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Everything You Should Know About Brazilian Butt Lift

Reyap Hospital

In today’s time, a lot of people are really into beauty and aesthetics. Lots of beauty remedies were created as well as the improvement of cosmetic technologies. This happening brought out a popular trend across the globe for all ages, gender, and sizes. From celebrities up to an ordinary person, all cherish this beauty trend technology.

The kind of tech that the cosmetic scene brought to the people is astonishing. Besides from astonishment, the tech results are reliable and trustworthy. One of the most famous procedures made to this day is the BBL.

What Is BBL Surgery Stands For?

BBL is the short term for the beauty enhancement process, Brazilian Butt Lift. It is a cosmetic surgery method of transferring portions of healthy fats to your backside. It is a surgery that will, later on, result in fullness of shape within your back body. This body enhancement procedure is excellent, which already established its name on the beauty scene.

A lot of people, particularly the female mass, got hooked with this kind of cosmetic remedy. Besides the fact that it is efficient, the results are also close to perfect. Several beauty clinics and aesthetic health centers offer BBL Surgery. So, looking for the right hand to help you is not a problem. The only right thing to do is to find the most trusted one. But, before anything else, it is important to know more details before taking the procedure. Luckily, you only have to read this blog. Discussed below are certain factors and concerns answered for those who wonder about the effect of butt lift surgery.

Is BBL Surgery Dangerous?

Before going on with procedures related to health enhancement, there’s a lot at stake. First, your health is to watch for, the money you’re investing on and many more. Of course, it is only natural to ask for safety before deciding on something. Whether it is just a simple issue or not, safety must always be first.

Now, there’s always one top question from first-timers on the cosmetic surgery scene. Well, it is a fact that there are speculations regarding this procedure. Some people consider BBL or the Brazilian Bitt Lift to be one dangerous method for body enhancement. Typically, first-timers are the curious ones. The common notion is the process of BBL, or Brazilian Butt Lifts safe? Can this method bring an outstanding result? Well, the answer is simple. All medical procedures involving the method of surgery come with inevitable risks and complications.

However, when it comes to cosmetic surgery, the chance of danger is low. This is mainly because the process of the said method, such as the Brazilian Butt Lift, contains impressive techniques. There are certain stages to take before doing the BBL, such as planning, check-ups, and more. With this, the medical team will be able to evaluate the patient. This stage will answer if the patient is good to go along in an aesthetic surgery procedure or not. The surgical operation will only proceed upon knowing the healthiest moment of the patient. Thus, there’s nothing to be frightened about.

What to Do Before the Surgery?

  1. Consult the surgeon first to have an idea of what will happen before and after the procedure.
  2. It is highly advisable to stop smoking before the surgery or at least quit two weeks before the schedule. It greatly inhibits your body’s ability to heal and fight off infection.
  3. Drinking lots of fluids is essential, too, to flush out the medication and anesthesia after the procedure.
  4. Since this procedure will do a big change to your body, it must be healthy. Eating healthy foods will help the body to heal quickly and safely.

How Long Does A BBL Surgery Take?

Well, as for the duration of the Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery, it depends on the patient’s choice. Usually, it will take on for at least hours or grafting and harvesting of unwanted fats. But, what consumes the time, in this case, is the recovery period. The healing time of someone who went on a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery usually partakes a month/s of a full-time break.

Before going back to the usual routine, there would be initial processes for the operated area. It is a good way to avoid much pain, swelling, and of course, bruising. This process also includes methods such as compression garment, sitting routines, and other helpful physical activities. With this, the best result would be seen as soon as possible.

How Painful Is A BBL Surgery?

Just like change, pain is also constant. BBL Surgery is a process of change; therefore, it is inevitable for the after feeling to be painful. A lot of testimonials stated that the after pain from the Brazilian Butt Lifting is unexplainable. Right after the cosmetic procedure, you’ll feel certain grogginess and disorientation. This is for the fact that the injected general anesthesia during the operation is already fading its effect.

How Much Does A Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Cost?

Most cosmetic procedures usually vary at a high level of pricing. From the state of the art facilities up to the medical practitioners performing the medical procedures, the cost is worthy. Now, how much is a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery or BBL costs?

The cost of this beauty and aesthetic treatment process is evolving among different factors. Just as stated, the clinic’s choice to perform the surgery is the one acclaiming the cost of the operation. Even the type of anesthesia being injected besides from the general ones will affect the sum of expenses. As an example, it can range from 7,500 up to 8,500 dollars. For some beauty health centers, it can be paid via installment plans.

How Much Does A BBL Surgery Cost In Turkey, and why get the surgery there?

As for the beauty scene in Turkey, the cost of procedures is slightly different here. Prices commonly go around depending on the body size and the area to be treated. Moreover, the starting price of methods, mainly BBL Surgery, is £2400 above. Due to the low labor rate in Turkey, a lot of people go here. The country became well-known for being one of the top destinations for people who wanted beauty surgeries.

How Long Does Brazilian Butt Lift Result Last?

Brazilian Butt Lift Result will effectively occur to the patient for around 90 days after the operation. According to cosmetic specialists, the percentage of BBL longevity is 60 to 80 %. This is because of the initial fat transfer process. With this, it will last for decades. The patient can enjoy the shape he/she longs for. But remember, this will only be effective if the dependency process will be well upon the recovery period. This is the main reason why a patient should be extremely cautious after the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Aftercare Procedures

The result of this beauty enhancement process will go on depending on the support and cooperation of the patient. Medications for pain relief would be given after the Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery as well. Also, the patient would be given a guide on the dos and don’ts of the after surgery. For example, the presence of pressure among the operated area is strictly prohibited. The sleeping position of the patient must be considered, as well.

  1. After the procedure, you have to wait for four to six weeks before working out again. This is to give the fat cells time to stabilize and establish optimal blood supply after the fat transfer.
  2. It is also essential to maintain a stable weight. The procedure is effective and may last for a long time. But, gaining and losing fat in the surrounding areas could affect your overall results.
  3. Drink lots of water. Staying dehydrated is one of the essential things you should do after the operation. It helps aid the healing process by minimizing the scarring and reduces the swelling.
  4. Focusing on the post-operative care is also a must. Wear your compression garment, restricted sitting, and attend lymphatic drainage massages.
  5. Most importantly, try not to expose the buttocks to the rays of sunlight.

All these are for the betterment of the result from the BBL operation. If you don’t want any complications, stay put. Follow all the safety routines and precautions after the surgery timeline until you get the signal to go.

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