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Cosmetic Surgery Prices in Turkey: Visit the Country for Your Surgery

Reyap Hospital

These days many people, both men, and women choose to have cosmetic surgery. It is their way of solving a specific problem. Every individual has their goals on why they want to have cosmetic surgery. There are two categories for their reasons:

Personal Reasons:

  • Age-related problems. They think that aging can significantly affect their social and professional relationships. Moreover, they perceive it as an unattractive appearance.
  • Enhance a specific body part. These patients often want to emphasize and improve the body parts that make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Limited clothing choices. Most of the female patients complain about their excess weight or sagging skin. These concerns bother them when choosing what to wear.
  • Restore body features. There are instances like accidents, previous surgery, or birth abnormalities that they want to repair.
  • When diet and exercise don't work at all. There are patients when food diet and exercise routines can't help them to lose weight. Cosmetic surgery can change your physique, depending on your preferences.

Practical Reasons:

  • Cosmetic surgery is now safer because of the advanced technology and innovations. It is known to have less invasive methods performed by skilled surgeons.
  • These surgeries yield natural-looking results. Changes in surgical procedures lead the way to more conducive and high-quality systems.
  • The positive effects of cosmetic surgery on their family and friends serve as testimony to pursue cosmetic surgery. They notice the enhancement of this procedure on their appearance.
  • You can quickly know the details about cosmetic surgery. The availability of information makes you knowledgeable and open to various choices depending on your needs.
  • Cosmetic surgery is more affordable and cost-friendly for the patients. This procedure serves as an investment, but you can also have other payment options for it.

In this guide, you will know the different cosmetic procedures in Turkey and their corresponding prices for your references.

Table of Contents

1. What is cosmetic surgery?
2. Cosmetic Surgery Prices
Breast Augmentation Surgery
Body Contouring Surgery
Mommy Makeover Surgery
Face Surgery
3. Things that you should know before the surgery and about your cosmetic surgeon
4. Why choose Turkey for your cosmetic surgery?
5. Where to get the best cosmetic surgeries?

What is cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is a kind of plastic surgery that works on enhancing an individual's appearance. These procedures are available on almost any body part. The choice of cosmetic surgery must be taken seriously.

These procedures often provide permanent results. It is a must that you choose the best surgeon, the right process, and determination in pursuing cosmetic surgery. Your surgeon might suggest you have counseling before your surgery. This is to check the possible effects and problems that can't be solved by the operation.

Cosmetic Surgery Prices

The cosmetic surgery prices in Turkey are more attractive for patients than those of UK costs. These prices are much lower because the salary of the medical staff is lower than in the UK. This is the reason why Turkey prices are lower than UK prices.

For example, rhinoplasty costs  £2,000 compared to the UK cost of £3,000 and £4,000. Another one is for a facelift of around £4,300 and £6,000 in the UK, wherein Turkey costs only £2,800. Cosmetic surgery holidays include plastic and aesthetic procedures.  Here is a list of various cosmetic procedures you can have in Turkey, along with their descriptions and prices.

Breast Surgery

Breast surgery is a cosmetic procedure that works on enhancing or repairing the structure of the breasts. There are three general categories of breast surgery: augmentation, reduction, and reconstruction. Here are the breast surgery prices that you can have in Reyap Hospital.

Surgery Price
Breast Lift & Enlargement 2,999€
Breast Lift 1,999€
Breast & Nipple Correction 1,999€
Breast Reduction 2,999€

Body Contouring Surgery

Body contouring surgeries deal with the procedures which enhance the appearance of the skin after an extreme weight loss. These procedures include tummy tuck, liposuction, arm lift, thigh lift, and buttocks augmentation. Here are the body contouring surgery prices that you can have in Reyap Hospital.

Surgery Prices
Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) 1,999€
Liposuction 3,299€
Brazilian Butt Lift 1,999€
Butt Stretching 1,999€
Thigh Lift 1,999€
Arm Lift 1,499€

Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover in Turkey is a cosmetic surgery that performs restoration of the appearance and shape of the female's body after pregnancy. Most of the patients notice these changes and want to bring back their youthful body shape. Here are the mommy makeover prices that you can have in Reyap Hospital.

Surgery Prices
Full Abdominoplasty + Any Breast Operation incl. Breast Enlargement, Lifting or Reduction 4,999€
Mommy Makeover Including Liposuction 7,499€

Face Surgery

Age-related changes are initially visible on the face. Cosmetic surgeries help in boosting self-confidence.
These procedures include correction on the face, neck, eyelids, nose, cheeks, or eyebrow.
If this cosmetic surgery makes you feel good about yourself, then do it. Here are the face surgery prices that you can have in Reyap Hospital.

