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Everything That You Should Know About Obesity: What Causes It

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Eating is one of the most satisfying feelings after a long tiring day. Sitting on your comfortable couch with your favorite food is really awesome. Moreover, it can relieve you from stressful works and busy schedules. In this case, you would want to have all the food that you are craving for. It is a special treat for working hard to earn money and self-improvement in your chosen working field.

On the other hand, indulging yourself in such a food craze can lead you to something unhealthy. Just like what other say, too much of something may lead you to trouble. Overeating is associated with a health disorder. It is not a good practice to eat anything as much as you want, because it may lead to health defects that will affect your social activities.

What is Obesity and its Root Causes?

Obesity is a health condition that happens when an individual has excessive fats and weight that might greatly affect body functions. A doctor can determine if a person is an obese patient if they have a high body mass index BMI. Body Mass Index is the measurement used by the doctors to check if a person has a normal weight according to their sex, height, and age.

An obese person falls 30 or over for the BMI. You can check the status of how healthy a person is according to waist-to-height ratio, waist-to-hip size, and the amount and distribution of fats in the body. If an individual does have obesity, there are many complications that can affect their health. They can be more likely to have metabolic disorders, some types of cancer, and arthritis, which can make them weak.

Having a healthy lifestyle is the key to prevent obesity. To get you knowledgeable about the root causes of obesity, you can read the following factors and work on reducing these activities.

  • Too many calories consumption leads to obesity. If a person consumes more amount of calories rather than using it as energy, it will eventually be stored as excessive fats. Foods such as fast foods, oily foods, processed foods, added sugar, and high-carbonated ones can lead you to gain excessive weight. You must take into consideration a balanced diet so as to prevent obesity.
  • Having a lifestyle with less physical activities. In today’s modern world, the use of technology is a good intervention to make the work faster and easier. Many sectors integrate the use of computers to settle with different kinds of matter. Working in an office, playing through computer games and transportations contribute to building up obesity. People who move less burn few calories. This is the reason why excessive fats are being stored instead of converting to heat and use as energy.
  • Lack of proper sleep. Those persons who do not have enough sleep tend to be obese. It can be the cause of hormonal changes that will affect their appetite. Their body will then produce ghrelin that stimulated appetite and also less production of leptin that restrains appetite. It will clearly result in an imbalance of appetite, which is not good for the body.
  • Increased fructose consumption. Studies found out that there is a connection between the increased consumption of fructose and metabolic disorders, which involves high blood pressure diabetes and heart ailments. This can also lead to obesity. Avoid foods that contain a high amount of fructose. You can check your sugar intake to monitor your diet.
  • There are medications that increase the risk of having obesity. Some medicines cause people to gain weight. A patient can ask his or her doctor if there would be any effects on body weight for specific medications.
  • The longer a person is considered to be overweight, it will be harder for them to lose weight. When a person carries more fat, the body tends to burn fats slowly. A protein called sLR11 is produced by a person having excessive fats. This makes it difficult for the body to lose weight.
  • A gene called fat-mass and obesity-associated gene (FTO) contributes to obesity. They can be acquired through higher food intake and high-calorie foods. As stated earlier, ghrelin plays an important role in appetite. It affects growth hormones and how fats increase in the body.

How is Obesity associated with Diabetes?

Obesity is generally associated with diabetes. Being an overweight person increases the risk of having Type 2 Diabetes. With this disorder, the body produces insulin, but the body cells became resistant to it. This happened when the individual cells of the body stressed out due to excessive. Overeating bothers endoplasmic reticulum, which is the membranous network inside of the cells.

When ER has more nutrients, more than it can contain, it produces an alarm signal to lower down the insulin receptors. It simply means that there would be insulin resistance, which results in the continued production of a high amount of sugar in the blood. It is a definite sign of diabetes. You might want to consider having obesity surgery.

The confusion on the definition of obesity whether it is a disease, or a disorder still lingers. It results in that obesity is a chronic disease. It is related to other chronic diseases like hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, some types of cancers, and others. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a chronic disease is a medical condition that takes one year or more with ongoing medical attention or any limitations of daily activities.

Obesity happens when there is an imbalance between the energy consumption and calorie intake of the body. This is subjected to top genetics and environmental factors such as lifestyle and food diet. The immunologic abnormalities found in obesity are associated with the leptin-proopiomelanocortin system. It eventually raised to tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) that brings new insights explaining what obesity is.

There is an obesity surgery that can help you with this issue. Furthermore, failure to discuss the issue of obesity will add to the burden of the NHS resources. NHS, on the estimation, spent £6.1 billion on overweight and obesity-related ill-health concerns in 2014-2015. The annual cost of expenditures on the treatment of diabetes and obesity is much greater than those combined expenditures on the police, fire, and judicial services.

Obesity affects every aspect of life. It can affect the self-esteem and mental health of the person. Studies found that individuals who are overweight tend to exercise lesser in public due to discriminatory conflicts. In a broader sense, it greatly affects the economy. The overall cost of obesity is estimated to be at £27 billion. The UK-wide NHS costs for obesity and overweight are expected to reach about £9.7 billion by 2050.

Where to get the best choice for Obesity Treatment?

There are many healthcare institutions that offer medical treatments for various diseases. You must look for the best place where you can spend your money at great cost. Reyap Hospital is here to help you deal with endocrinology and metabolic diseases. It is a reliable institution that offers obesity surgery for the patients. They even accept patients from abroad and welcome them with their equipped facilities.

Reyap Hospital also continues to work on the development and improvement of their skills to give the best medical services to their patients. Their goal is to provide satisfaction and hospitality for the convenience of their medical needs. Endocrinology and metabolic diseases are serious health issues that need relevant attention. This healthcare institution has the best medical services for this kind of disease.

They are also aware that quality health services come from skilled medical personnel and updated strategies. They conduct further researches and studies to promote continued learning and development. Modern-day technology helps a lot in updating their skills and services. With the help of their medical staff, they are able to maintain comprehensive education and training activities for their personnel.

Obesity is a global concern nowadays. People should learn to have a balanced diet to prevent this chronic disease from happening. We must consider having a good food diet and regular exercise to maintain a fit and healthy body. In this case, we can convert the fats into energy in various forms, such as physical or motor activities. Reyap Hospital, as a reliable healthcare institution, comes with quality medical services.

Health must be the primary concern for everyone. We must learn the discipline of food intake. Healthy foods and avoidance of too much consumption can help us refrain from having obesity. There are lots of temptations out there when it comes to food culture. Look into the possibilities that might cause your harm in the future. Always take into consideration what is best for your health.

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