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How Should You Prepare Yourself Before Undergoing Plastic Surgery

Reyap Hospital

After you’ve gone through a particular decision-making process and opt to undertake some specific plastic surgery, it’s time to prepare yourself readily. After all, plastic surgery is still a medical operation that involves an incision, thus maintaining a healthy body, and established mental health before entering the operating room are still relevant.

First and foremost, some restrictions apply concerning medicines, foods, and routines. This is to maintain overall body wellness to survive the tension of the surgery without suffering from any complications. One month before the actual date of operation is the best duration to tune up your body and evaluate yourself.

To keep everything in control, trusted medical clinics that facilitate such kind of medical service always take a significant amount of time. This is to evaluate the candidate thoroughly. Also, to create an efficient medical plan and framework of the entire procedure that suits his or her necessities. Transparent disclosure between the patient and the surgeon is also essential in this matter to prevent unwanted complications and infections throughout the procedure. Hence, this preparation segment must always be taken as a top priority to get things under reasonable control.

Timelines of Preparation for Plastic Surgery

You’ve made a decision to undergo surgery, and you have chosen the best surgeon, there is someone else that you need to think of. YOU! Great results will happen if you take good care of yourself before the surgery. Now it’s time to determine what habits to do and what you must be doing four weeks or a month before surgery. To help you with your little journey, here’s a timeline of stuff you need to do:

1. Talk with your surgeon
Talking to your surgeon will let you know what might happen to your body after surgery, like possible scars, skin changes, lotions or gels to use, and such. This conversation will help you prevent yourself from scarring. Discuss everything you need in detail.

2. Consult with your physician
Surgeons might require you to have a physical exam, so he/she is aware of your health and body. This will also help you have a good look at the possible outcome depending on the result of your check-up.

3. Taking medications
If you are taking any medicines, make sure to inform your surgeon about it. He/she might ask you to stop some or add any if you need it. Your surgeon might require you to take more vitamins A and C and will prevent you from taking vitamin E.

4. Avoid smoking and drinking
We all know how these two vices affect our bodies. Think of your health first; this might affect your surgery. Alcohol might subdue your immune system, and cigarettes might increase the risk of complications. Discontinue 3-2 weeks before surgery and might also take up to 2 weeks to stop after.

5. Think of your diet
All the meals that you will eat matter now. There is some food that you also have to avoid eating. Make sure to have lots of vegetables and fruits. Also, foods rich in protein are better, especially when you will undergo surgery. But, take note to not overeat after midnight.

6. Prepare your recovery home
Arrange everything in your house like your bed, medicines, stuff you might need, so it won’t be a hassle when after the surgery.

7. Drink lots of water
We all know how important this is, so make sure to stay hydrated.

8. Take a rest
Before your surgery, make sure that you had a proper sleep.

A Peek of the Plastic Surgery Procedure

The surgeon will discuss to you how the surgery will go. Of course, it’s just right for you to know a little glance at what they will do to your body. Here’s a little peek of the procedure:

Surgical Plan
The doctors will deliberate their plan once you told them what you would wish to change. They may show you graphics of what it might look like and such.

Most surgeries need anesthesia, as we all know. This will make you remain unconscious for you not to feel the pain happening during the procedure.

The Incision
Your surgeon will now proceed to the first method of the surgery. It is cutting your skin or flesh. This is a process to start the primary operation to allow access where you need to reshape or changes.

The Surgery
This part is the main point of the procedure. Through the incision, this is where everything happens, the reshaping and corrections. The surgeon will now perform the changes you want for your body according to the surgical plan.

Closing the incision
After the whole process of getting the desired changes, it’s time for the surgeon to close the cut carefully.

The Results
For a few days or weeks, you will see the changes in the specific part of your body where change has been made.

After the Surgery

Once the procedure is complete, take a rest. If you are now allowed to remove any bandages or gauze, check yourself if you have achieved your desired changes. In case there’s something wrong, make sure to advise your surgeon and let them know in detail what happened.

Moreover, the surgeon will tell you some instructions that you need to follow. He/she may give you some medications, lists of habits you need to avoid, the food you need to eat, and such. The doctor will also advise you to have someone to assist you in your daily routine. You should always be careful of the things you need to do. You’re still in a healing process so, be patient.

One more important thing is you. You have to take care of your body by eating your healthy diet. You have to relax and limit yourself from your daily activities. Make sure you are ready to take time off from work and chores. You also have to stay hydrated and avoid too much exercise. Remember that you are still in the middle of the healing stage. If you feel that something is wrong, call your surgeon. Do not hesitate to ask questions.

End of the Line

Plastic surgery is indeed a good option when you opt to change or improve something in your appearance or your body. Deciding to undergo plastic surgery has gone with many thoughts on whether or not you’ll push this through. You know, there’s nothing wrong with doing this as long as you’re making yourself satisfied and confident. It’s you who have to decide, not them who’ll choose for you. Going through this procedure means that whatever you wanted to change to your body will be permanent. As we all know, our body plays an essential role in our life, and for sure, we always wanted to give this proper care. If you are to decide on changing or improving a particular part of it, it’s your decision. What matters now is preparing yourself for the change.

Now, when you do, one thing you must take full consideration is to trust your body to a qualified hospital. Doing this needs to have more in-depth research, searching for what’s the best fit in your description. An institution that is suitable for you to help you achieve what you need is a must. Listed below are some tips you should consider when choosing the right hospital for you:

  • Skilled Surgeons
  • High-Class Treatments
  • Advanced Hotel Services
  • Innovative System
  • 5-Star Customer Reviews
  • Licensed and Certified

Reyap Health Group is one reputable institution to have your surgery. They have all these qualities, and you won’t have to worry about your surgery. From their innovative facilities to their high-class accommodation, you will experience a world-class treatment. Their technological equipment will satisfy your needs, too.

Finding the Right Hospital

After tons of decision making, it’s also significant to find a hospital that will take good care of you. There are some qualities that you need to consider when looking for a trusted one. This is a very personal matter, and Reyap Hospital will make you not worry about anything. They aim to give you the best quality they could offer, the treatments that you need, and a successful procedure you wish for. They will also help you prepare before undergoing plastic surgery by providing you plans, medications, and advice. So please don't hesitate to reach Reyap Hospital at https://m.me/reyaphospitalistanbul.

Reyap Hospital doesn’t just offer procedures like plastic surgery, and there are more various services that they offer. They also provide complimentary maintenance for the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Not just that, they are continuously doing medical research for the betterment of their institution. They are very eager to serve you with more treatments you could wish for. Remember, not all cheap hospitals can give the satisfaction that you need, so it’s better to invest in a good quality one than regretting it later. The hospital will support you from start to finish of your surgery.

So, if you are planning to have your plastic surgery done, make it happen with Reyap Hospital. All the assistance you need, they will give it to you.