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Fixing your Eyebrows and Slay your Fashion Style through Brow Lifting

Reyap Hospital

In these modern days, fashion trends continue to escalate. Due to the influence of social media and technological innovations, there are so many people drawn to make themselves look presentable and attractive. One of the most common products that people, especially women, use to enhance their appearance is the use of cosmetic products.

Cosmetic products are any materials used to improve, clean, and enhance your complexion, hair, nails, skin, or face. These products include beauty preparations, such as makeup, creams, and perfume. There are also grooming products like soap, shampoo, and deodorant. Cosmetic products are not just for the sake of beauty. It can also be used for therapeutic purposes.

Moreover, most of the widely known purpose of cosmetic products is for the enhancement of facial appearance. Makeup is used to improve the outer appearance without harming the skin. Skin is the largest part of the body that needs proper care and nourishment. It is part of the daily routine of most women. According to researches, most women will not leave their homes without putting makeup. Hence, it makes it an essential part of their day.

Brow Lifting

When you are choosing makeup products, look for the ones with minimal ingredients. The main goal is to enhance your physical appearance but not suffering the health of your skin. Find a product that does not absorb skin oils or water. You must check the ingredients of the cosmetic products so that you will prevent your skin from breakouts and rashes.

Makeup products are usually used for the face. There are different parts of the face that highlights its features through the use of cosmetics. One of the most noticeable parts of the face is the eyebrow. The eyebrow is a group of thick hairs placed above the eyes that follows the shape of the brow ridges. The main role of eyebrows is to prevent water, sweat, and other small particles to fall directly into the eye socket.

Eyebrows also function for non-verbal communications. They are also important for human interaction and facial expressions. Most people modify their eyebrows by hair removal or the use of makeup. Fashion in eyebrow varies throughout the years. It is more evident in female culture. They do some modifications such as removing or adding hair, color, and position changing to meet their aesthetic desire for eyebrow styles.

How Can I Determine the Best Eyebrow Shape for my Face?

Eyebrow Shapes

As you apply makeup on your face, one thing you need to consider is finding the perfect shape of the eyebrow for your face. The right eyebrow shape adds to the attractiveness of your facial appearance. Before you determine the right shape of the eyebrow, you must consider that you will not have a natural look for your ideal eyebrow, and you can style your eyebrows that will be suitable for your face.

You must know what face shape you have and match it with the right eyebrow shape. Here are some face shapes with its corresponding eyebrow shapes:

  • Oval. An oval-shaped face has a slight curve that makes it more defined. Sharpened arches are not compatible with this, for it will only lengthen the oval features of the face. The eyebrow shape that is suitable for oval faces starts from the top of the nose bridge and curve around 2/3 outward from that location. Eyebrows should be longer than your eyes to give more emphasis to your face.
  • Round. The right eyebrows for round faces are those with angles. This shape counteracts the roundedness of the face and gives a more elongated look. It highlights the cheek and eyes with thicker eyebrows and high arches. Eyebrows should also extend through the outer edge of your eyes.
  • Long. A person with a long face is suitable to have vertically stretched eyebrows. It highlights the horizontal features of the long face. The longer eyebrows with a gentle arch can help to shorten its appearance.
  • Square. Those people with square faces need to have thick or big eyebrows as much as possible. You do not have to make arches. Moreover, softer angles or rounded ones are more applicable to match with a little amount of peakness on the outer edge of the eyes.
  • Heart. If your face is a heart shape one, the right eyebrow shape for you is to soften the most noticeable part of your face. A rounded eyebrow shape works for you. The gentle round shape of your eyebrows brings the eye up away from your chin.
  • Diamond. Diamond is the most unusual face shape. The eyebrows should reduce the face width. Curved or rounded eyebrow shape is a trick to create balance on the center, which is the widest part of a diamond-shaped face.

When you choose to change the shape of your eyebrows, you are also finding ways to how these brows will last. If you are one of those ladies out there who can’t get out of the house without getting your eyebrow done, take a look at this. Surely, there would be times you’re in a rush in pampering your eyebrows every now and then.

To make your eyebrow makeup last, here are some ways that you can do:

Eyebrow Shaping
  • Choose the products that will last. If your skin type is like a normal to combination touch, any powder will do. But, if you have oily skin, you might need something that will last longer. The use of brow gel can help maintain the long-lasting effect of the color and shape of your eyebrows.
  • Avoid using skin potions on your eyebrows. It is fine for the eyebrows to use less of the serums and creams. These products can block the hair follicles from growing. There are also ingredients that make it difficult for the brow makeup to last longer due to slippery texture.
  • Take care of your brows, just like your hair. In order for you to maintain a long-lasting eyebrow makeup, make sure that you are cleaning your brows properly. Remove all the excess oils and makeup before putting another one.
  • Choose the right tools. In doing your eyebrow makeup, you should choose the right tools for you. The use of tweezer helps you to pluck brow hairs rather than breaking it in the middle.

What is a Brow Lift, and why you need it?

There are instances that you are not comfortable with the brows that you have. Sometimes, you may not be satisfied with the makeup tricks alone. The good thing is, a brow lift can make you feel more attractive with its benefits that can help you.

A brow lift is a surgical procedure, also known as forehead rejuvenation. It is a procedure to raise your eyebrows. This method improves the appearance of your forehead, the eyebrow, and part around the eyes by lifting soft tissues on the forehead and brow skin. The main reason why people seek brow lifting is due to aging. It causes the eyebrows to move down as the skin gets saggy.

If you are looking for the right brow lifting services where you can have your brow lift for a better physical appearance, Reyap Hospital can help you. Brow lift Istanbul is one of the services of this healthcare institution in Turkey. They have skilled surgeons that will take care of your procedure. Brow lift costs £ 1,430 if you wish to undergo this kind of procedure.

Brow Lifting

There are many offers and deals for brow lift abroad. You must take into consideration the cost, quality, and success rates of the surgical procedures out of your country. Brow lift Turkey in Reyap Hospital can give you positive results. They are equipped with quality healthcare services, including brow lift as one of their surgical procedures. This institution also conducts further researches to update their tools, services, and quality as they offer medical services for the patients.

Reyap Hospital also maintains comprehensive education and training activities that can improve the abilities of its medical personnel to perform well in the medical field. Moreover, their goal is to improve the quality of human health in all branches of medical science. Brow lift surgery is very helpful for those people who are experiencing saggy skin due to old age. It is a good and safe procedure to bring back the natural look of your brows.

As the years pass by, there are so many changes that will happen. The youthful appearance of an individual will soon fade away. Luckily, healthcare institutions like Reyap Hospital are here to guide you in choosing the best brow lift surgery that matches the shape of your shape. It can help you boost your self-confidence and glow your facial appearance.

There are many promising offers and deals out there which might get into you. However, proper consultation and checking of facilities should be one of your priorities before you engage yourself in such serious facial surgery like brow lifting. Technology makes it possible for more enhancements to pursue. However, choose those procedures that will be suitable for you to avoid complications in the end.