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How to Get that Perfect Teeth? Where to have the Best Dental Care in Turkey?

Reyap Hospital

Dental Care
Dental care is not as simple as what you think. It is concerned with the overall condition of life. The aim is to avoid any oral complications to secure the general state of your mouth. If you want to know more about your health, it is best determined through the mouth. It can reveal any indications of infection or inadequate nutrients; that is why it is undoubtedly essential to have a visit to your dentist for your dental care.

No matter what your age bracket is, dental care must not be neglected. According to statistics, various people still fail to visit a dentist each year. Although it is given that frequent dental check-ups and excellent oral care can avoid the majority of dental diseases. It is a common misconception that you will only go to the dentist if you assume that there is something off. It is important to remember that regular check-ups have a significant impact on your oral health's lifetime condition.

Why is dental care necessary?

If you start right and maintain it, you will eventually succeed, just like keeping your oral care methods early and for the rest of your life. The chances of you having oral problems will be low. As a result, you will have a good shape, mouth, fresh breath, firm gums, tough teeth, and a perfect smile.

Importance of Dental Care

The mouth is considered the mirror for the overall condition of the body. It is vital to know the importance of dental care to pay attention to it more.

Maintaining Your Teeth and Gums

As the saying goes that prevention is better than cure, you only need to follow easy steps to prevent serious oral problems. It is recommended to brush thoroughly and floss frequently. However, it is still vital to visit the dentist regularly to determine and cure other issues that might occur.

Avoiding Any Health Complications.

Several diseases can be formed if you neglect your dental care. Studies stated that there is a connection between gum and heart disease. The gum disease also shows a danger in childbirth for pregnant women. Moreover, a majority of systemic illness contains an oral element, such as oral cancer, diabetes, and kidney complications.

Boost Your Confidence

Nobody wants to experience deep yellowing of teeth, stinky breath, teeth loss, and tooth damage. However, this will happen to you if you lack dental care; eventually, you will have tooth decay and gum ailment. These reasons will take a toll on your confidence and stir doubts on your physical appearance. Fortunately, there is dental care that you can trust such cases can be corrected to boost back your confidence.

In terms of having check-up:

Once you decide to visit your dentist, he/she will examine your mouth for any cavities. Also, X-rays can be added to see if there are any hidden complications within the gums. Not only that, but the mouth is explored further for tartar buildup and plaque.

Plaque is a bacteria buildup that accumulates on surfaces inside the mouth. After some time, it will toughen up and become tartar. Dentists can only eradicate tartar.

Dental Implants: Surgery, Risks, and Advantages

Even though there has already been a breakthrough with dental care technology, various people still experience tooth loss because of tooth decay, periodontal disease, or detriment. Before, the only solutions that can be done for people with missing teeth were dentures and bridges. Fortunately, dental implants are now available.

What Are Dental Implants?

Thanks to the Swedish orthopedic surgeon named Per-Ingvar Branemark, people can now have the option to do dental implants. This procedure involves a surgical fixture that is positioned directly to the jawbone. As a result, it will be able to merge with the bone over a few months. It serves as a substitute for the source of the lost tooth. Then, this artificial tooth source acts to hold a replacement bridge or tooth.

The dental implant acts like a natural tooth that can position its own without influencing other teeth, and is also secure. The procedure of merging between dental implant and jawbone is known as osseointegration. Fortunately, such a method now has a success rate close to 98%.

Procedure for Dental Implants

When it comes to dental implant procedure it comprises of three parts:
Fixture – placed into the jawbone
Abutment – placed into the fixture
Replacement – maintains the prosthetic tooth or teeth replacement in place

The merging of these three varies on how the implant service arranged the implant elements.

Risks of Dental Implants

Almost every surgery has its health hazards, so it is dental implants. However, such dangers are rare, and if they do arise, it is commonly minor and can be treated with ease. It is crucial to secure that you, as a patient, is in good condition before proceeding to oral operation. The main reason for this is because you might experience inflammation or complication if you are not well; it also contributes to your healing process.

These risks include:

  • Infection
  • Injury or damage to surrounding areas
  • allergies
  • present medical condition
  • Nerve injure,
  • Sinus troubles, when dental implants positioned in the upper jaw bulge into one of your sinus cavities
  • Rupture of the dental implant

Advantages of Dental Implants


This dental implant is the perfect replacement for your damaged teeth, so you would be able to look and feel confident.


The main problem with dentures is, the teeth can slide through the mouth. As a result, it will cause you to speak poorly or mumble. Dental implants will let you talk without a worry


Dental implants provide the ease the dentures can't. You can freely do anything you want.


Dentures limit you to savor your food, for it is undoubtedly hard to chew. No more of that for dental implants give you the time to enjoy the food because it functions like your own teeth.

Teeth Whitening

This procedure from the word itself is the whitening of teeth. This is done by either altering the intrinsic color or eliminating the formation of extrinsic stains. Unlike toothpaste, mouthwash, and other related products, letting the dentists do it is the most recommended.

Dental Veneers

This veneer is also known as porcelain veneers or dental porcelain laminates. This looks like a wafer-thin, custom created shell to wrap the front surface of teeth to enhance the way you look.

Procedure for Dental Veneers

To have a dental veneer, you have to visit the dentist three times – consultation, creation of veneers especially made for you, putting it to your teeth.

These are the specific process:

Consultation and planning

You need to specify to your dentist the outcome you are achieving. Then, he/she will analyze your teeth and secure dental veneers that are right for you.

Preparing and creation of veneers

The dentist will reform the tooth above that is almost equal to the veneer, for it will be placed on the tooth surface later on. It takes 2 to 4 weeks for the custom made veneers to be back.


The dentist will test if it fits you perfectly, so if there are changes, it can be brought back to the laboratory. If everything is okay, a particular type of cement is placed to achieve a secure fit, and so on. You may be asked to go back for a follow-up check and inspection of the veneer.

Cost of Procedures in Turkey

Dental Implant

The estimated price for a dental implant is $800 to $1000.

Dental Veneer

The estimated price for dental veneers is $1,400; the cost varies depending on the patients' demands and needs. One factor to include is also the period, materials, and equipment to be used.

Teeth Whitening

It is always better to do teeth whitening or any oral health care in Turkey with Reyap Health Group because the prices are less expensive compared to the US. In Turkey, teeth whitening is around $400 above.

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Best place for Dental Care

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Reyap Health Group

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