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How to Reduce Swelling and Bruising After Plastic Surgery?

Reyap Hospital

In every surgery, there are high chances that while you are recovering, you are to experience some complications. This has always been a part of your recovery process. Your doctor will educate you about this so you will be aware of the circumstances. Your body will deal with incisions, so as you heal from the procedure, you will encounter swelling and bruises from the pain.

Sometimes, in some cases and procedures, swelling and bruising can be more excessive. In plastic surgery, this may appear a week after. Up until the third week onwards, you will still feel this condition, but it has less pain than before. Many people who have undergone this procedure may be thinking of a way to reduce the discomfort. Is there anything to do to minimize swelling or bruising? Let’s find out.

Swelling and Bruising from Plastic Surgery

Everyone who will have plastic surgery is advised that they will come across a series of discomfort, and this includes swelling and bruising. Your surgeon will discuss everything in detail before your surgery. From things you need to do, stuff to avoid, problems you will encounter, before and after the procedure. So, don’t be mad if you are to experience this because everything is part of your recovery.

Plastic surgery focuses on enhancing your physical appearance and improvement in your features. This involves cutting of flesh, and reshaping and changing some structures of a specific part of your body. Some types of this procedure are cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. This depends on the purpose of why you need to undergo the method.

Bruises after your surgery can be a little bothersome to look at, especially if it’s in a visible area. One thing you want to do is to reduce the visibility and pain. In the first week after the surgery, bruising will happen, and this will turn dark blue or purple. This is normal in the healing process. For the next 2-3 weeks, this will slowly lighten. Your skin will be back to your typical color after three weeks, and bruising will be gone entirely.

The swelling will also happen after your surgery because this is one common reaction from the trauma. However, this will be worse on the first days, like bruising. This happens because of the incision done during the procedure. Swelling also tends to last for about 2-3 weeks, but the lingering feeling from it takes about a month to go down completely. This pain is manageable during the recovery process.

Tips to Minimize Swelling and Bruising

If you think there’s nothing you can do about this, you’re wrong. Don’t lose hope because everything will be fine as long as you follow your surgeon’s instructions. You can’t prevent yourself from feeling the pain or experiencing these side effects, but there will always be a way to minimize it. So, here are tips to help you manage and reduce the pain from swelling and bruising while you are recovering:

1. Keep the area elevated.
The part where you had your surgery must be in a comfortable position. You may use pillows to keep it uplifted, and this may help lessen the pain. This will also reduce squeezing and pressure.

2. Do ice therapy.
You may use a cold compress or prescribed ice packs to reduce the pain and the blood flow. This will help minimize the visibility of the bruises and reduce swelling. Be sure to limit the use for about 15 minutes only and make sure not to apply it directly to the treated area.

3. Apply bruise cream.
This way also helps your bruises become a little visible. The cream is very useful in helping those big purples to fade and also relieves pain. But, make sure to use only what the doctor recommended you to use.

4. Massage gently.
A gentle massage can help reduce the pain, and it is also suitable for your recovery. It’s not just for your relaxation, but it is also for proper blood flow, especially when you had surgery.

5. Have a good rest.
After your surgery, it is crucial to have an ample amount of rest. This will take you away from thinking about the pain, too.

6. Drink plenty of water.
Yes, water is essential, most especially when you are recovering. Always remember to stay hydrated. Leave a pitcher and a glass beside your recovery bed so you can drink anytime.

7. Always eat fresh.
Add more nutrients to your body, like eating fruits and vegetables. This can help you manage the side effects you are feeling.

8. Wear a compression garment.
If you had your surgery in a body part, not in your face, your doctor might require you to wear a compression garment. This will support the part that’s been operated, and control this from swelling.

9. Take Bromelain.
This is a well-known supplement that most people who have undergone the surgery take. This medicine is a dietary supplement, and your surgeon may prescribe this to you to help reduce pain and swelling.

These are just some helpful tips that you may consider following when you are recovering to help reduce the pain of swelling and bruising. What matters most is to follow your surgeon’s instructions for you to do and improve your recovery comfortable. If an unusual event happens, bring this attention to your doctor. Always feel and check the progress of your body.

Wrapping Everything Up

Bruising and swelling are both typical side effects of the surgery, and these are all part of your healing process. Don’t panic if this occurs. Listen to your doctor to have an idea of how you should handle this. You might experience minimum effects, but in the next 2-3 days, you will be surprised if this is more visible. Some hospitals will support and guide you throughout the whole process. One should take care of you inside and outside from the start to finish of your surgery. If anything happens, they should be one call away.

Recovery from surgery might take too long; that’s why you are the one who is in charge of this. If you do take note of every detail your surgeon provided you, it will be an easy one for you. For a good outcome, it will always be you to decide. You’re the one who will be able to explain what you want to look and the doctor will do their job, help you and guide you all the way. Where can you find a good hospital that will treat you, not just a patient but a family?

Plastic surgery itself and its recovery are a little challenging. You will suffer for almost 1-2 months, before, during, and after the surgery. There are guidelines and instructions to follow, and things to avoid and must do. One difficult task is also looking for a hospital to trust your surgery with. There are qualities of you might want to consider, especially when looking for a hospital that will do the plastic surgery for you. Here are some things you must know in choosing the right place to have this done:

  • Offers healthcare services that are exceptional in quality
  • Renewed technological infrastructure
  • Accommodation for patients from abroad with advanced hotel services
  • Certified quality personnel, surgeons and expert academic staff
  • Provides complementary and supportive services for diagnostic and treatment

To satisfy you and meet your needs, these qualities could be found in Reyap Health Group. This is your one reliable institution to have your surgery done successfully. If you want a more comfortable recovery process, have your procedures done here, and they will guide you through your journey.

Getting Your Plastic Surgery at Reyap Hospital

Having plastic surgery is a tough choice, and this will take up to 2-3 months of planning and healing. Your personal decision and it is as important as trusting this to your surgeon. Like your surgery, your recovery also matters. The hospital’s responsibility isn’t over yet until you are fully recovered from it. They will help you from the beginning of your journey until the end. Reyap Health Group can give you the surgery and the recovery that you need. Just based on the testimonials from their patients, you can see how trusted this institution is.

If you wish to undergo plastic surgery and you want great results that will satisfy you, choose the right hospital. Most importantly, after your surgery, you sure would want a comfortable and speedy recovery. Yes, they will help you with that, too. Reyap Health Group will never bring you down. From listening to your needs, planning for your treatment, the surgery itself, and until you recover from it, they will give you their one hundred percent attention.

Take into consideration all the qualities you might be looking for. Don’t overthink, and let us help you. For excellent plastic surgery, Reyap Hospital will provide you your medical needs.