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Brazilian Butt Lift: What to Expect on Your Recovery Period?

Reyap Hospital

Body shape and proportion are usually defined by genetics or lifestyle. The skeletal formation and storage of body fats affect the form of the lower part of your body. Healthy diet and fitness activities can help you to achieve toned muscles.

Unfortunately, some patients feel bad about having flat buttocks, which result in shapelessness, unattractive body figure, and low self-esteem. Even though they have a healthy lifestyle, they feel inferior from the rest of the crowd.

If this problem continues to worry you a lot, you might want to have cosmetic surgery. A Brazilian butt lift can improve the shape of your buttocks and other surrounding parts of your lower body. This procedure also includes enhancing the hips, lower back, and thighs.

This guide will learn how a Brazilian butt lift can affect your body and what you should expect upon recovery after the surgery.

Table of Contents

1. What is a Brazilian butt lift?
Non-surgical Brazilian butt lift
2. What are the risks and complications of Brazilian butt lift?
How much is a Brazilian butt lift?
3. Recovery period after the Brazilian butt lift
Aftercare procedures of a Brazilian butt lift
4. Where to get the best Brazilian butt lift?

What is a Brazilian butt lift?

Brazilian butt lift is a unique treatment for fat transfer operation, which modifies the shape and size of your buttocks without using buttock implants. Through this procedure, the excess body fats are eliminated from the hips, abdomen, thighs, or lower back using liposuction. From there, a part of those removed fats is injected in your buttocks.
This cosmetic procedure is a combination of liposuction and fat-implanting.
It then results in additional volume, defined body shapes, and lift.


Brazilian butt lift involves fat-removing processes that aim to provide natural-looking results. This cosmetic procedure includes the following:

  • Before the surgery starts, usually, your surgeon will use anesthesia. If the method only works on smaller body fats to transfer, local anesthesia is recommended. It is to numb the specific area on where to perform the procedure. You can also ask for anti-nausea before the surgery if you are uncomfortable using anesthesia.
  • Your doctor will perform liposuction to eliminate body fats from the other parts of your body. It can be from your hips, thighs, and abdomen. During liposuction, there are incisions on your skin, and body fats will be eliminated through the use of a tube.
  • The collected body fats are purified and prepared to inject into your buttocks.
  • Your doctor will finish the procedure by injecting the accumulated body fats into the selected parts of your buttocks. This is to create a fit and toned buttocks shape. There will be three and five incisions on your buttocks for body fat transfers.
  • Liposuction and body fat transfers are both enclosed by stitches. Your doctor will use a compression garment on your affected skin areas to reduce bleeding.


Before you proceed to a Brazilian butt lift, make sure that you are qualified and fit to undergo such cosmetic procedures. It is a must to have a skilled surgeon to take care of your Brazilian butt lift. Your surgeon might recommend it to you if:

  • the natural contour of your body got lost because of age and weight loss
  • you feel uncomfortable with your clothes
  • you have enough excess fats on your hips and other parts for fat-grafting
  • you are a not smoking
  • you are healthy
  • you have a healthy lifestyle with fitness exercises
  • you do not have any previous infections related to surgery

Non-surgical Brazilian butt lift

Some patients are afraid of having cuts or incisions. There is a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift, which can be an alternative procedure for you. A non-surgical Brazilian butt lift is less invasive compared to other medical procedures. This procedure is considered as a more straightforward process to achieve desirable buttocks results.

This procedure is the same as other non-surgical alternatives, like non-surgical nose jobs, which uses dermal fillers. Your own choice of dermal fillers works on the natural inflammatory response to trigger your body in producing collagen. The combination of inflammation and collagen makes your buttocks appear more significant, just like your desired outcomes. You can enjoy that instant procedure, which can last for several years.

What are the risks and complications of the Brazilian butt lift?

Just like any other cosmetic procedure, the Brazilian butt lift also has its flaws and dark sides. Always make sure that you engage with a trusted and skilled surgeon to help you monitor and choose the best procedure for your Brazilian butt lift journey.

Here are some of the risks and complications associated with Brazilian butt lift are:

  • Bruises
  • Stretch marks
  • Infections
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Cardiac and pulmonary risks
  • Liposuction and anesthesia complications

How much is a Brazilian butt lift?

If you want to have a Brazilian butt lift, you must check for its cost or possible expenses. This is to prepare yourself for your upcoming surgery. Brazilian butt lift cost in the UK ranges from £5000-£6000. These costs are considered as fundamental. Those women who decided to enhance their buttocks pay this amount.

