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Everything You Need To Know About Dental Implants in Turkey

Reyap Hospital

Are you having a bad time with your damaged tooth and want to get rid of it? The good thing is Dental Implants in Turkey can solve your dental problems. These artificial roots and teeth are inserted in the upper and lower part of your jawbone. These dental implants provide a natural appearance and bring back the pleasant smile of the patients.

Dental implants are titanium metal rods that are inserted on the jawbone. These materials are used to support false teeth. In medical terms, false teeth and the supporting metal rods are considered as dental implants. Dentures and bridges are supported by dental implants so that it won't slip.

Dental implants help the patients to regain their self-confidence. They are now able to socialize and improve their communication skills. Patients can also eat anything they want because dental implants give you the capability to chew the foods that you eat very well.

What is a dental implant procedure?

A dental implant procedure is an outpatient surgery offered for the patients. Having dental implants need to attend medical appointments, consisting of several consultations to know what are the right dental implants for you. Dental implant procedures focus on replacing your lost teeth due to accidents, injury, or tooth decay. Your dentist can also explain what kind of dental implants are to be used to treat your dental problem.

Before your dental implant procedure, you should have your initial consultation. You will have your comprehensive examination to know the status of your teeth and develop a plan on how to do the dental implant surgery. After that, your dentist will schedule your dental implant appointment.

This dental implant surgery is usually done in a dental office and performed only by skilled surgeons in oral surgery and restorative surgery to ensure the quality of dental implant service. This operation involves the use of anesthesia. If you are using local anesthesia, you can have a light meal a few hours before the operation. If the dentist told you that it would be done under IV sedation, you shouldn't eat anything the night before your surgery so that your stomach will be empty.

Your dentist might also prescribe antibiotics for you a few days before your dental implant surgery. This is to avoid initial implant failures. They will also instruct you to rinse your mouth using an antibacterial mouthwash like chlorhexidine. As for medical history, smoking is one of the factors which can lower the success rate of your dental implant surgery. In that case, if you are smoking, you should ask your surgeon if you can have a dental implant or not.

The dental implant procedure consists of multiple appointments with several months in between. During the first phase, your mouth will be numb because of the local anesthesia or IV sedation so that you won't feel any discomfort. There will be an incision on your gums to insert the tooth root implant in your jawbone in replace for your missing tooth. Once the dental implants are inserted, your dentist will then close the gums so that it remains covered.

Once your dental implants are secured, there is a connecting material called the abutment to hold the new tooth. When your gums are completely healed, your surgeon will make impressions and a custom replacement on the tooth known as the crown. The crown is now connected to the abutment.

How long will it take you to fulfill your dental implant in Turkey?

A dental implant procedure is a complex operation with several processes. Because of this, dental implants will take you a couple of weeks or months to heal completely. During your first appointment with your dentist, it will take you three days to do that. You need to wait for two to three months for your recovery period. And after that, you will have another three days for your second visit for your treatment.

Your first visit includes x-rays, 3D images, and models of your teeth and jaw so that your dentist will have a preview of the status of your teeth, gums, and jaws to come up with the best results. If you choose to have your dental implants in Turkey, you should have more time for your dental surgery rather than having a good time in the country. You must use your time very well because you will surely have your dental appointments and recuperate post-treatment of your dental implants.

How much will it cost you to have your dental implants in Turkey?

Turkey is the best place to have your dental implants. Most people prefer this country because they offer lower prices by around 75% compared to local dental prices. Even if you have to spend on flights and accommodation, it will still be worth your money. Dental tourism in Turkey is now a trend and alternative to European dental services. There are thousands of Europeans visiting the country annually for all treatments of dental care.

Dental Implants – Local Price £3,000 $3,900 €3,600 $5,100
$5,200 $5,500
Dental Implants – Turkey Price £700 $858 €800 $1,200 $1,200 $1,300

Here are some of the price comparisons wherein you can see the big difference of dental implants in Turkey. They are a lot cheaper but evidently of excellent quality when it comes to dental implants. Dental implants in Turkey offer low-cost dental services that you can depend on. However, there are also other processes of dental implants such as All-On-4 and Full Mouth dental implants.

The necessary All-On-4 dental implant procedure includes anesthesia, medical facility, inserting the dental implants, and post-operative cleaning and suturing process. The recovery period of having dental implant surgery can last for 3 to 8 months. But if you have All-On-4 dental implants, the healing process will be sooner. This is because the implants combined on your bone and aid stability from the very first day of the surgery.

On the other hand, a full mouth treatment is performed to restore the whole appearance and function of the teeth, just like the natural ones. It usually starts from inserting dental implants in your jawbone. Because of modern technology, medical tools are now equipped to fix temporary bridges for the implants.

All-On-4 dental implants cost around £5,000 to £14,000 per jaw. Dental implants in Turkey are way cheaper than this. On the other hand, if you are looking for a full mouth, you must know how much it costs. It commonly costs about £20000 to £30000 for the full mouth reconstruction. Dental implants in Turkey costs less than you probably expect from your quotation.

What is a same-day dental implant in Turkey?

You can have the same day dental implants in Turkey. Same-day dental implants focus on the first phase of the procedure. This term does not exactly pertain to the completion of the method in just one day. Practically speaking, it can be possible. But this procedure is not only one single process.

The first phase of the dental implant usually lasts for 8 to 10 days. While the second phase lasts for seven days, some patients have suitable jawbones, which could be done during the first visit. There is a high success rate for same-day dental implants.

An appointment plan for dental implants in Turkey consists of the scheduled procedures to be done for a specific dental implant of the patient. The appointment plan depends on the case of the patients. It usually involves dental implantation and the use of anesthesia. After that, the patient will then have to rest for a day to be prepared for the next appointment. After all the procedures are done, there will be the last day for checking the status of the process.

On the other hand, the waiting period is also considered as the healing period. By this time, there are few reminders that a patient must follow. The implants are on the healing process. That is why the patients should only have a soft diet to avoid complications on the implants. Have proper oral hygiene.

This is to prevent bacteria and other infections that would affect your dental implants. Most importantly, always communicate with your dentist. Let your dentist know any complications or discomfort that you are feeling in the middle of your waiting period.

Why get your dental implants in Turkey?

If you are concerned about the high prices for dental implants, you can give dental tourism a try. Turkey is one of the known dental tourism spots. There are thousands of patients visiting this country annually. The most specific dental tourism services that they go for is dental implants.

Speaking, most dental tourists visit Turkey for its affordable dental implants cost. Dental tourism grows every year in Turkey because of its quality dental services. Reyap Hospital in Turkey is one of the reputable healthcare institutions which provide qualified healthcare services for local and foreign patients.

This healthcare institution continues to have comprehensive education and training activities to enhance the skills and services of its medical team. Reyap Hospital in Turley also offers dental implants suitable and affordable for every patient. You can rely on their services to achieve your desired outcomes.