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Dental Care: What I Should Know About Dental Implants?

Reyap Hospital

Dental care is one of the essential parts of healthcare. There are some reasons why dental problems occur. Some of them are due to tooth decay, disease, or injury. For so many years, there are various medical treatments to cure dental issues. Due to advanced technology, dental implants are now available to restore a missing tooth.

This is the closest surgery to come up with natural teeth. It allows you to love confidently the way you used to be when you have your original teeth before losing them. It is a surgical process that can help you to boost your self-confidence. In that sense, this can make you a productive and efficient individual.

What are dental implants?

Dental implant surgery is a procedure that works on replacing the tooth roots with metal and screw-like posts. This process is replacing the damaged or missing tooth with artificial teeth that look and function just like the real ones. Dental implants also offer an alternative for dentures or bridgework, which doesn't fit well.

A tooth replica is called a custom crown. Dental implants are used to replace the root of the tooth, which looks like a screw. The screw is inserted in the jawbone, and then a custom crown has a connector, which is called an abutment.

This procedure also offers treatment when a lack of natural teeth roots won't allow the building of dentures or bridgework replacements. Dental implant surgery depends on the kind of implants and the general condition of the patient's jawbone. This includes several procedures, and its significant benefit is being strong support for your new teeth.

Here are the procedures that you will encounter in dental implant surgery:

  • During the first part of the surgery, you will have to consult and plan with your dental surgeon. Your doctor will check your mouth where a dental implant is to be placed. There will also be an examination, such as dental images. By this time, there will be an assessment for the quality and quantity of the dental implants to be used on the procedure.
  • On all of the surgical procedures to be done, the patient usually has local anesthesia to numb the area where the dental implant is to be placed. There are also other sedatives, if necessary, to make the patient comfortable and to relieve anxiety.
  • The first stage of oral surgery works on the extraction of the damaged tooth or teeth. There are some cases that the damaged tooth or teeth is still in the area where the dental implant is to be placed. During the procedure, often, there is an alveolar bone graft to have a solid foundation for the dental implant. It will be allowed to heal within two to six months.
  • Onlay bone graft procedure is when a different bone graft is to be placed on top of the existing jawbone where no tooth and there is a bone loss present. It usually takes six months or more to heal completely.
  • When there is enough bone, damaged tooth extraction can be followed immediately by the implant procedure on that same appointment. That is why it is known as the immediate implant replacement.
  • During the surgery, your doctor will make an incision on your gum to expose the bone. The doctor will then drill holes where the dental implants are to be located. At this point, you will have a gap for your missing tooth.
  • Once the metal post is inserted in your jawbone, the jawbone starts to grow and unite with the dental implant. It will take several months to create roots, just like the natural tooth.
  • When the growth of the jawbone is complete, you will now have another surgery to insert the abutment. This is the part where the crown will attach. It is performed under the use of local anesthesia. By then, you can now choose your new artificial teeth. Make sure that your gums are completely healed.

What they don't tell you about dental implants?

There are things that you probably don't know about dental implants. Dental implants were primitive concepts in China 4,00 years ago. These all started from the bamboo pegs hammered into the jawbone as a replica for the missing tooth. But as the years passed by, technology began to merge in.

Here are some facts that you should but probably do not know about dental implants:

  • They are the best method to replace missing or damaged teeth.
  • Dental implants are comparatively painless.
  • It can enhance your physical and emotional health conditions.
  • They are long-lasting.
  • Dental implants secure your jaw.
  • They help to protect your teeth.

Who is suitable to have dental implants?

Dental problems are serious health issues that need an adequate solution. Hence, a dental implant is here as your treatment. But not everyone who just wants to have this surgery can guarantee the approval of having such a procedure.

A dental implant applies to patients who have one or more missing teeth. Upon consultation, you should have a full-grown jawbone. Your jawbone should be strong enough to secure dental implants. This procedure can also help you to improve your communication skills. In general, you should have a health condition and do not have bad habits such as smoking.

