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How can I make my teeth look good before the dentist?

Reyap Hospital

Teeth Hacks: How can I make my teeth look good before the dentist?

A smile is one of the best assets that you can have. Hence, a beautiful set of teeth adds more confidence. But, as we grow old, we tend to have stained, discolored, worn, chipped, broken, misaligned, misshapen, or have gaps between teeth. Having these makes it hard to show off a beautiful smile, which is why most people get dental care procedures to get better teeth. But, when it comes to dental care, you have to make sure that it is appropriate for your situation. Thus, making sure to do a dental check-up is the first thing to do. It will help you know which are the best procedures for you and how it can help you to have better teeth.

Daily Home Routines for Better Teeth

There's always a price for everything, and this also applies to attain your dream teeth. So, if you still can't afford to get dental procedures, there are some home routines that you can do first. But, these are just some of the basics, so you may need to dig more.

  • Avoid going to bed without brushing your teeth.
    We are often told to brush our teeth at least twice a day. However, some people still forget brushing teeth at night. It is essential to clean the teeth before bed as it removes the germs and plaque that accumulate the entire day.
  • Practice proper teeth brushing.
    It is not just enough to brush your teeth, making sure that you properly do it should be observed as well. Brushing your teeth poorly is like not brushing it at all. So, you must ensure to take your time and move the brush in gentle and circular motions.
  • Use the right toothpaste.
    There are a lot of elements that you should take note of when choosing a toothpaste. But, above all the ingredients, make sure that you get something with fluoride. It is an element that fights germs and the primary defense against tooth decay.
  • Don't forget to floss.
    Flossing is as important as brushing the teeth. It is not just for those little pieces of food that are stuck between your teeth. It is a great way to stimulate gums, reduce plaque, and also helps in lowering the inflammation area.
  • Mouthwash.
    Most people skip mouthwash because they don't know how it works. Mouthwash reduces the amount of acid in the mouth and cleans those areas that are hard to brush. Also, it remineralizes the teeth and can add to fresher breath.
  • Visit the dentist.
    This doesn't have to be weekly or monthly. Making sure to see the dentist at least twice a year can highly contribute to having better teeth. Get cleanings and check-ups so that you can have an idea if there are any oral problems in your mouth.

Dental Care Procedures for Better Teeth

If you're still not content with the daily routine you have, yet even want to have much better teeth, there are a lot of dental care procedures that you can get. Some of them might be pricey, so you have to consider a lot of factors before having them. Dental treatments are no joke, and learning everything about them is a must.

  • Teeth Whitening
    The idea of most people of better teeth is a white tooth. So, this procedure is one of the most popular among all the dental care procedures. It is the simplest and a cheaper way to improve your teeth. It can be bleached with in-office products, or you can buy a mold and gels from your dentist to whiten your teeth at home.
  • Dental Braces
    One of the most common dental care procedures is getting dental braces. It is a device that is used to correct the alignment of the teeth and any bite-related problems. This procedure usually straightens teeth by exerting steady pressure on the teeth using braces. It usually takes several months or years to move your teeth in the right position.
  • Dental Bonding
    Another treatment that you can get to have better teeth is by bonding. This procedure is often used to repair teeth that are decayed, chipped, fractured, discolored, or to reduce gaps between teeth. Dentists apply a mixture of composite resin with a tint that matches the color of the teeth to each tooth.
  • Dentures
    Some people are not confident to smile due to missing teeth. If you're one of them, then using dentures is an excellent way to show that beautiful smile. Dentures are prosthetic devices used to replace a lost tooth. You can choose from two types of dentures, partial or full.
  • Dental Veneers
    If you want to achieve that Hollywood teeth, then getting veneers are the answer. Veneers are durable, thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded to the teeth.  Its use is similar to dental bonding as it also repairs chipped, decayed, or stained teeth and may help in closing gaps between teeth.
  • Lumineers
    These are like veneers but are thinner. Lumineers are used to make subtle changes to a smile. It is ideal for people who want to fix a minor yellowing or misshapen tooth issue.
  • Dental Implants
    If you happen to have missing teeth or gaps in your mount, then dental implants are perfect for you. It is usually made from titanium and is suitable replacements inserted into the bone socket of the missing tooth. This is expensive in some countries, but full mouth dental implants in Turkey can cost less.

Among the mentioned procedures, dental implants are the most excellent choice if you're having problems with gaps in your teeth. Unlike dentures, it will not slip into your mouth, and it will feel like your natural teeth. But, the question now is where to get the procedure, and you're about to discover it now.

Get the Best Dental Implants in Turkey at Reyap Hospital

The aforementioned dental care is just some of the procedures for you to get better teeth. But, there are more dental treatments that you can have. Nonetheless, before anything else, make sure that you only go to trusted clinics or hospitals to get the procedures done. You don't want to have worse teeth instead, right? With that in mind, you won't have to worry about anything.

Reyap Hospital Istanbul is the best place to get dental implants in Turkey because it is not just your typical hospital. We accept and treat patients from abroad with our advanced hotel services, complementary and supportive of our diagnosis and treatment services. The hospital's technical infrastructure, technological equipment, and functionality are designed to meet the requirements of a university hospital's gifted education, teaching, research, and practice. Reyap Hospital Istanbul continues to provide health care services that are superior in quality, equal, and economically accessible to them in the direction of universal values ​​of ethics and ethical principles, based on scientific and technological developments of domestic and foreign patients. Therefore, dental care procedures are not going to be a problem here.

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Why choose Reyap Hospital?

A lot of patients have undergone medical procedures in our hospital, and they are satisfied with the outcome. We offer various medical services such as hair implants, plastic surgery, and of course, dental care. Hence, we certainly can give you that better smile that you dreamed of.

Our team is aware that qualified health services can only be provided by skilled health personnel.  So, we made sure that everyone has undertaken the task of educating and training health personnel at every stage. Thus, our medical team consists of highly-skilled professionals that can give you various services, such as dental implants. The Reyap Health Group counts days for the medical faculty status in which it will be able to maintain comprehensive education, training, and service activities. We also aimed at the practice of health personnel working in the fields of protection, development, and improvement of human health in all branches of medical science and conducting scientific researches. We also aim to provide satisfaction and hospitality for our patients and their relatives in the guest house, which will be constructed with the hotel concept in the hospital building and the neighboring area.

With that being said, getting better teeth with the help of Reyap Hospital is an excellent choice. We have the latest equipment, a professional team, and a wonderful location. Aside from that, we also offer a free quote on any service that you want to get. This will help you get a better idea of what you're going to experience and how much it will cost you, so don't hesitate to contact us at https://m.me/reyaphospitalistanbul .

The key to having better teeth is just one click or one call away. Don't hesitate to reach out to a professional team. Start your journey to have a broader and beautiful smile with Reyap Hospital.