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Cosmetic Surgery: Recovery Process Guide

Reyap Hospital

Breast enhancement, face contouring, skin rejuvenation, and more types of cosmetic surgeries are very much in demand today. Many people are thinking of undergoing this surgery to enhance their appearance or to look a little prettier. A little enhancement isn't bad, right? It just makes them more confident to show off their beauty. There are hospitals where they do this kind of surgery, and it's like it never happens.

Part of having surgery is the recovery. Maybe you'll be thinking of how much longer you think you will recover from the pain of the procedure. Well, you know, after every suffering, there's something good that will happen. Like if you have decided to undergo your cosmetic surgery, the result will be your desired look, your best you.

Nowadays, as technology develops, some devices will make you feel less pain from the surgery. There are techniques that doctors do so that it won't be uncomfortable for you during the process. You see, if you wanted to look at what you wish for, then you will have to go through all the pain, right? Let's see how we could help you.

Glance: What is cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is one type of procedure done for your face or body. This focuses only on enhancing one's appearance, improving a part of your face, or makes something proportional.

Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are way different. Many surgeons focus their practice in the line of cosmetics since this has become very trendy today. It continues to rise in popularity in different places, and a lot more people have done this, too. For instance, one wants to have an excellent form of a face, like undergoing double eyelid surgery, lip fillers, or nose surgery, which we all know as rhinoplasty. Cosmetic surgery makes your look more enhanced for less make-up.

How long does it take to recover from cosmetic surgery?

You might be asking, what is the recovery from cosmetic surgery like? After the surgery, one thing people are most worried about is the recovery process. Yes, it might take a while to heal; that's why some are hesitating to do this. Hey, don't worry because it's worth it for sure. Take note that the procedure may take just a few hours, but the recovery is much longer. so here's a basic timeline for you:

• 24 hours
This point is a little crucial because you are still fresh from the surgery, so you need someone to assist you in your daily routine. This is also the time where you need to take any prescribed painkillers by the doctor.

• Week One
This week, you may experience several pains, swelling, and bruising. Don't panic because it's part of your recovery. That's the reason why you should take your time off and relax at home. Make sure to follow all the precautions from your surgeon.

• Week Two
Follow-up check-ups are necessary. At this point, you will know if you can fit to work or you still need to have a proper rest. Also, you still have to check your wounds from time-to-time.

• Week Three Onward
You will still experience bruising and swelling but a little less than before, and this time you feel better. If you think that there are no pains at all, get ready to resume your daily work, but consult your doctor first before anything else.

Recovery sometimes depends on which part of your body did some changes. Sometimes, other cosmetic surgery procedures may take longer to heal, and some are faster than usual. For instance, some common surgeries like facelift take up to 14-21 days; eyelid surgery usually takes 2-3 weeks, and liposuction takes a week or two until the bruising subsides. So, ask questions to your doctor and follow all given instructions to avoid any risks.

What to avoid after plastic surgery?

There are some procedures of cosmetic surgery that are too painful, which results in more recovery time. What you must do is follow your doctor's advice so you won't encounter any problems with your healing. There are things you must consider doing to avoid any complications. Here are some points you need to remember after your surgery:

1.    Avoid exhausting exercises. This may result in risks when you do such activities. A little walking will do.

2.    Avoid smoking. Some possibilities might affect you, especially when you just had your surgery. It is advisable to stop smoking 3-4 weeks before and two weeks after surgery.

3.    Avoid being alone. It is highly recommended to ask someone to assist you when going to the hospital and doing certain tasks. If you have specific activities to do, let someone help you. As much as possible, don't overwork.

4.    Avoid lying in bed. Yes, you should always take some rest, but your doctor will tell you the proper duration of your walking, and some instructions. Don't just lay in your bed all day.

5.    Avoid dieting. It is essential to eat healthy foods, but do not eat less. Your body needs nutrients, especially when you have surgery. It is highly recommended to eat protein-rich meals

6.    Avoid direct exposure from the sun. When going outside, use an umbrella or wear a hat. Once your wound exposes to the sun, this might prevent it from healing properly.

7.    Avoid doubting. You might be thinking if you are right in doing this. This is your decision, and you've thought this almost a hundred times. So don't stress too much. Trust yourself and your doctor.

Take note of these tips to prevent yourself from any possible risks during your recovery. It's better to seek help from your doctor if anything happens.

What are some complications you will encounter?

While you are recovering, there might be a time where you will feel something different in your body. This may be common when you've done surgery. But sometimes, it is because you overworked yourself or did not follow your doctor's instructions. To make you aware of the possible problems you might deal with, here is a list of usual complications that might happen:

  • Unusual pain
  • Blood loss
  • Infections
  • Visual disturbances
  • Nerve damage
  • Scarring

If some of these complications persist, make sure to ask your doctor. He/she might give you advice and medications to no longer feel the pain from the surgery. These cosmetic surgery problems are very common to certain people. Be patient and follow everything your surgeon instructs you. It's better to be safe than sorry. Listen to everything the hospital will discuss to you, especially everything about the procedure and risks, so you will be aware of what might happen. If you think there's something wrong, don't hesitate to ask questions.

Where should you go when you need cosmetic surgery?

This decision is very personal. People took much courage as to whether or not to have this procedure. They might be overthinking what will make them happy or what others might think of them. Since this is a very confidential matter, you want to have this done with a trusted one. This is the next problem you'll be thinking all over. Where should you go? Which one should you trust? Which hospital is the best one? Don't stress yourself too much thinking about this. We have the best recommendation for you.

Maybe you will be excited to have your surgery done. This is especially when there's too much to think about, the procedure and the recovery. Of course, it is essential to choose a doctor or a hospital that is qualified and trusted by many. Talk to one of the plastic surgeons of Reyap Hospital, and they will be happy to help you. You are guaranteed a hundred percent satisfaction from your consultation, surgery, and recovery itself.

After the procedure, you'll just say that your healing was much more natural than you thought! It's just about finding the best hospital because the best methods happen when you have the best surgeon. There may be some clinics that offer standard treatments and tons of services. Still, you may not know their regulations and lack of innovative systems and devices. These are some qualities that Reyap hospital has.

Why choose Reyap Hospital?

Reyap Hospital does not just offer cosmetic surgery; there are more services that they can do for you. From hair transplant, obesity treatment, cancer surgery, and more. It is a reputable institution where they accommodate people from different cities. They treat patients overseas, for they have advanced hotel services. With their renewed innovative foundation and qualified healthcare services, they guarantee you great satisfaction that you wish for.

The institution continues to grow as they do medical research to provide you extensive health care quality services. The hospital itself is not just world-class, their doctors and personnel are superior in skills, and quality certified to give you the best services. Some of their patients love the outcome of their treatments from Reyap, and it's everything in their testimonials. They've been here, they are customers themselves, too. They found the right place and experienced the top-notch service. It's time for you to feel it, also!