European services for Brazilian butt lift provides impressive services but at a higher cost compared to Turkish clinics. On the other hand, Turkey also offers quality Brazilian butt lift services in an average package cost of £2399. From these figures, it is possible that you can get the same treatment and quality in Turkey at lower prices.

The recovery period after the Brazilian butt lift

One of the significant advantages of a Brazilian butt lift is its fast healing period compared to other procedures. When you have already completed the first stage of the Brazilian butt lift, recovery appointments will take only four days. Patients can do their usual activities and live their lives without hassle.

There are visible effects to expect after BBL surgery. Bruises and discomfort should subside one or two weeks after the procedure. Most of the Brazilian butt lift patients can go back to their work. But they are advised to limit sitting after three weeks while some patients engage in light to a moderate fitness exercise after four weeks.

Most of the BBL swelling goes down after six weeks. You must avoid putting too much pressure on your buttocks. It means that you should avoid sitting too much for three weeks. If you failed to do so, it could negatively affect the results of the surgery. Moreover, there are available butt lift pillows to help you while you are recovering. Once you are completely healed, you can usually sit again.

The survival of the transferred body fat cells is significant during the recovery period. In this regard, your surgeon will suggest you use a unique Brazilian butt lift pillow. During the surgery, there will be small incisions when removing and transferring body fats. Even though they are small and hardly visible, you must follow the aftercare procedures by your surgeon to have minimal scarring.

Aftercare procedures of a Brazilian butt lift

The final and complete result of a Brazilian butt lift is approximately six months. Full recovery depends on how well the patient follows the instructions of the surgeon for aftercare procedures. Here are some of the BBL recovery tips on how you should take care of yourself:

  • Take the prescribed medications to manage temporary pains.
  • Do not sit longer than 1 hour in the first month of your recovery.
  • During the initial recovery, you are not allowed to squat or stretch your butt.
  • Wear a faja or compression garment within four to six weeks after the BBL surgery.
  • Avoid swimming or using hot tubs at least four weeks after the surgery.
  • Sleep on your sides or stomach. If you badly needed to sit, use a donut or inflatable pillow.
  • High impact activities are not allowed during the four weeks after the surgery.
  • Have enough rest and a healthy food diet.
  • Contact your doctor for updates if you encounter problems during the recovery period.

Just like any other procedure, the Brazilian butt lift also has post-operative pain. BBL recovery pain is tolerable. Soreness is widespread to experience after the surgery. Your surgeon will offer painkillers or other types of comfort medications to ease the pain as much as possible.

After your BBL surgery, do not sleep on your sides. It will put too much pressure on the fat cells inserted on your hands and will poorly affect your blood circulation. Later on, it can affect the overall quality of your buttock surgery.

The ideal position for sleeping after a BBL surgery is the 45-degree angle. In this way, the pressure is on your thighs. You can also relax on your stomach with the arms on your sides. You can sleep on your back, provided that you will only do it after two weeks of your BBL surgery.

During the first two to six weeks after your BBL surgery, sitting for too long might cause the fat cells to die. The first six weeks of your BBL recovery is the time to generate blood supply around the new fat cells.

Since you are not allowed to sit for long hours, you should also avoid driving for at least two weeks after the BBL surgery. You might feel weak if you insist on doing so. If you are now allowed to sit on your butt, you can use a BBL pillow.

Where to get the best Brazilian butt lift?

Reyap Hospital in Turkey is a reliable healthcare institution that provides quality healthcare services. They continue to strive for comprehensive education and training activities to enhance the knowledge and skills of their medical staff.

Brazilian butt lift is also available in Reyap. You can have your free consultation with their most professional doctors to help you assess your treatment. Their surgical team is here to provide the same or even better healthcare services compared to European clinics.

You can also save more if you choose to have your Brazilian butt lift in Reyap. Their healthcare services are of high quality, and, with its low-cost, that is very economically-friendly for the patients. You can reach and contact them through their Messenger account and WhatsApp.

There are so many ways on how to look sexy and beautiful. Make sure that you choose the right partner for your surgery. It is a strict procedure. You will spend money, time, and effort upon achieving your desired results. Moreover, these sacrifices should be accompanied by the help of a professional who can make it happen. Reyap Hospital in Turkey is always here, ready to serve you.