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Get fit in 4 Days At Reyap Hospital: Your Weight Loss Journey

Reyap Hospital

Looking to get fit fast? Bariatric surgery can help melt your weight away. The journey to bariatric surgery at Reyap Hospital is designed to be as carefree and comfortable as possible for our patients. Bespoke treatment plans and VIP hotel service are just a few of the benefits patients can expect.

Your bariatric surgery in Turkey involves four steps, taking you from the airport back to your home with your after-care instructions.

Why Travel to Turkey for Surgery?

Costs: Our weight loss surgery costs are up to 80% less than European clinics. That means you can save thousands just by travelling to Turkey, enjoying the experience and getting your long wanted results.

Quality: You and your travel companion stay safe and comfortable with our facilities including a splendid accommodation, before, during, and after your surgery. Our top-notch technology helps us deliver the most high quality service.

Savings: Medical care quality exceeds the average European healthcare institution and provides you with cost savings that come as a result of numerous aspects such as the lower medical staff cost in Turkey

Care: Your surgical team and support staff provide the same, or even better quality healthcare than you would expect in Europe. Bilingual nurses and medical doctors are at the hospital for 24/7. Through our full-service packages - all care is in-house!

Wait: There is no need to wait weeks or months to schedule your surgery date – travelling to Istanbul gets you on the priority list for bariatric surgeries and hence you will get the perfect result in just few days.

Place: You'll love your experience in beautiful vibrant Istanbul, where you’ll become part of our family and where we put your safety and welfare. We're located near the largest airport in the world and our drivers pick you up.

Medical Tourism

Step 1: Schedule your FREE CONSULTATION and book your appointment!

Reyap Health Group - a chain of medical facilities - will provide free consultation services all year long (2020) for your weight loss surgery (procedures and information) if you register now: https://obesity.surgeries.doctor/. In addition you will be offered 10% discount at any weight loss procedure (surgical or non-surgical) if you sign up for free consultation!

Step 2: Flying to Turkey

In this section:

  • Arrival
  • Hospital stay and hospitality


Your journey begins as you touch down in Istanbul. You’ll be greeted by our driver at the airport, and given a free VIP airport transport to the hospital.

Our driver will be waiting for you with your name on a screen in the exit lounge. You’ll ride in comfort from the airport straight to the hospital.

Hospital Stay And Hospitality

Upon arrival at Reyap Hospital, you’ll receive your own private room.

Unlike rooms commonly found in the UK, our hospital rooms are designed to look and feel like a hotel room. This makes the recovery that much more relaxing and restorative — you won’t feel like you’re in a hospital while you rest!

We offer our patients complementary translation services during their stay. It’s our priority to make sure you’re informed about everything that’s going on, and never feel the stress of being unable to communicate.

In total, you’ll have 4 nights stay at Reyap Hospital during your surgery and recovery — all included. And the best part? You can have a companion stay with you free of charge, so you never have to feel alone or isolated in a new country.

Step 3: Pre-Surgery

In this step:

  • Creating a personalized treatment plan
  • Medical tests and examinations
  • Dietitian consultation

Creating a Personalized Treatment Plan

No two bodies are the same, and no two approaches to bariatric surgery can be the same.

You and your surgeon need to be working towards the same goals to ensure optimal results. During the early stages of your visit to Reyap Hospital, your bariatric surgeon will consult with you to get to know your expectations better.

Sometimes patients have slightly unrealistic or uninformed expectations, and the surgeon will guide and counsel you as necessary.

By the end of the consultation, you’ll both know what the plan is, and what the expected outcomes are.

Medical tests and examination

Medical Tests and Examinations

Bariatric surgery is an invasive procedure, and so all care must be taken to ensure a patient is able to handle the surgery beforehand.

Pre-op tests are usually conducted the day before surgery is scheduled, but can be done the day of the surgery.

At Reyap Hospital, we run a comprehensive battery of tests prior to all of our surgeries. Bariatric surgery is no different. Prior to surgery, you’ll receive:

  • Blood Tests
  • ECG
  • Lung scan
  • Ultrasound
  • Cardiology, Lung Diseases, Internal Diseases Department Examinations
  • Endoscopy, performed by your surgeon to assess your stomach’s situation personally

We use the latest, most cutting edge technology wherever possible for all of our tests and procedures. This allows us to properly assess you, your health, and your suitability for any surgery.

