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How to have that Sexy Pout with Lip Lift?

Reyap Hospital

Pouty lips have become a massive craze among several people. This procedure is performed to have well-proportioned facial parts, particularly on the lips. It was later on, done by a lot of people due to famous celebrities, like Angeline Jolie, Kardashian sisters, and others. They ignited the craze of having a full and curvy lip; that is why people do various things just to achieve it. It is a good thing that there is lip lift to have those sexy lips to die for.  

Basic make-up tricks and natural ingredients can eventually make your lips pouty. However, if you want to have permanent alluring lips, you might consider having lip filler. It will allow you to have a full, red, and sexy shape you want.

What is a Lip lift?

Perfect Lips through Lip Lifting Procedures

As mentioned, lip lift is a popular surgical method that includes the elimination of a small peel of skin under your nose to lift your top lip. Additionally, it will be able to make your lips appear better, fuller, and more outlined. As people age, the skin in the middle of the base of the nose and the upper lips extends. As a result, the lips will look smaller and lesser on your face.

The procedure of the lip lift is one course of action to reduce the spot between the nose and the upper lip. This particular spot is the philtrum. Also, it provides a lasting method to improve thin, thinning, and sagging lips. Lip lift reveals more of the upper teeth to expose a younger feature.

Benefits of Lip Lifts

The most common misconception about body image issues is that it is only limited to younger women. However, these issues are also evident for older women. The usual body concern they have is thinning lips, considering that plumper lips are linked to bloom and denote passion.  

Here are few benefits of lip lifts if you are still considering if you will be having one:

Sexier Lips

The more profound admiration for fuller lips is rooted in the golden facial ratio. According to studies, this ratio leans toward for women with fuller lips. The reason for this is because, as mentioned, such lips are an indication of freshness, youth, and sensuality. Also, it is a sign of a good mating possibility.

Evident Lip Line

As mentioned, as you age, lips become thinner and thinner. Lip line, through time, blends in with the skin around the mouth area. There is a specific Lip Lift procedure to arrest this situation; that will give you more defined lips.

Brighter Smile

Perfectly shaped lips will undoubtedly enhance your smile. Once the upper lips is lifted, it will allow a balance feature around the mouth area that will produce a more appealing appearance to your general facial attribute.

Lively Expression

There are cases that people have a mouth that is turned down. It presents a troubled or scowling look. There is a specific type of lip lift procedure that will be able to resolve this issue.  

Add confidence and self-esteem

Having a lip lift that would be able to achieve the results that you want will certainly increase your confidence and boost your self-esteem.

Types of Lip Lift

There are a lot of lip lift methods to choose from, so you can have the perfect lips that you want.

The Gullwing or Direct Vermillion Lip Lift

A spot of extra skin in the form of seagull flying is taken off from the rim of the upper lip and above. This is where the white lip or white roll join the part of the lips.

This procedure needs an incision on the border of the upper lip. Although marks at the vermillion border are not easy to conceal without the help of make-us. It is also recommended for you to have enough extra skin in the spot for the lift to be good. Additionally, you must be aware that the upper lip will be fuller permanently but with a mark on the top edge.

The Subnasal Bullhorn Lip Lift

This operation eliminates extra skin from under the nostrils in the form of bull’s horns. A small cut is performed under the nose to aid the people who have long upper lips. The base of the skin is lifted and fastened to the tissue above the bones that dwell under the nose. This causes the part of the lip to reel outward and produce sullen lips.  

The Altered Upper Lip Lift

This method is almost the same as the subnasal lip lift. Though, rather than precisely taking off extra skin under the nose, this method puts the cut further inside the nose’s mucosa. This cut will move into the nose means that it does not oblige a constant cut of bullhorn upper lip procedure. This method lessens the danger of the nostrils getting broader as the cuts are placed in the natural fold below the nose.

The Edge Lip Lift

This procedure is commonly performed for people having the edge of their lips curved downward. It is done to alter the miserable or depressed look that they have. Small parts of extra skin in the shape of triangles are taken off from every outward edge of the mouth. As a result, the lip edges will lift upward and allow fresh, youthful-looking lips.

The Italian Lip Lift

This method is the same as a bullhorn lip lift. However, the cut arises as two smaller crescent forms under the nostrils. While longer cuts join the bullhorn. The Italian Lip Lift has two separate spaces where the extra skin is eliminated. It will enable you to have lesser visible marks and a subtle lip lift.

Recommended candidate for Lip Lift

As mentioned, a lip lift is recommended for adult women that desire to lessen the space between the lips and nose. As you age, that space which is called philtrum expands and creates a thinner lip.

While young women may opt for fillers, only if they did not achieve that plump lip or they think that lip fillers look unusual for them, they can also do a lip lift. The disadvantage of lip filler is that it is not lasting; it will eventually disappear.

You should not undergo lip lift if:

  • If the space between the bottom of your nose and upper part of your lip does not have a lot of space. (must be 1.5 centimeters)
  • If you are a smoker and you do not want to quit. This will significantly impact the post-surgery recovery period. (this recovery period is about 2 to 4 weeks)
  • Always let the cosmetic surgeon know your overall health condition, especially if you have diabetes or other underlying condition that will have an impact on your blood’s capacity to clot. Also, if you have oral herpes.
Before and After Images after Lip Lift

Cost of Lip Lift in Turkey

In Western countries, the average cost of lip lift would be an estimated $8,000 to $12,000, depending on what kind of lip lift you want to do. However, in Turkey, you will only spend an estimated cost of $2,000 dollars. You can see that it is less expensive to do the operation in Turkey rather than in other countries.

Best Place for Lip Lift

Find a reputable, board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Turkey that will do your lip lift. With Reyap Health Group, they will be able to do a rapid operation but carefully performed. They guarantee safe and sanitary procedures. You do not want to ruin your own lips by unintentionally selecting the wrong surgeon. Do not compromise your safety and only choose Reyap Hospital Istanbul.

Reyap Health Group

Reyap Hospital Istanbul can do all of the procedures regarding lip lift. Aside from that, they also offer an affordable cost compared to the UK and other western countries. Once you have done a lip lift procedure with Reyap Health Group, you will instantly have sexier looking lips. However, it is essential to take note that the best results will surface once the bruising, swelling, and scarring period have reduced. The doctors at Reyap Health Group urges you to be patient for other people who tend to have a lip filler if they are not able to see visible results. It usually takes three months for you to attain your perfect lips.

Reyap Health Group is a well-known hospital that is standing tall in Istanbul. They can accommodate every lip lift surgery or check-up that you might need. They also give hospitable and excellent service. The moment you have experienced Reyap Hospital Istanbul’s accommodation, you do not want to leave. They assure you to provide quality lip lift that is affordable and safe, for they are considered the most reputable healthcare institution. Choose Reyap Hospital Istanbul, today and have no regrets. You can visit the site for more details: https://en.reyaphastanesi.com.tr For appointments, email them via international@reyaphospital.com. You can also make a call: +90 (850) 4737777 or +90 553 0777041