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Can You Get A Hair Transplant Without Anyone Knowing? Here's The Secret!

Reyap Hospital

Do you have that feeling of looking a lot more attractive when your hair has a beautiful touch and well done? We all know how ladies and gentlemen love how they look, especially when their hair is perfectly styled. With every flip, every twirl, and every finger comb, everybody's just feeling it! It’s like the confidence you put above your head.

Admit it or not, all of us feel so good-looking when we have beautiful hair because of how it naturally gives you that glow up. That shine or every bounce, it just makes your every walk and every look more confident. It changes our style in every way we do our hair. Color it, curl it or tie it up, it’s like your different self but, some people experience cases of hair loss, baldness in some areas of their hair or scalp injury. That’s the reason why some of them want to bring back their youthful growing hair.

Well, worry no more, because there will always be a solution to bring that crowning glory vibe! People age, and as it goes, we see a lot of changes in our body, and that includes our hair. This may be because of stress. Another instance could be that some areas were already bald because of scalp injury. You know, it’s not a good sight if you have some gaps or spaces on your head. So as technology and medicine develop, there’s a chance to have it back. You just want it to look like nothing has happened, and it’s just like your natural hair. You might already know what it is. Hair transplant!

The Glimpse: Hair Transplant

Thanks to the evolving technology, there are now devices and methods that can bring back your hair! Hair Transplant is a procedure where doctors have to transfer hair to the damaged or bald area. Hair was usually moved from the back or side of the area and then planted on the affected area. These are some points of medical procedures that doctors should do when doing hair transplant surgery.

Hair Transplants are a little sensitive topic, like every surgery done. It’s considered as a private or personal problem because who would want their heads with spaces right? So, people who are experiencing hair related cases would think of undergoing this procedure. Who are these people anyway?

  • Men and women
  • People suffering from hair loss
  • With scalp injury
  • Lost hair from a burn

Moreover, there are some cases where hair transplant is not a good option. There are cases where you shouldn’t do this procedure. Some examples are:

  • If you experience hair loss due to chemotherapy
  • People who undergo head surgery that cause a scar

The Question: Can Hair Transplants Look Natural?

You need a hair transplant, but you worry yourself that it will look unnatural. Of course, you would like to have it like you never had a hair transplant. When you think of having a transplant, you’re thinking of natural results, too. Well, here’s what you need to know. It’s about quality, and there are two main points. The quality of hair we’ll be getting from a donor area and the quality of the service you will be receiving from a clinic. Let’s make it a little detailed to understand this.

  1. The Donor Area

The quality of the hair from the donor area is very important. So, upon your consultation with a doctor, you will know which part of your body produces good quality hair. They will advise you what you should expect once this is done. Always ask a question, don’t just say yes so you’ll know what’s going on and what will happen afterwards. Once you know the donor area, the doctor will eventually cut a hair from it and plants to the area that needs a transplant.

  1. The Clinic

This is more important. Choosing the right clinic that will conduct the hair transplant for you is something you should consider the most because the quality will depend on the procedure itself. You should know if your surgeon is qualified to do the transplant for you. There’s a great clinic where you could get a high-quality hair transplant procedure done for you.

  1. The After Care: Look Natural

Hair transplant will completely look natural since it’s just your same hair that was implanted in a particular area. Also, it’s about how you take care of this right after the surgery. If you’ve done the hair transplant procedure, don’t worry, it will always look natural as long as you consider the two main points. Of course, it shouldn’t be just that because it doesn’t end there. You should have to know some ways to take care of the transplant and maintain its proper condition. You sure would love to see how perfectly and high-quality your hair was, but it is also essential to take note of these tips to take care of your hair.

  • Use a non-irritation shampoo for your hair. Remember that your hair is delicate, unlike before your hair transplant. Make sure that you use a recommended shampoo to avoid any irritations. If not, possible effects may occur, and it might affect the new hair growth.
  • Keep your head wrapped. After your hair transplant surgery, your head should stay wrapped for 24 hours. This is still sensitive and prone to bleeding and infection.
  • Take painkillers. You will still feel the pain in the donor area, is
  • so, you must always take your medications regularly.
  • Prevent yourself from scratching. Yes, it might be a little itchy over there, but always remember that your head is still a little sensitive after the surgery. Just a short time and patience, it will take a while, but it’s for the better.
  • Sleep with your head elevated. This will prevent your head from swelling. You may sleep with two pillows to keep your head high for five days.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise. You have limited exercise activities that you can do. Just do take a walk in the first week and a little stretching but avoid cardio type exercises until your head heals from the surgery.
  • Stay inside. Try to avoid the sunlight; it might harm your head. If so, keep your head protected, either wrap a bandana around your head or use an umbrella.
  • Be healthy. Have a proper diet and avoid smoking, drinking alcohols or any vices. You might be wondering what the connection is, but it’s for your safety, too. Chances could increase the blood flow in your head, and it might cause you harm.

These are just some of the things you must consider when taking care of your hair transplant. It also makes your hair natural looking once you follow these tips. It’s about proper care for it and maintaining its good condition. After that, you can style it in different ways but with moderation. Make sure that you’re only using the proper products for your hair as it is sensitive to your natural hair.

The Clinic: Choosing the Best One

As you might know, one of the main points to consider in having a natural-looking hair transplant is having it done by a high-quality doctor. Well, you might be looking for a great one to do this for you. Don’t worry because we got you! There’s a hospital that can bring world-class care for you wherever you are. Choose the right clinic for you that will bring you excellent service, combining their doctors’ skills and their technology; you sure will achieve your desired results with them.

Moreover, just keep in mind that a hospital that offers cheap service isn’t always the best one. It’s good to invest in a little more expensive but trusted high-quality hospital than paying off but might give you bad side effects. You must have in-depth research for the clinic you will visit and read some reviews and testimonials from customers.

To help you with this matter, there’s a good recommendation for you. All the things you need to find out are all here in this hospital. Reyap Health Group is your answer! You’ll definitely have the best results for your hair problems. Not only that, but they also have various services that they offer aside from hair transplantation. They treat patients from around the world with their advanced hotel services and high-class treatments which includes obesity and other surgeries. Their hospital has innovative systems and technologies that are top-notch and helpful to good results for your treatments.

So, if you’re looking for a hundred and one satisfaction for your hair transplant, don’t think twice. Have your consultation with Reyap Hospital and see great natural results for your hair.