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Facelift Surgery: Cost/Benefits - Procedure - Preparation

Reyap Hospital

Time flies so fast. As you get older, your physical appearance may not be as attractive and fresh, just like the good younger years. These age-related changes are inevitable natural occurrences. Skin becomes less elastic, and there are uneven fat deposits in some parts of the face.

There would be visible sagging skin on your cheeks. Those excess skins on your lower jawline will make an unattractive appearance, which can affect your self-esteem when interacting with other people. You might feel a bit odd about yourself. There can also be loose skin on your neck.

Due to the intervention of modern technology, there is a very suitable method that can help you get rid of your unwanted loose skin. A facelift is a cosmetic surgery that creates a younger look on your face.

In this guide, you will be able to know what facelift can do to improve your facial appearance as well as to increase your self-confidence.

1. What is a facelift?

  • Facelift procedures
  • Facelift candidates
  • Facelift recovery
  • Facelift surgery for males
  • Risks and complications

2. What is a mini facelift?

  • Non-Surgical facelift

3. Things to consider for a facelift

  • What are the benefits of facelift abroad?

4. How much does a facelift cost?

What is a facelift?

Facelift surgery is also known as rhytidectomy. It is a cosmetic procedure that works on eliminating sagging skin and skin folds on your cheeks and jawline that occurs due to old age. During the process, your surgeon will pull over the overlying surface on each side of your face.

The tissues beneath your skin are surgically changed to bring back the youthful shape of your face. Before the folded skin is being closed, excess skin is removed. A neck-lift procedure can also be done together with facelift when there are fat deposits and sagging skin on the neck.

A facelift procedure generally focused on the two-thirds of the bottom part of your face.

Your surgeon repositions the fats and tissues under your skin to smoothen facial creases. It lifts and tightens the facial skin.

Facelift Procedures

Facelift procedures vary depending on your desired results. This cosmetic surgery can be done in a hospital or outpatient surgical clinic. Here are the facelift procedures involved:

  • There are two types of anesthesia to be used before the procedure. Sedation and local anesthesia are used to numb only those selected parts of the body. In other cases, general anesthesia is recommended to make you unconscious during the surgery.
  • Generally, facelift works on raising and tightening the tissues and muscles of the face. There will be incisions to be used depending on the technique of your surgeon.

Traditional Facelift Incision. It starts from your temples, around the front of your ears and ends behind your lower scalp. There can also be an incision under your chin to enhance the shape of your neck.

Limited Incision. This is a shorter type of incision that starts from your hairline above the ears and around the front of your ears. Its difference from the traditional facelift incision is that it does not extend through the lower scalp.

Neck lift Incision. Neck lift incision starts from the front earlobe and around your ear down to the lower scalp. There is also a small incision done under your chin.

  • Facelift procedure usually takes two or four hours. But if you will have any additional procedures to be done at the same time, it will take you long hours.
  • After the procedure, you will experience mild to moderate pain. There are also visible bruises, swelling, and numbness.
  • If you encounter side effects like severe pain on one part of your face or neck within 24 hours of surgery, contact your surgeon immediately. You must also pay attention if you have shortness of breath, chest pain, and irregular heartbeats after the procedure.

Facelift Candidates

A facelift can be the right choice for elders or to those people who just want to enhance their appearance. But not everyone can have it. There are certain factors that a facelift candidate should have.

  • Persons who have a strong medical background. Those who do not have medical issues which might get affected by the healing process after the surgery.
  • Non-smokers and individuals who do not have any misuse substances.
  • Individuals who have a realistic approach to facelift surgery.

Facelift Recovery

After your facelift surgery, knowing the right things to do for recovery is the key to its overall success. Your doctor will explain to you every detail for you to manage your recovery very well. The recovery period is when you are slowly getting back to your normal activities. Here are the recovery stages that you should follow:

  • 1st week. In the first seven days, you must take complete rest. You will experience pain due to medications and not by the surgery itself. It is not bed rest. Moreover, you still need to move around your house. Your body needs regular circulation for the recovery to be faster.
  • 2nd week. It is a normal thing to see bruises on your neck and face, even behind the ears and around the eyes. You will start to see that your injuries will subside on the fourth day after your surgery. Things will begin to improve at this time.
  • 3rd and 4th week. Incisions will start to heal. Though there are still sutures from the surgery, it is seen that most patients are ready to work by this time. You'll feel better after three weeks, and you can go back to your usual activities.
  • 4th week and Beyond. Recovery varies for every individual. You must communicate with your doctor about your changes. It will take a whole year to see the full effect of the facelift surgery.

Facelift for Males

Facelift surgery is also applicable to men. It is usually done for those male patients who want to have facial refreshment. Its goal is to restore sagging skin, facial volume, and enhance their jawline definition. It also works on improving the shape of the neck.

Concerning gender anatomy, the surgery still maintains masculine rejuvenation.

The male rejuvenation process is different from females because it preserves the masculine angles of the craniofacial aspects of the male face. It needs a surgical method which is conservative and highlights the masculine features of their face.

Risks and Complications

Just like any other medical procedure, facelift surgery also has risks and complications. If you encountered some of these problems after your facelift surgery, let your surgeon know about it for immediate action.

  • Hematoma
  • Infections
  • Complications of anesthesia
  • Nerve Damages
  • Asymmetry of the face
  • Bleeding, bruising, and scarring
  • Numbness

What are the things that you should consider for a facelift?

