergic reactions due to anesthesia and breathing problems. There can also be visible blood clots, infection, and bleeding, which can eventually result in shock.

The complications that you might experience are asymmetry of the ears, changes in skin sensation, hematoma, poor wound healing, and scarring. To minimize the occurrences of surgical complications, you should follow the recommendations and restrictions of your surgery. You should also inform your surgeon about what you feel so that there would be immediate medical intervention.

Would you consider having a facial asymmetry or earlobe reduction surgery?

Those facial features which do not ideally look like the other one on both sides of the face are called asymmetry. Most people do have asymmetrical traits on their faces. There are some instances that these asymmetries are more visible than others. Injury, aging, and deformities usually cause asymmetry.

One of the facial features which can be seen as asymmetrical is the ears. It can turn out to be higher than the other ear. If you are not happy with it, you can have surgery to correct it. Otoplasty is the right surgery for you to make your ears look symmetrical.

On the other hand, earlobe reduction is a procedure performed to correct large earlobes that make the patient look unattractive or uncomfortable. This condition can be hereditary, but sometimes big earlobes result from aging. Ear lobe reduction surgery is usually performed for having large earlobes, earlobes with hanging skin, and reconnects the earlobe during facelift surgery.

These surgical procedures are done to make a face have an attractive outlook. Most of the patients aim for physical satisfactions which can make themselves more confident and productive.

How much does ear surgery cost?

If you are looking for a specific procedure, you should look for the cost of it. It is essential that you know so that you will be ready for your expenses. Ear pinning cost the UK ranges from £2,500 to £3,500. Besides, there are consultations and follow-up care fees when needed. Here are the price comparisons between the UK and Turkey prices.

Country UK Price(with hospital and doctor’s fee) US Dollar Equivalent % Savings on UK Price AUS CAN NZ
UK £3,275 $5,731 72% $5,100
$5,200 $5,500
Turkey £897 $1,570 73% $1,200 $1,200 $1,300

The cost of your otoplasty depends on the required procedures of the surgery. Your surgeon, upon your consultation period, will discuss it. You should know the services covered by your ear correction surgery. Ask questions from your surgeon for clarity.

Your ear correction surgery or otoplasty can be done on a one-day case surgery, or it might take you to stay for one night in the hospital. During the procedure, you are to wear a dressing on your head, covering your eyes. You will experience initial pain and prescribed painkillers for the first days after the surgery. You should also need to attend to your follow-up appointments to monitor your condition.

When can I sleep on my ears after otoplasty?

It is a common question of the patient on how they are going to sleep after the surgery. During your otoplasty recovery, your surgeon will recommend ways on how you can relax after the procedure. Here are some of the tips that you can follow without affecting your healing process.

  • A day after the surgery, you should keep your head raised to reduce swelling. Avoid sleeping on your sides because it will cause too much pressure on your ears.
  • Two weeks after your otoplasty, your surgeon will suggest you wear an otoplasty recovery headband as a compression. This is to protect your ears for better recovery. You are still not allowed to sleep on your sides. Better to sleep on your back for stability.
  • On your sixth week of recovery, your surgeon will still suggest you to continue wearing your headband when sleeping. Fortunately, sleeping on your sides is not a significant problem at this time.
  • After four months, your ears are expected to be fully healed, and you can sleep at any position. Results may vary depending on the treatments and healing processes. Always have open communication with your doctor.

As the weeks pass by, your ears will continue healing. Swelling and pain will eventually subside. Within those six to eight weeks, most patients report that there is minimal or no pain at all. You can still wear compression bandages years after your surgery to keep them secured. Otoplasty pain will decrease later on.

Reyap Hospital in Turkey is a reliable healthcare institution that provides quality healthcare services such as ear correction surgery or otoplasty. They continue to have comprehensive education and training activities for their medical staff to improve their knowledge and skills. Reyap Hospital in Turkey also has advanced hotel services for its local and foreign patients abroad.

Hearing is one of the most important senses in the human system. It contributes to the productivity of the individual to be able to do his daily tasks efficiently. Ears do also have aesthetic value when it comes to the symmetry of the face. Its size matters when it comes to the definition of attractiveness for individuals.

Reyap Hospital in Turkey offers valuable medical services along with the various surgical procedures such as plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. They have cheaper costs than any other local medical hospital. Due to modern technology, they also have advanced equipment that can help their services be done effectively to their patients. Reyap Hospital in Turkey is here as your best healthcare partner.

Frequently Asked Questions about Otoplasty

Will ears relax after otoplasty?

After the otoplasty, your ears will relax to some degree. If you are wearing a compression bandage after the surgery and experiencing discomfort lately, you should ask your surgeon if you will continue to wear it. They might suggest removing one or more sutures that are pinning your ears.

Can you pin your ears back without surgery?

If you have seen any deformities in your child, it is better if you will have compression in the first few months after birth. It is the period when the cartilage is still malleable and easy to reposition. This can also have permanent medical treatment when detected earlier.