PLEASE BE AWARE: If we find anything in the pre-op tests that indicate proceeding with the surgery may risk your life and wellbeing, we will cancel the surgery. You will be issued a full refund for the cost of surgery less the testing price. Your health and safety is our utmost priority, and we will not jeopardize it.

Dietitian Consultation

Following bariatric surgery, you will need to undergo a fairly significant change to your diet.

Partially this is because, post-surgery, your stomach will be significantly smaller. You won’t be able to eat as much food, and you may find yourself trying to eat regular meal sizes at first.

You need to know what foods you can eat, and in what proportions. This will change between your immediate recovery phase and your longer-term care and lifestyle. This initial dietician consultation will get you ready for your new meal plan and diet.

Performing Bariatric Surgery

Step 4: Bariatric Surgery

In this step:

  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Leakage Test
  • Surgery Video Record

Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery means surgery performed through a small “keyhole”  incision. This is the preferred method of performing bariatric surgeries in Turkey and around the world.

  • Laporoscopic surgery is performed through a small incision, minimizing the size of any scar
  • Patient discomfort is minimized
  • Recovery time is accelerated
  • Less painkiller required, reducing risks associated with anesthetics
  • Less blood loss during surgery

All of our laparoscopic surgeries are performed using FDA materials for quality and safety assurance.

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery covers a range of surgeries intended to help the patient lose weight. At the Reyap Hospital in Istanbul, we use laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery to achieve this result.

  • Gastric bypass shrinks the volume of the stomach, reducing the amount of food that can be eaten
  • The surgery also reduces the amount of calories the small intestine can absorb

In this way, the surgery results in a dramatic drop in calorie intake, which in turn results in massive weight loss over the following months.

PLEASE BE AWARE: While all care is taken to approve patients for surgery during the pre-operative stage, some problems are only apparent during the surgery itself. If the surgeon determines that it is unsafe to proceed, the surgery will be halted. Again, this is done to ensure your absolute safety at every point in the journey.

Leakage Test

A leakage test is performed to check for any bleeds or leaks from the digestive system post-surgery. This test ensures that the stomach, intestine, and abdominal wall have all been properly closed and are healing optimally.

If any problems are discovered, revision surgery may be required.

Surgery Video Record

All surgeries are recorded and provided to the patient afterwards. We don't expect you to sit down with the family and watch it! However, providing these recordings shows our confidence in the professionalism, experience, and expertise of our medical teams. It provides peace of mind to patients that we are willing to provide them a complete record of their surgery, in case they should have any concerns regarding outcomes.

Step 5: Aftercare

In this section:

  • Hospital rest
  • Dietitian Consultation
  • Last checkups and doctor’s approval
  • Fairwell and VIP transfer
  • Continuing Online Checkups

Hospital Rest

After your surgery, you’ll be left to recuperate in your stylish private room at Reyap Hospital. You’ll be under close observation, and spend time with your companion if you brought one.

Dietitian Consultation

Now that your surgery is complete, your dietitian will go over your new diet plan. You’ll start off on a protein shake, which will keep you full and provide all the nutrients you need while you adjust to your new smaller stomach.

You’ll be given a meal plan you can follow at home, as well as suggestions for new serving sizes of foods that will fit in your new stomach.

Last Checkups and Doctor’s Approval

Your last checkups will include the leak tests, inspection of the surgical site and its recovery, and monitoring your overall vital statistics. Once the doctors are happy with your recovery progress, you’ll be discharged from hospital and allowed to return home.

Farewell and VIP Airport Transfer

Now that you’ve been given the tick of approval, it’s time to get you home! The same VIP service that got you from the airport to the hospital will get you back again. You’ll ride in comfort and style, and be personally seen off at the airport.

Continuing Online Checkups

Your after-care at Reyap Hospital doesn’t end once you’re on the plane. We schedule online appointments to check in on your progress and recovery. We can answer any concerns or questions you have, provide guidance, and generally ensure that you’re on your way to achieving the results you came to us for in the first place.

VIP Transport from/to the airport

The End of Your Journey is a New Beginning

The end of your bariatric surgery in Turkey is a new beginning for your health, well-being, and self-confidence. Over the coming months, and in keeping with your after-care instructions, you’ll notice the weight melt off you as you transform into the person you always wanted to be.

Come start your journey with the team at Reyap Hospital today. Contact us for more information, and to get started.

Find further information at https://bit.ly/2y2I1Uw!