Surgery Prices
Face Lift 1,799€
Lip Enlargement 1,799€
Rhinoplasty 1,799€
Eyelid Surgery 1,499€
Brow Lift 1,499€
Cheek Aesthetics 999€
Otoplasty 1,799€
Neck Lift 1,999€

What are the risks and complications of cosmetic surgery?

All surgeries or medical procedures have their corresponding risks and complications. Those patients who have a medical history such as lung disease, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, or diabetes have a higher chance of having difficulties. These complications involve stroke, heart attack, pneumonia, or blood clots. If you are a smoker, it would be difficult for you to recover faster.

Here are the possible risks that you might encounter:

  • Complications due to anesthesia, like pneumonia, blood clots and sometimes death
  • Infection on the area where the surgery was done, the scars might get worse and require additional procedures
  • Accumulation of the fluids under the skin
  • Bleeding which might need another surgery or blood transfusion
  • Skin breakdown and scarring when the healing parts of the skin separates from the healthy skin which might require surgery
  • Permanent nerve damage.

Make sure that you contact your doctor once you encounter any of these complications. They are the ones who can attend to your medical needs and help you in your recovery.

What are the benefits of cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is one of the most common medical procedures nowadays. Because of the advanced technology, the results and effectiveness of these procedures eventually escalate to higher standards.

  • The primary benefit of cosmetic surgery is to enhance an individual's physical appearance. It usually starts from the unattractive parts of the body that a patient wants to change.
  • Cosmetic surgery can improve your physical health. For rhinoplasty, it can help you get rid of your respiratory issues. From there, you can live your life healthily.
  • This procedure boosts your self-confidence to be a more productive person. You will be able to build higher self-esteem, which can make you feel good about yourself.
  • It is also readily available since most hospitals offer various cosmetic procedures. Patients can also decide on where and what kind of surgery they are going to have to depend on their chosen hospital.

Things that you should know before the surgery and about your cosmetic surgeon

These are the essential questions that can help you in preparing for the surgery:
What are the items that you should ask yourself before you undergo cosmetic surgery?

  • What are my goals in pursuing cosmetic surgery?
  • What are the specific parts of my body that I want to change?
  • How can this procedure affect my life and relationships with other people?
  • Have I visited a professional surgeon for my surgery?
  • Have I understood very well the benefits and consequences of my operation?

What are the questions I should ask my doctor?

  • How long have you been in the medical service?
  • Are you a board-certified cosmetic surgeon?
  • What are the expected results?
  • Are there any risks concerning my health history?
  • Is there a physical examination before the surgery?

Why choose Turkey for your cosmetic surgery?

Turkey is the country with the fastest-growing medical industries in the world. Tourists from other countries such as Europe, the US, Russia, and Saudi Arabia choose to have their medical surgeries in Turkey. They can save up to 90 percent of its local price and can be incorporated by a holiday trip.

All-inclusive cosmetic surgery packages abroad are of good quality in Turkey. Healthcare services in Turkey boost into several accredited hospitals. Due to the increased numbers of medical tourists, Turkey developed state incentives to make its medical services cheaper. This is the most suitable place for older patients, especially those who can't afford medications at home in their local area.

Where to get the best cosmetic surgeries?

Reyap Hospital in Turkey is a reliable healthcare institution that provides quality healthcare services. The best plastic surgeon in Turkey can be found in Reyap.

They continue to strive for comprehensive education and training activities to improve the knowledge and skills of their medical staff.
Reyap Hospital has the best quality for cosmetic surgery in turkey Istanbul.

This company possesses a more profound commitment, science-based innovations, and best results for their patients.

Reyap Hospital maintained to have high-standards for medical testing and safety. That is the reason why Reyap earned the respect of the aesthetics community for their performance.

If you are looking for high-quality cosmetic procedures, you can rely on cosmetic surgery Turkey Antalya. The worthy goal of cosmetic surgery makes the life of an individual better. There are no downtimes that will make them feel odd about their looks. Make sure that you choose the best Turkey clinic and skilled cosmetic surgeon to avoid surgical problems, which might lead you to harm. In Reyap Hospital, they can assure that the best surgeons will do their ultimate best to achieve your expectations and desired results.