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Hair Transplant Procedure: All Your Questions Answered

Reyap Hospital

Hair is one of the human body features that can be easily recognized by many people. It makes us different from one another. Taking good care of our hair is a must to maintain a pleasing appearance. The use of shampoo, conditioner, and other hair treatments can help our hair maintain its healthy look. Moreover, certain unexpected circumstances occur, such as hair problems.

Hair problems occur due to various reasons. Some of them might be stress or family history of illnesses. Hair loss is one of the most common hair problems. It usually occurs as a sign of aging. It is a common male pattern baldness known as androgenetic alopecia. There are scalp inflammations or injuries that can be seen on the scalp. Injuries from surgeries, accidents, or burns can also cause hair loss.

If you feel concerned about how you look, or you are looking for cosmetic treatments to increase your self-confidence, there are ways. Motivating yourself to look attractive comes with the right medication or much better to accept yourself just the way you are. Hair transplant procedure includes eliminating small grafts from hair- losing scalp. These parts are being relocated to a thin area or bald part of the scalp.

If you want to have hair transplant surgery, several surgical sessions need to be accomplished to achieve desired results. The recovery period usually lasts for several months. They are recommended to be done in between each session. It is a surgical method that deals with removing the hair follicles from one part of the body. This is called the donor site, which gives hair follicles to the balding part called the recipient site.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hair transplant procedure?

However, undergoing a hair transplant can have many advantages and disadvantages. A patient must look for these important things to know better the nature of this procedure.

  • This method includes the transplantation of your own hair. It is taken from the back of the scalp to put it into the bald part of the scalp. Hair grows naturally after the operation. The color of the hair is the same as the old ones since it also comes from you.
  • There are different strategies to use when performing a hair transplant. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) is one method that strips out a piece of skin from the back of the scalp. From there, the follicular unit is scattered and transplanted into the designated sites. There will be a linear scar that can be visibly seen after the surgery. A skilled surgeon will always try to make sure that there would be a minimal scar on it.
  • Another surgical strategy is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). It is a critical procedure in which single strands of the hair follicle is extracted. These are the parts being replanted in designated recipient sites. The outcomes are permanent. There are small dots that can be seen after the surgery.
  • The hair transplant procedure is authentic and safe. There are no special chemicals or elements that are used during the procedure. Above all of the hair growing processes, hair transplant surgery is known to be the most natural.
  • If you want to attain a permanent solution for baldness, then choose to have hair transplant surgery. The biggest benefit of this strategy is to increase self-confidence. There are no problems in maintaining transplanted hair. The person can do such changes like coloring, washing, or even styling.
  • Patients who have undergone such surgery reported life-changing effects. A person can look younger and feel good when he has the courage to face everyone. It is also a way to be open to new experiences brought by socialization.

For any advantages of a medical procedure, there are also disadvantages. These are something that you need to think of because these are the most critical parts of decision making. The risks and complications may also arise during and after the surgery. Here are some of them to ponder on:

  • Good health is a must. A candidate for hair transplant surgery should have a fit and healthy system. It is generally recommended for Androgenic Alopecia patients. Since this is a permanent disorder, the person should be aware of it. If a person has a hair loss history that runs in the family, hair transplant cannot be a good choice, for it will still continue to occur even after the surgery.
  • The success of this hair transplant surgery depends on the quality of the donor area. It is a nosy method conducted under the use of local anesthesia.
  • The recovery period doesn't happen overnight. The healing process takes 8 to 10 months to recover completely. It is a time-bound- surgery. The patient should strictly follow the instructions of the surgeon in taking care of their hair.

Though there are some negative notions about hair transplant surgery, always look at the bright side. Think of the reasons why you need to have it. If you want to boost your self-esteem, go for it. As you long as you can, and you afford it, it is an excellent choice to make. Just make sure that you choose the best clinic and surgeon who will take care of your procedure.

Technology runs in our modern society today. We must take full advantage of its maximum utilization. In the field of medicine, many medical practitioners integrate the use of technology into their services. It helps them to update their equipment and services to come up with better solutions and diagnoses for the patients. After all, continuous studies and researches contribute to the development of the medical field.

Have you considered having a hair transplant procedure abroad? If yes, you surely have done searches for the costs and possible treatments that they offer on your potential country. You may be looking for an affordable and efficient procedure outside your place. Be sure to check every detail that you need before you engage in any transactions of offers abroad.

Why choose Turkey for Hair Transplant Procedure?

One country that you can go for hair transplant surgery abroad is Turkey. This country has attained a significant development for hair transplant procedures over the years. It has affordable prices, VIP transportations, hotel accommodations, and various tourist spots. These factors are what made Turkey known for their hair transplant procedure all over the world. There are many clinics in Turkey that perform excellently in terms of hair transplant surgery.

Turkey is one of the top countries for hair transplants, specifically in Istanbul. It provides patients with valuable services during and after surgery. Many Turkish locals suffer from baldness. That is the reason why patients and medical personnel worked out to find solutions to this problem. A hair transplant is a long-lasting answer to that dilemma. It is safe to travel to Turkey if you want your surgery to be done there.

Moreover, there is a considerably increased number of hair transplant surgeries. It leads to the creation of open and good competition among the clinics in Turkey. In this way, the country developed quality services in terms of hair transplant surgery not just for their citizens, but also for the foreigners. This is the reason why Turkey has become the most preferred clinic.

Hair transplant surgery cost in Turkey has a lower budget cost compared to other countries. It usually costs about 30, 000 pounds. While in Turkish Lira, it is between $1,500 and $3,000, cheaper than other countries like the US. That is why this is the best choice for people looking for hair transplant surgery at a lower price.

Where to have an excellent choice for hair transplant procedures in Turkey?

Reyap Hospital is one of the equipped hospitals offering this kind of medical surgery. They provide quality services for their patients. They also have facilities that can accommodate their clients from abroad. Engaging in development and research education is part of the hospital's way to update their skills and procedures. Their technology and medical equipment suffice the medical trend in the medicine field.

This healthcare institution is aware that qualified health services are offered by skilled medical personnel. Moreover, they continue to empower the abilities of their employees to continue giving quality medical services to the patients. It is also important they look after the welfare of their clients. Being economically accessible to people is a good manifestation that they based their services on what the people need and what they afford to have.

Being healthy doesn't need to be costly. But indeed, we are looking for the services that will give justice to what we pay for. Medical services are very important in human health. Reyap Hospital is a reliable institution that you can lean on in times of medical needs. Their quality services can give a solution to your medical problems.

Hair transplant surgery is an excellent choice to make if you want to cover baldness. Hair loss, known as the common hair problem is not a problem anymore. There are possible solutions that you can use to build your self-confidence. It is good that you look for ways to look attractively, but what is more important is your attitude towards yourself.