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Dental Care Facts: Why are people afraid of dental care procedures?

Reyap Hospital

A part of taking care of yourself is practicing proper hygiene, and this includes making sure that our mouth is healthy. The best way to do this is by getting dental care procedures to ensure that your mouth is free from any oral / mouth disease. However, not all people are fond of dental care procedures and dentists. Hence, they tend to dodge this vital matter, which leads to unhealthy hygiene and mouth diseases.

Reasons why people are scared of dental care procedures

Fearing dental care procedures and dentists are common in all age groups. It is the main reason why almost 3.9 billion people around the world have oral disease. Below are some of the reasons why people avoid dental care procedures:

  • Pain and lousy experience – there are a lot of people that fear dental care due to a painful experience, which leads to bad experiences. If the experience happens when a person is still young, convincing them to get a dental procedure as they grow old can be more difficult. This factor is hard to overcome. They tend to keep the image in their head that all systems are painful.
  • Dental Tools – dentists use various tools such as metal scrapers and drills to perform a specific procedure. However, these tools are usually what people are afraid of. Some people start to sweat just by looking at these tools and hearing the sound of the drill.
  • Bad News – people tend to believe things that they hear. So, when a person hears news such as a costly new filling or something like finding out they have oral disease, they refuse to get the dental procedure.
  • Vulnerability – dental procedures involve doing something inside our mouths. Some people feel vulnerable when this happens as they think they have no control, especially when they are not comfortable. Due to the lack of control, they build fear and a lot of possibilities of what could happen.

Dental procedures are unavoidable. There will come a time that you will need to go to the dentist to cure a possible oral disease. Keep in mind that our mouth is a window into what is happening in our bodies. As a matter of fact, according to the Academy of General Dentistry, more than 90 percent of all systemic diseases produce oral signs and symptoms. This includes HIV/Aids and diabetes. So, getting dental procedures is a must for us to be able to be more healthy.

Dental Care Myths and the Truth Behind Them

Most people are afraid of dental procedures because they are fed with different myths about it. And as humans, we tend to believe things that we hear even if we haven't experienced it yet. So, it is essential to know the truth behind these myths to be able to overcome or avoid the fear of dental care procedures.

  • You do not need a check-up for baby teeth
    This is one of the most dangerous myths of all. Most people believe that children who have not yet developed adult teeth do not need regular check-ups. This is a misconception that can lead to serious dental problems. Even though structural damage to baby teeth is temporary, there are still a lot of reasons as to why kids need regular check-ups. Dentist recommends taking babies on a dental appointment as soon as their first baby teeth begin to emerge.
  • All teeth have the same needs
    Usually, males and females need the same thing as both need regular brushing of teeth and flossing, regular dental appointments, and a healthy diet and lifestyle. But, female teeth experience more strain that male teeth. Within the menstrual cycle, the mouth is more risk to gingivitis and infection. The reason for this is because the hormone levels are gradually increasing and falling.
  • Your medications do not affect your oral health
    Another myth that people often believe is that when you're taking a pill, it does nothing with your oral health. Our mouth is one of the most delicate and sensitive ecosystems. So, numerous things can affect their balance. Usually, when you have medications, you'll be most likely to have a dry mouth, and it can cause havoc in the teeth. It happens slowly. So, it can be tricky to notice that something is wrong until your teeth start to ache, and the gums feel sore.

Unhealthy oral hygiene can lead to cavities and gum disease. But, there are a lot of conditions that you can get if you continue to dodge dental appointments. So, it is essential to overcome that fear before it becomes worst and make it harder for you.

How to Overcome the Fear of Dental Procedures

People have different reasons as to why they fear dental procedures. But, it is essential to overcome this fear to be able to avoid any health problems due to unhealthy oral hygiene. When it comes to overcoming that fear, here are some tips you can follow:

  1. Tell the dentist and their staff your fears. By doing this, the dentist can adjust to the treatment you need. Often, people get shy when it comes to sharing their apprehensions, which leads to more anxiety and fear.
  2. Breathe slowly and regularly while you're in a procedure. It reduces stress and avoids the decrease in oxygen levels that will help you relax.
  3. If the sound of the drill bothers you, listen to your favorite music. It is one of the best ways to relax as the procedure went on. Also, it can distract you from the negative scenarios you can imagine about the method.
  4. It is also recommended to avoid drinking coffee before the dental appointment. Coffee is known to stimulate your "fight or flight" response, which is why it makes anxiety worse. You can eat foods with high-protein as they produce a calming effect.
  5. Using hand signals is also helpful. This is a great way to communicate with the dentist when you feel uncomfortable. By doing this, the dentist can pause for a moment to give you time to breathe and relax.
  6. Another important thing is to choose a time when you're less likely under pressure or stressed. You don't want to add more stress by doing something you're anxious about.
  7. Look for good reviews and ask friends for recommendations. You can also check online reviews as most of the reliable dentists have websites or social media accounts. A point of view from someone you can trust is an excellent way to know which dentist you can trust. Doing this can reduce your anxiety.

These are just some of the tips you can follow to calm your nerves and conquer your dental care fears. We understand that getting a procedure may be hard for you. But, as getting dental care is essential, you need to remember that overcoming that fear will help you more. It is one of the best things you can give to your self for you to avoid any more complicated diseases. However, you can always find the best support from us by only contacting us at https://m.me/reyaphospitalistanbul.

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Dental procedures and dentists are not something you should be afraid of. It is something that you should embrace as it can highly contribute to better health. Oral health is often taken for granted; hence, the reason why people suffer from different diseases. Maintaining good dental hygiene is essential, as it can bring confidence as well. It can help whiten your teeth, give fresher breath, and fix any oral damage in your mouth. Don't let your fears stop you from being the best version of yourself. Reach out to our team. We also offer a free quote so you can have an idea about the process and how much it will cost you. So, don't hesitate to call us today!