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Hair Transplantation: What are the common causes of hair loss? Is Hair transplantation safe for all ages?

Reyap Hospital

Undoubtedly, the last thing you would wish after a warm, comforting bath is your beloved hair strands clogging on your shower drains. Your typical morning routine turns into a disturbing, depressing scene when an increasing amount of hair has been stacked on your brush. While this is the reality of hair loss, it is not the end of the world for people experiencing this stage in life. Read on to see what's, why's, when's, and how's you can escape the 'hair loss nightmares.'

Hair Loss: What Is It?

Take note: A hundred hairs falling from your scalp is healthy. It only takes months or a year, and you could grow them back without you even realizing it. But the case is different when you're shedding an ample amount of them every single day. This is when hair loss or alopecia enters the scene. This type of disorder is described with a distorted balance on hair production – less hair grows, and more hair falls out.

Usually, hair growth revolves around three essential phases. The first stage, called the anagen phase, lasts for at least eight years and covers almost 90% of your hair. At this specific phase, you would see your hair lengthens actively. The production stops at the catagen phase. For about ten days, your hair shrinks and moves out from the follicle that holds it in. At the resting period, also called the telogen phase, the hair rests from growing for about two to three months, and then some fall out.

This hair cycle continuously sets as human ages. However, the problem only occurs in cases when hair follicles are damaged or when part of the phases is disrupted. You could see your hair shedding more quickly than usual. Overall thinning, massive hair loss and receding hairline are some issues that could result from this. While you can assume that it's because of the shampoo you're using, only medical professionals could determine your actual 'hair situation.'

'Why am I losing hair?'

Looking for the right answer to why you're experiencing hair loss won't be an easy task. Apparently, there are many types of hair loss and several reasons why these happen in each case. It could be your dermatologist or your doctor that could identify the cause of your abrupt hair shedding. But the most common of all is a hereditary hair loss. You shouldn't wonder anymore if you tracked that you have a family history of baldness.

Hormonal changes and imbalance could also be the reasons for this occurrence. For women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), hair loss can be one of the symptoms. In other cases, an under-active or overactive thyroid gland could lead to excessive hair fallouts. Also, if your hormones (androgen or estrogen) are out of balance, you could experience this kind of hair episode. Puberty, pregnancy, or menopause could also be the grounds.

Nevertheless, several health conditions are also linked to hair loss. Cancer, lupus, anemia, renal failure, liver disease, and even infections are some of them. On the other hand, medications and pharmaceuticals have a list of side effects, which include hair loss. But if those mentioned are not the possible reason, then it could be an upshot of stress or a typical sign of aging.

'How can I stop/treat hair loss?'

Again, there are ways and hope to escape hair loss. Treatments had been observed useful to grow hair, or prevent your 'crowning glory' from falling and thinning. If you happen to have alopecia areata (patchy hair loss condition), you won't even need a treatment to regrow your hair.

However, the market is full of unproven products and claims for hair regrowth. You can find these claims from vitamins, shampoos, and conditioners, which sometimes even make the problem worse. One that stands out is Nioxin, a famous shampoo brand deemed to be a solution for hair regrowth. Even so, there is no identified, credible evidence that could support the company's claims and differentiates this shampoo from the others.

But, FDA approved few that are potential options to stop or slow down hair loss. With doctor's approval and long-term use, they could bring back the natural cycle of your hair.

1. Finasteride – Also called as Propecia, this prescription drug is found to have astounding capabilities to aid on hair loss specifically to men. Reviews have pointed out that most that gone under this medication experienced slowing down of hair falls, and some even had grown their hair. If you are prescribed to this, consistency in taking keep hold of its benefits.

2. Minodoxil – Of course, there is also a scientifically-proven drug that could serve both men and women experiencing hair loss. Minodoxil or Rogaine can be easily applied on your scalp and rubbed like a natural shampoo. You won't even need a prescription to buy this one as it's widely available on drugstores. The application should be made with no breaks for at least six months. This drug might induce scalp irritation as one of its side effects.

3. Prostaglandin analogs – While this tropical medication is still understudies, it still draws a hope to stop hair loss on both genders. One of these prostaglandin analogs is bimatoprost (Latisse) found to have sound effects on eyelash enhancement. Still, further observations are required to test whether it would produce the same results when applied to the head scalp.

'Are there any other options for hair loss?'

If you are challenged to take medications, best know that there are other cosmetic alternatives and options you could choose for your hair problem. The list below ranges from inexpensive to the ones costly and from mild to those extremes.

  • Hair wigs

You can always restore a great hair appearance with wigs available at shops. Hair weaves can cover your hair or add to your existing hairs. They can easily be worn and be bought in different styles or colors.

  • Hair fiber-sprinkles

Pretend you never went bald with colored fiber powders you can use to cover your hair scalps. With unique properties, this can easily be attached to the hair and make your hair in the full look. It is relatively inexpensive but could aid you big when it comes to special occasions.

  • Hair surgeries and transplants

With technology improvements, you can also expect a significant development at hair transplant procedures. These kinds of systems are now found to be more effective than over-the-counter hair regrowth products. Follicular unit transportation and follicular unit extraction are two transplant methods that you can take. Either way, these transplant surgeries could help you grow your hair and even give a room to new ones.

Hair Transplant: Why and Where Should You Try?

'Is hair transplanting the possible answer to my hair fall?' 'Is it safe for all ages?' If these are the questions hindering you from trying a hair transplant, you have to know first if you're the right candidate for this. Although surgeries could be carried out to anyone who's above 18, doctors suggest not taking hair transplants until you're 25. It is undeniably SAFE, but there's still a need to consult a qualified hair restoration surgeon.

They are the ones who can perform best at these surgeries.
As for hair transplant in Turkey, you can surely count to Reyap Hospital in Istanbul to produce astounding hair restoration results for you. Our hospital's medical team members had received top-notch understanding and knowledge about hair transplant treatment. With state-of-the-art technology, you can assure that you and your hair are in safe hands. Rest assured that our clinic follows the 80% Hair Regrowth successful standard rate set by International Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). You can easily reach us at https://m.me/reyaphospitalistanbul.

How Reyap Hospital Can Help You in Your Hair Transplant Journey

It is no wonder Turkey is considered an ideal country to take your hair transplant journey. As for hair transplant turkey reviews, cosmetic surgery being widely supported by the state is a huge factor. Even more surprising, you won't go overboard as the hair transplant cost in Turkey, especially at Reyap, is as good as the quality the clinic is providing. The most important thing, we are home to experienced hair restoration surgeons in the world.

Determining the best of these clinics is undoubtedly a challenging task. But Reyap Hospital is proving, and continuously shows you'll achieve the results you desire with the services we are giving. Each stage, from hair analysis, consultation, and treatment, you can trust us to get you the quality care that you deserve.

Whether you choose to take direct hair implantation, the popular FEU technique, 500 grafts hair transplant, or the new ICE graft hair surgery, you can sit back and relax as our experienced and best hair care specialists do the job. We boast a credible reputation where our patients could walk out of our clinics with smiles of service satisfaction. Your hair, your safety would always be our priority!

Begin getting back your hair confidence and take a safe hair transplant journey with us Reyap Hospital today!