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Cosmetic Surgery Cost: Why Settle for Cosmetic Surgery Abroad?

Reyap Hospital

Cosmetic surgery is a procedure that enhances the appearance of an individual. This procedure is considered optional since the body parts under the operation are functioning well. It focuses on the improvement of the presentation rather than fixing the primary function of the body parts.

Cosmetic surgery can’t change you as a person or make you look like somebody else. But, its primary purpose is to boost your self-confidence to be a better person. In that way, you are the one who will give more meaning to your well-being. Cosmetic surgery is an instrument to attain self-development for some people.

Successful and desirable results depend on your communication with your surgeon. Make sure that you tell everything to your doctor that leads to an open conversation. Your goals and clear expectations will be your surgeon’s basis on how to do the procedure well.

In this guide, you will know how much it costs to have cosmetic surgery in the UK. You will be able to prepare yourself as well as your pockets when you undergo cosmetic surgery.

Table of Contents

1. How much does a cosmetic surgery cost in the UK?
Can you get cosmetic surgery on finance?
Can you pay monthly for cosmetic surgery?
2. Why do people prefer to have cosmetic surgery abroad?
The most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries
Is cosmetic surgery abroad safe?
3. Where to get the best cosmetic surgery abroad?

How much does a cosmetic surgery cost in the UK?

Cosmetic surgery costs in the UK may be different from the other country. Make sure to choose procedures with matching cost-friendly and quality medical services. Below are the average prices of cosmetic surgery in the UK as well as the possible cosmetic surgery prices abroad.

South Korea is one of the countries to have the cheapest plastic surgery. This country has the best surgeons and facilities, yet they offer affordable surgery prices. The standard procedures performed here are double eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, and liposuction. That is why most Asian people choose to have Western-look for their eyes. Its affordability leads the way for a booming economy of plastic surgery in South Korea.

Moreover, here are the set of prices available for surgery abroad. Breast cosmetic surgery works on three categories: breast reduction, breast lift, and breast implants.

Cosmetic Surgery UK Prices Prices Abroad
Breast Reduction £3,700 to £5,500 £2,259
Breast Lift £3,500 to £5,000 £2,259
Breast Implants £3,400 to £5,000 £2,289

Facial cosmetic surgery works on improving the facial features of an individual. This involves ear surgery (otoplasty), facelift surgery, eyelid surgery, and nose job (rhinoplasty).

Cosmetic Surgery UK Prices Prices Abroad
Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) £1,000 to £2,800 £999
Facelift Surgery £4,200 to £6,000 £2,209
Eyelid Surgery £2,850 to £3,600 £969
Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) £3,000 to £4,000 £1,599

Body contouring procedures enhance the appearance of the skin and figure, which restore the youthful look of the body. This kind of process includes a tummy tuck and liposuction surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery UK Prices Prices Abroad
Tummy Tuck £3,000 to £5,000 £1,399
Liposuction £4,000 to £6,000 £1,699

Can you get cosmetic surgery on finance?

You can have cosmetic surgery from various financing options. When you are choosing a cosmetic procedure, there are so many things to consider. These could be the type of treatments available, your desirable results, recovery period, possible risks, and especially the cost. You need to have a comprehensive plan for your cosmetic surgery.

  • Have your treatment plan and finance the way you want it. Your patient advisor will make a treatment plan for your surgery on the first consultation. They will then explain to you the possible and available finance options.
  • If you want to divide the cost of your cosmetic surgery, you can ask for loan plans that will give you the flexibility to have repayments for different year periods.
  • There are installment schemes which can be offered by your chosen medical facility. It depends on your capability to pay and the agreement between you and your advisor.

Can you pay monthly for cosmetic surgery?

If you want to have cosmetic surgery but are not sure about how you will pay for it, you can rely on financing. There are a few ways on how you can finance your surgery.

  • Medical Credit Card. Medical credit cards are correctly used to pay for medical procedures or other medical needs. You can also use this to pay your fees for your cosmetic surgery and have monthly payments, which you will give to the credit card company. These cards can also have high-interest rates as traditional credit cards.
  • Personal Loan. This is available, depending on your purpose. It includes cosmetic surgery and other medical needs, but it depends on the lender on what would be available for you. If you choose to have a personal loan, your lender will review your financial details and credit history for your capability to pay.
  • Medical loan. You may also apply for a medical loan, which is a personal loan typically for medical procedures. Just like individual loans, medical loans are unsecured. It means that there are no collaterals needed to have the credit.

Why do people prefer to have cosmetic surgery abroad?

Medical tourism now grows in the economy. There are more people inclined to patronize medical tourism. Cosmetic surgery is quite expensive. This is the main reason why people look for healthcare procedures abroad. Medical tourism is an alternative to look for cheaper medical services.

