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Breast Reduction Surgery: A Valuable Answer for Large Breast Issues

Reyap Hospital

As a woman, there are lots of responsibilities and roles that they play in society. Women’s empowerment is widely manifested in school, work, politics, and even in social media. They will be able to contribute many things to the world. One of the most significant roles and functions of being a woman is to give birth. It is their biological role in the world. The physical aspects of women's bodies are suitable to take care of a life form inside their womb. It is a fantastic characteristic of women as their contribution to the world.

Breast is the tissue covering the chest muscles. Specifically, women's breasts are specialized tissues that produce milk as well as the fatty tissues. The size of the breast is determined by the amount of fat on it. The primary function of women's breasts is to produce milk. Notably, the milk-producing part of women's breasts is composed of 15 to 20 sections. These are called lobes. There are smaller structures on each lobe called lobules. This is where the production of milk occurs.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Health is wealth. It is important to look after our health all the time. But unfortunately, there are times that problems occur. Illnesses and disorders arise when you neglect to take care of your health. Breast is a sensitive part of a woman's body. There are various treatments and surgeries that involve the improvement of breast status. Breast reduction surgery is one of them. It is also known as reduction mammaplasty. This is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of the breasts. Just like any other medical operation, one should deeply understand this surgery before undergoing the operation.

Moreover, there is also a number of men experiencing gynecomastia or a condition wherein a male has overdeveloped male breasts. It can affect one or both breasts with unknown root causes. They might feel awkward about it. Breast reduction surgery is a good and safe solution for gynecomastia.

But before we dig deeper into the definition of breast surgery, one must understand why this surgery is usually done. This operation is generally meant for women who have large breasts and if they want to reduce the size of it to solve specific issues such as:

  • Experiencing chronic back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Resolving poor self-image due to large breast that leads to unwanted attention
  • Concerns about fitting bras and clothes that make it difficult for women with large breasts to deal with
  • Remove uneasiness when doing an exercise and avoid limited mobility

On the other hand, breast reduction surgery is not recommended to clients who:

  • Smoke
  • Obese individuals
  • Avoid having scars on their breasts
  • Have conditions like diabetes or any heart problems

When you decided to undergo a breast reduction surgery, your surgeon might suggest a combination of breast reduction together with uplift and/or nipple and areola reduction upon the procedure. With this technique, you will be able to achieve a more aesthetically result from breast reduction and lift. You must know what works for your body and what is not. After all, you are the ones who know your body more than anybody. Be honest with your surgeon so that proper procedures are being conducted as you undergo surgery. You should also be clear about your reasons for why you want to have a breast reduction.

Before the procedure, these are the things that you should expect from your surgeon:

  • The surgeon will evaluate your medical history and general health condition
  • Will explain what could be the possible results of the surgery
  • gives you the outline of the benefits, consequences, and type of anesthesia to be used in the procedure
  • check your breasts and have photographs of them for medical records

During the procedure, these are the processes that you will encounter:

  • Removal of excess fats and tissues to reduce the size of your breasts
  • Reshaping and realignment on the position of your areola and nipples
  • Nipples and areolas might need to remove and be placed again at a higher position
  • Some differences on the breast shape and size
  • Scars from the surgery that will fade but it will not disappear

After the surgery is completely done, these are the things that you will experience:

  • Sensitivity and tenderness of your breasts
  • Swelling and bruises on your breasts
  • Wearing of elastic compression bra for the protection of your breasts
  • Limiting physical activities while you are under the breast reduction recovery state
  • Avoid wearing of underwire bras for a couple of months

How much does a breast reduction surgery cost?

Prepare yourself when you wish to have a breast reduction surgery. Along with it, you must also prepare your money. How much does it cost to make your breast smaller? Breast reduction surgery cost is usually associated with the following inclusions:

  • Surgeon's fee
  • Anesthesia fee
  • Facility fee
  • Medical test fee
  • Post-surgery garments fee
  • Prescriptions for medication fee

The average cost of breast reduction surgery is around  £6,500. This cost does not include additional payments, such as any medical tests that should be done before the surgery. Some women might

consider breast reduction along with other cosmetic procedures for aesthetic enhancements. If there are additional procedures to be done, this would be added to the overall payment for the procedure.

Is there insurance coverage for breast reduction surgery?

You may be asking how much does a breast reduction cost with insurance. When you are planning to have a breast reduction surgery, most cases involve insurance coverage. Breast reduction is known to be a reconstructive procedure. You have higher chances of having insurance coverage for it. You must know and inevitably follow the procedures set by the health insurer's policy. Get in touch with your insurer to be able to know the exact cost that you will pay. Make sure that you also understand what your insurer will pay and how much will be your part. Asking questions before the surgery can help you prepare financially so that you won't be surprised after the procedure.

Breast reduction surgery costs around £6,500. Moreover, it can increase depending on the extent of the procedure, the experience level of the surgeon and the facility where it is to be done. The good news is that there are health insurance plans that have breast reduction surgery coverage. Insurance companies require a minimum amount of tissue removal to be considered as a medical procedure. Therefore, you need to present the bill for minor reductions to avail the insurance coverage.

Women who have large breasts often suffer from different medical issues. There are some instances that it leads to social concerns that bother them. Psychological implications also result from this matter. Large breasts make a female feel conscious of herself. If your breasts are causing your psychological or physical pain, you might want to consider having a breast reduction surgery. Reyap Hospital will help you get rid of the pain and discomfort by having large breasts. Their healthcare procedures will make sure that you will achieve your expected breast reduction results. You should find the best health care institution that will take charge of your surgery.

Have the best breast reduction surgery in Reyap Hospital

Reyap Hospital is a reliable healthcare institution that is capable of providing quality medical services. This institution continues to provide quality and equality to their patients. They also engage in further studies and development to maintain and improve their medical services to meet the needs and changes of the society. Furthermore, they are aware that qualified health services can only be given by qualified healthcare personnel. In that sense, they continue to empower the skills and abilities of their workers. They have undertaken to educate and train their employees at every stage. Innovation and collaboration is the key to achieve quality services.

Breast reduction surgery in Reyap Hospital can help you with your large breast issues. Many women suffer from this kind of problem. As a woman planning to have a breast reduction surgery in Reyap Hospital, you should consider many factors. First is your health condition. You must know yourself very well. Persons who have medical health problems are not recommended to undergo this kind of surgery. It may be a big risk for them if they will do so. Second, know the total cost of the procedure. Having a breast reduction surgery in Reyap Hospital can help you prepare for your upcoming surgery. You must understand every part of the method that needs to be paid. Lastly, to be able to help you shoulder the expenses of your procedure, you can also look for insurance coverage. It can lessen your expenses during the surgery.

Reyap Hospital is one of the best healthcare institutions for breast reduction surgery. The skilled and experienced personnel, conducive facilities, quality medical services, and successful results make up this reputable hospital. Human health is the primary concern of Reyap Hospital. If you want to experience the best medical services such as breast reduction, you can go to Reyap Hospital for your successful breast reduction surgery.