A facelift is considered as a comprehensive option for cosmetic surgeries. If you want to have a facelift, you should start researching about it. These are the everyday things that you should consider before getting a facelift:

  • Length of the surgery. Conventional facelift surgery usually takes 3 hours or more. On the other, a mini facelift takes 1.5 to 2 hours to get done.
  • Candidate for a facelift. Being a right candidate for a facelift doesn't merely rely on the age. It also depends on your health condition and preferences.
  • Mini Facelift. It is a subset of facelift which works on little excess and loose skin in the neck and jawline.
  • Risks of a facelift. The expected after-effects of a facelift are swelling, bruising and numbness in the neck and shoulders. There are serious risks like infection, bleeding, and nerve damage.

Benefits of Facelift Abroad

Because of today's advanced technology, many medical centers abroad are offering various surgical procedures. Mostly, people look for cosmetic procedures abroad. One of these procedures is the facelift.

Facelift abroad has many benefits, especially if you want to have it in Turkey. Turkey offers low-cost but quality procedures compared to European medical services.

  • When you have your facelift abroad, you will be able to have a lower cost. Usually, plastic surgeries abroad are half-lowered the price than in the US or UK. While for those across Asia, the prices are third of their price.
  • You can have your privacy when you choose to have a facelift abroad. Some people are not comfortable telling others that they are going to have a surgery. It is an excellent opportunity to be discrete until your recovery is done.
  • Since you can have a medical tour, you will be able to find out a more extensive range of procedures to what your country has. You can also find better results when you research for facelift abroad.
  • Surgical procedures abroad usually have short waiting times. If you would go for a private surgeon, you might be waiting for 6-12 months for your surgery. Fortunately, when you choose to have it abroad, you will have a speedy result. Because you are a patient abroad, you will be turned over to the first-class establishments with low-cost and short waiting times.
  • With your vast choices of facelift surgery abroad, you will be able to find the best surgeons in the world. You can have the chance to choose the doctor that you want based on your preferences.

What is a mini facelift?

A mini facelift is a less difficult procedure that also targets to tighten the wrinkles and loose skin in the lower part of your face. This surgery involves smaller cuts around your ear. Unfortunately, it does not cover sagging or excess skin on the neck.

This type of facelift surgery is recommended for those patients who do not have a lot of sagging skin on the neck or jaw part. Even though you are not that old yet and you want to have a mini facelift, make sure that you have considerable looseness of skin to make your surgery worthy.

Non-Surgical Facelift

If you don't want to undergo such surgical procedures and prefer natural methods, a non-surgical facelift is an excellent choice for you. It is a combination of minimal and non-surgical procedures. It is performed to rejuvenate your facial appearance.

This method does not require large incisions, anesthesia, or hospitalization. Patients usually have it done in a short period of time with minimal discomfort. Furthermore, despite its fast and easy process, there are shortcomings in this procedure. Treatments should be repeated and will cost you higher over the months.

How much does a facelift surgery cost?

If you decide to have facelift surgery, be sure that you understand every detail of it. Facelift costs may vary depending on the location and extent of the surgery. You should also take note of the consultation fees and aftercare that you will need.

Services Cost
Standard Facelift £10,000
Mini Facelift £1,500-£4,000

A mini facelift is considered to be a cost-friendly option since it is less painful with less recovery period. It is an excellent opportunity for you to decide if you will go all the way for a standard facelift. Facelift surgery in Turkey is cheaper than those of European medical services.

Where to have your facelift surgery?

Facelift surgery is one of the most common operations in the world. Facelift surgery in Reyap can provide you the desired results that you wish for. You and your travel companion can assure safety and comfort with their facilities with splendid accommodation. They also have rhinoplasty, lip enlargement, otoplasty, and others. You can visit the Reyap Hospital website on how to boost your beauty confidence.

Medical services in Turkey, such as facelift, are at low-cost compared to European services. But their quality healthcare services provide the patients with cost savings from numerous aspects leading to lower medical costs. Reyap Hospital consists of a surgical team that performs the same or much better healthcare in Europe. If you have inquiries, just go to the Reyap Hospital website to know more about cosmetic plastic surgery.

Reyap Hospital in Turkey is a reliable healthcare institution that provides quality healthcare services. They continue to work for comprehensive education and training activities that will improve the knowledge and skills of their medical staff.

The primary benefit of cosmetic surgeries like a facelift is to increase the self-confidence of each patient. Most of the patients suffer from low self-esteem when they feel uncomfortable with their facial appearance.

Most of the women look after the promising admirable results of cosmetic procedures. Liposuction is an excellent choice to lose weight when natural remedies don't work at all. If you are a mother of two or more and you want to bring back your youthful body shape, a mommy makeover is suitable for you.

These changes can enhance the outside appearance of an individual to have a better life. When you feel good about yourself, you can be productive in all aspects of your life. You will be able to meet many people without the fear of having an unattractive appearance.

Facelift surgery in Reyap Hospital is performed with the use of the latest technology and high-quality amenities for your safety and comfort. They are here to offer you the five-star surgical treatments with great care and low costs.

Frequently Asked Question about Facelift

Will the facelift scars be noticeable?

Facelift scars are usually hidden behind the hairline of the natural fold of the face. Once the wounds softened after several months, they are not very noticeable.

Will my face get numb after the procedure?

You will experience some numbness on your cheek and neck, but it is normal. It will eventually fade away after 1 or 2 months.