Because of medical tourism, patients can save 40 to 80 percent compared to the standard cosmetic procedure in the US. Some of the countries where people go for cosmetic surgery are Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Turkey, Russia, France, and India. It covers all kinds of procedures, as well as the optional systems.

Brazil has an excellent reputation when it comes to plastic surgery. They also possess expertise in plastic surgery. Brazil is one of the top 3 countries in the world which conducts some chemical operations annually. In this country, having such a type of surgery is a regular thing.

Plastic surgery is an ordinary gift for girls as birthday presents. Brazil is also known as the best place for medical tourism. It is because of their affordable prices. The popular plastic procedures performed in Brazil are liposuction, breast augmentation, and Brazilian butt lift.

Many medical tourists enjoy the benefits of having their cosmetic surgery abroad, which is similar to a mini-spa vacation with additional packages such as surgical procedures, accommodations, food, and, most notably, the view.

Plastic surgery abroad is cheaper because of the favorable exchange rates. Patients often find it as an advantage rather than spending higher costs in their local country. However, you might find difficulty in visiting your surgeon after the procedure for follow-up check-ups. But, it was found out that millions of American people often choose surgery abroad. Therefore, looking at it as a good indication for medical tourism.

The most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries

For those people who want to attain their aesthetic goals, cosmetic surgery might be the right choice. This procedure deals with tightening, enhancing, and improving the skin, facial features, and more. There are many cosmetic surgeries available based on your necessities and preferences.

  • Breast Augmentation. Breast augmentation increases the size, shape, and volume of the breast. There are different categories of breast augmentation, such as breast implants, breast lift, and breast reduction.
  • Facelift. It restores the youthful appearance of the face. Facial tissues are tightened to remove the loose skin and repositioned for better face shape.
  • Hair Transplant. It is also considered as hair restoration. It is performed to cover the balding part of the head. Hair transplants are a permanent solution for hair loss. There is no long-term post-care needed for hair transplants.
  • Rhinoplasty. It is a nose job that repairs the structures of the nose. There are medical and cosmetic reasons why people choose to have a rhinoplasty. It can be to have an attractive nose shape or improve the quality of breathing.
  • Lip Augmentation. The goal of this procedure is to create fuller lips. Lip augmentation uses injectable dermal fillers to enhance the volume of the lips.
  • Liposuction. It is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the body shape by eliminating excess fat tissues.
  • Tummy Tuck. It is also known as abdominoplasty. It reduces the excess skin and fat and improves the way of your abdomen. It is not an alternative for weight-loss but instead maintains a healthy and toned body posture.

Is cosmetic surgery abroad safe?

Safety is one of the most frequently asked questions before undergoing any type of cosmetic surgery. This procedure is considered safe, but still, there are no medical procedures without possible side effects. It applies to both the operation itself and the recovery period.

Cosmetic surgery abroad also has risks and complications compared to local procedures. The problem is, it is more difficult for patients who have cosmetic surgery elsewhere to travel back when issues arise.

Various complications might occur when you travel back to your hometown after a procedure. If you leave soon, you might get blood clots in your vein and might lead you to infection. You should also consider having travel insurance. Be sure that you have full insurance that covers your surgery before you leave.

Before you have your elective cosmetic surgery, you should have a background check of your possible physician. It is a way to know that you are in safe hands and ensure the success of your surgery. You should also review the facilities, medical staff, and success rate of the operation.

Where to get the best cosmetic surgery abroad?

Reyap Hospital in Turkey can provide you with these healthcare services if you search for the best cosmetic surgery abroad. They offer breast augmentation, facelift surgery, and body contouring surgery. Get your free consultation with the professional doctors and expert medical teams. They will help you to reach your aesthetic goals for your body enhancement.

Reyap Hospital in Turkey is a reliable healthcare institution that provides quality healthcare services. They continue to strive for comprehensive education and training activities to enhance the knowledge and skills of their medical staff. They also have safe and comfortable medical facilities for their patients and foreign visitors.

Reyap Hospital also has a shorter waiting period for their patients. It is because traveling to Istanbul adds you to the priority list. Thus, you will get desirable results in just a few days. Many patients travel to Turkey for medical tourism because of their low-cost procedures.

Cosmetic surgery is a procedure that improves someone’s appearance to boost self-confidence. The medical staff in Reyap Hospital provides the same or even better healthcare services compared to European services. Turkey offers a variety of services for the people. Healthcare is one of the essential factors in building a healthy community. Cosmetic surgery abroad is now on great heights. Make sure to choose the best place for your operation to get what you deserve.