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Hair Transplant As A Worthy Solution for Hair Loss

Reyap Hospital

People have different assets to give emphasis on. There is something that makes us stand out among others. It can be the way we smile, the way we talk or walk. Hair is one of the most noticeable assets of a person. As the wind blows through your hair, it gives a wonderful effect as you walk down the streets. Some people often feel conscious about their hair. Hair is a slender threadlike outgrowth of the epidermis. It is one of the usually pigmented filaments that form the coat of a mammal. As for humans, hair serves as our crowning glory. It can be curly, straight, or of with different colors. It is made of a protein called keratin. Most of the hair treatments focus on the use of keratin for hair care.

Even though we take care of our hair so much, there are some unexpected circumstances. These are the common problems that affect the hair and scalp. These include hair loss, disorders and infections. The most common hair problem is hair loss. Alopecia is the frequent problem of both men and women. It is a normal thing to lose some hair each day. For people who are experiencing more hair loss than the usual have the tendency to common baldness.

Hair Transplant as the Perfect Hair Solution

Common Hair Problems Aside form Hair Loss

There are different signs of baldness among male and female. The male pattern of baldness is the most common reason for men's hair loss. It is the receding hairline and baldness on the top of their head. Meanwhile, for women, they might have female pattern baldness. It is when the hair becomes thin on the entire scalp.

Other than the biological reasons for baldness, there are external factors that trigger hair loss. A sudden and temporary loss of hair can be related to stress. When you are frequently using tight elastics or braids, this can also lead to hair loss at your hairline. Having specific diseases such as diabetes and lupus may also result in hair loss. When you take medications or have poor nutrition, you are also subjected to hair loss. Here are some additional common hair problems that people are experiencing:

  • Hair is made from the dead protein keratin. It is a dead cell that is difficult to replenish. If an individual has weak hair, it is most likely to affect his or her hair growth. When hair becomes weak, it breaks easily. It results in limpness and lack of bounce of the hair.
  • Our skin consists of pores that are connected sebaceous glands. The natural oil that keeps the hair soft and manageable is called sebum. It becomes a problem when the scalp starts to produce excessive sebum which results in greasy and oily hair.
  • Some people have sensitive scalps. They feel itchy and irritated. This can be painful up until the roots. Scalp sensitivity starts having an imbalance sebum creation. Pollution also adds to hair problems due to the harmful elements that are present in the air.

With these emerging hair problems, hair loss is one of the major concerns. Hair transplant is a surgical method to cure baldness or hair loss known as alopecia. During the process, the tiny patches are being removed from the back and sides of the head. Therefore, implantation on the bald spots is done on the front and top of the head. It is a cosmetic procedure for men and occasionally for women who experience significant hair loss or bald spots.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant surgery is usually done by someone who has specialised training about plastic surgery. The most common transplant procedure is the use of a thin strip of hair and scalp from the back of the head. The doctor who is doing the surgery will try to recreate the natural look of the hairline along the hairline. The implants can also be arranged. The thick and thin hairs are scattered so that the hair will grow in the same direction. There is another type of hair transplant called scalp reduction. This surgery deals with the removal of some skin from the hairless area. The doctor, therefore, does the stretching of nearby hair-covered part of the scalp to the cut-away area.

If you are experiencing hair loss problems, you might take into consideration having a hair transplant. It could be a potentially good idea to get rid of your hair issues. Make sure that you choose a skilled and experienced surgeon to take care of you. Hair transplant can restore the hairline and bring back the original thickness and volume of your hair. This might be the answer to your dilemma, but you should also know what works for you when you choose to undergo a hair transplant.

Hair Transplant: Follicular Unit Extraction
  • You must understand that hair transplant is not meant to create new hair. It deals with moving some of your hair strands to a new location. When you lost most of your hair, the original hairline wouldn't be able to restore by the use of hair transplant.
  • The key to having the proper hair transplant for you is to choose a trusted quality surgeon. A good surgeon can help you have a natural-looking hairline that will surely improve your appearance.
  • If you have thick and dark hair on the back of your scalp, the scar will be visible from the hair transplant. You should keep in mind that people can see it if later on, you will decide to shave your head.

Undergoing a hair transplant procedure is a critical decision to be made. It requires research and a lot of patience. Just like any other medical procedures, it is vital that you know the benefits and consequences of the methods that you wish to have. You should also have a realistic vision of how you want to achieve your hair transplant. If you are an utterly bald person, hair transplant can have an impact on the improvement of your appearance, but it doesn't mean that it will give you a complete hair. Always remember that having a hair transplant doesn't permanently stop hair loss. You still need to have proactive actions to protect and maintain your hair after the treatment.

Where to get the best hair transplant services?

Hair Transplant: Bring Back Your Hair!
Hair Transplant: Brings back your hair! 

You should know where to go when you are planning to have a hair transplant. Some clinics and hospitals are offering such treatments. You should be wise in choosing the quality hospitals for you to get the best results. Health is wealth. That is why we must invest in services that can give us the highest value. Hair treatments should be of high quality since people put so much effort into maintaining its good appearance.

There are hospitals with healthcare personnel giving qualified healthcare services. Reyap Hospital accepts and treats patients from abroad with their advanced hotel and treatment services. The hospital has the technical infrastructure, technological equipment and functionality that can meet the medical needs of the patients. It continues to provide health care services with quality, equality and economically accessible for the public. Reyap Hospital aims to ensure satisfaction and hospitality for their patients. With the aid of the expert academic staffs, they will be able to share educational and administrative studies that will further enhance the treatments and services that they are offering to the public.

If you are to get a hair transplant procedure, you can turn to Reyap Hospital. They have hair transplant services that are of good quality. When looking for a hair transplant service, you should also look for the price. It will help you to prepare for the procedure. The treatment varies according to the number of grafts to be transplanted and even the number of sessions. The sowing process takes about 6-9 hours. The cost varies from the sessions that need to be done. One session includes the first three stages. Due to the different hair structures, it can also be decisive for some time. The duration of the session depends on the type of hair that a patient has. A single session is applicable when the level of coarse, curly and openness is low. On the other hand, three sessions are enough if the level of fine, straight and openness is high.

Hair Transplant Consultation

Seek for the best medical institution

When hair is your primary concern, look for hospitals that are trusted with good quality services. You must invest in something worthwhile. Moreover, it is your health that is at risk. You should choose the best surgeons that can give you the hair transplant services that you and your payment deserve. Reyap Hospital continues to grow as a medical institution. They manage to keep on conducting researches to maintain and upgrade the quality of their hospital.

In today's modern society, there are so many illnesses and diseases that emerge. Medical personnel ensure that they keep in touch with their patients effectively. Aside from hair transplant services, there are also various medical services that you can have from Reyap Hospital. Always choose to stay healthy and fit. Enjoy your life to the fullest with their best healthcare services.