Dental implant risks and complications

Just like any other procedure, there are side effects and risks that you will possibly encounter in dental implants. During the process, you are likely to experience nerve damage, which can cause pain on your teeth and gums. There can also be injury and suffering on the surrounding structures of the teeth,

A dental implant is also prone to infection on the implant site. That is why you should take good care of your teeth during the recovery period. There are also sinus problems when the dental implants inserted in your upper jaw extend into one of your sinus cavities. It will cause a problem and infection if not treated as soon as possible.

A missing tooth is a cosmetic problem. If this is left untreated, it will lead to major dental issues on your gums, jawbone, and your surrounding teeth. The primary role of the teeth is for eating and speaking. It will significantly affect your speech and food diet. Dental implants prevent these problems from occurring.

What are the things that you should do during dental implant recovery?

Dental implants are not simple medical procedures and require a lot of time and preparation. Its recovery period varies depending on the kind of dental implant procedure that you have. Usually, dental implant surgery takes five to seven days for the symptoms to subside eventually. However, due to differences in health conditions and surgical procedures, it may choose a little longer for others.

For the first 30 minutes after the surgery, you might want to keep the gauze packs firm as you bite them so that the dental implants will stay in place. Typically, bleeding will stop after 30 minutes. But if you are still bleeding after that, you can put a new gauze pack for another 30 minutes.

Here are some of the symptoms that you might encounter after the dental implant procedure:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Continuous Bleeding
  • Oozing

On the bright side, these symptoms can heal by itself. If you want fast recovery, you can rely on these helpful dental implant recovery suggestions.

  • Do not disturb the surgical areas of the mouth.
  • Brush your teeth that same night of the surgery in a gentle manner with a toothbrush.
  • After a day, rinse your mouth with salt water two to three times a day.
  • Take complete rest.
  • Apply ice if necessary.

Do you have questions about dental implant surgery?

If you are looking for the suitable dental implant surgery for you, you might be asking several questions about this process. You can ask your surgeon or do quick research on the internet to keep you aware of it.

  • Who is a good candidate for dental implant surgery?

Those who have a damaged or missing tooth or teeth can be suitable for a dental implant. Talk to your doctor to know what specific procedure you need.

  • Is there any insurance coverage for a dental implant?

Implant surgery can be subjected to some insurance coverage, but it depends on the situation. The same goes for its cost, which depends on medical needs, bone quantity, and location. Your surgeon will evaluate your case.

  • What is the success rate of dental implant surgery?

The success rate of this procedure varies from one person to another. It reflects on their health and habits. For a healthy person with good oral hygiene, it can have a 90-95 percent success rate.

Where to get the best dental implant surgery?

Since many people are looking for dental implant surgery, it is now one of the standard surgical procedures in the world. This procedure enhances the appearance of the patient. It also contributes to the improvement of communication skills.

Dental implant surgery also makes eating more comfortable. You can eat the food that you like regardless of its texture. In general, it can make your life meaningful and productive. Modern technology creates various innovations, most notably in the field of medicine. Turkey is one of the famous countries known for quality medical services. Their affordable and valuable services serve as their inviting factor for the patients worldwide.

Reyap Hospital in Turkey is a reliable healthcare institution that provides quality healthcare services. They continue to provide comprehensive education and training activities for their medical staff. It is to improve their knowledge and skills to serve the patients efficiently.

They also have various surgical procedures, such as dental implants, that will surely meet the needs of the patients. Reyap Hospital in Turkey also has advanced hotel services for its local and foreign patients. This is to give them more accessible medical services.

Dental care is very important for the general health of an individual. If you have healthy teeth, you can eat what you want as well as the healthy foods for you. It also improves your self-esteem since you have an attractive appearance because of your dental implants. Just always make sure that you choose the safe and best dental implant surgery for you.