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Know The Warning Signs of Cancer: Ask Your Oncologist Today

Reyap Hospital

Cancer is one of the severe health illnesses around the world. There are many countries where cancer ranks as the second-leading cause of death worldwide. Cancer affects your life in so many aspects, from your inner system to your physical appearance.

This health condition makes the patient weak. You won't be able to do your usual activities. There are visible changes such as weight changes which limit your operations and productivity.

On a positive note, cancer can be cured in most cancer patient's cases. Many people live their lives generally after having such cancer treatments in Turkey. You must know what cancer is and how it is treated. Survival rates continue to improve because of advanced cancer screening and procedures.

In this guide, you will be able to understand well what cancer is and its symptoms. You must be a keen observant when it comes to your health.

Table of Contents

1. What is cancer?What are the causes of cancer?
2. What are the 7 warning signs of cancer?What was your first cancer symptom?Would I know if I had cancer?Would signs of cancer show up in routine blood work?3. Where to have the best oncologist for you?

What is cancer?

Cancer is a general terminology. It deals with the cellular changes resulting from uncontrollable growth and division of body cells. There are types of cancer that overgrow, while others are at a slower rate. Some forms of cancer can be seen in tumors, while others do not.

Body cells do have their specific function and lifespan. Cell death is a natural occurrence known as apoptosis. A cell automatically receives a signal to die, and a newer cell needs to be created to function better. As for cancerous cells, they lack the element instructing them to stop dividing and die.

As a result of this occurrence, they build up in the body and accumulate in the form of tumors. It destroys the immune system and prevents the body from functioning well. Cancerous cells can be visible in one specific area then spread throughout the lymph nodes. These are the clusters of immune cells that can be found on the entire body.

What are the causes of cancer?

The development of cancer starts with the mutations of the DNA within the cells. The DNA of the cells contains a large number of single cells having a set of instructions telling the cells what to do and how to grow. If there occurs an error on the system, therefore, it will result in abnormalities in cell growth. It will lead to the formation of cancerous cells.

Gene mutations are harmful to the body. This phenomenon can tell the cells to allow fast growth and division. In this process, there will be a large number of cells that mutate in the same manner. Healthy cells know how to stop growing and dividing on their own.

As part of gene mutation, it fails to stop the cell growth and division. Therefore, it results in the formation of a tumor, which continues to grow faster. The natural characteristic of DNA is to look and repair the errors on the cell. Gene mutation in the DNA means that it won't be able to be corrected on its own, making it cancerous.

These gene mutations are the root causes of cancer formation. But other gene mutations result in cancer. You must be aware of the sudden changes in your body to monitor your health.

Gene mutations can be acquired in two ways. These are mutations you are born with and the ones which occur after your birth.

  • The first one is the gene mutation that you inherit from your parents. It has a small percentage rate.
  • On the other hand, a large percentage of gene mutation starts from external factors, habits, or lifestyle. This can be from smoking, virus infection, radiation, carcinogens, hormonal changes, and lack of exercise. As you can see, most of them are unhealthy activities.

What are the seven warning signs of cancer?

Since this is a severe and critical health condition, you should be aware of its symptoms.
These are the potential symptoms and warning signs of cancer.

  • Hoarseness or nagging cough
  • Changes in the bowel movement or bladder habits
  • Unusual discharge or bleeding
  • Sores which do not heal
  • Difficulty in swallowing or indigestion
  • Visible changes in warts or moles
  • Thickening of lump elsewhere in the body

If these symptoms are manifested on your body, you should visit a doctor to check what is going on. Prevention is better than cure. Early signs and check-ups can help you to detect cancer easily. Moreover, you have a higher chance of living your life the same way you used to be.

What was your first cancer symptom?

No two cancer patients have the same diagnoses. A patient will be able to understand his or her condition after a cancer screening. Here are some of the first cancer symptoms that various patients experienced after their cancer screening.

  • There were mild coughs. The patient thought that it was due to allergies, but the x-ray examination showed that there is a lung lesion.
  • A female patient experienced abdominal cramps, bleeding, and pain for three weeks. She thought that it was just a perimenopause sign. But after she visited a doctor, it was found out that it is the first stage of ovarian cancer.
  • A patient experienced tiredness and sore throat. Thought it was a typical cold, but the tonsils got huge, and the veins bulged out. There were also symptoms such as bruises, bleeding gums, and irregular periods which the patient just ignored.
  • A workout body seems to lose all of his energy during workouts or training activities. He started to have lower back pain. Then after a cancer diagnosis, it was found out that sudden differences in his body resulted in kidney cancer.
  • A cancer patient was diagnosed to have Stage 2 Thyroid Cancer. She felt nothing from her ordinary routines or activities. Then, she realized that regular check-ups are essential for monitoring your health.

Would I know if I had cancer?

Aside from the seven warning signs of cancer, there are general signs that you should know to monitor your health. These signs are not directly telling you that you have cancer; what you must observe is the prolonged existence of cancer symptoms. You better visit a doctor to see what's going on.

  • Unexpected weight loss. Most cancer patients will lose weight for some unknown reasons. Unexplained weight loss of 10 pounds or more can be considered as the first sign of cancer. It occurs for pancreatic, stomach, esophagus, or lung cancers.
  • Fever is the most common sign of cancer. Moreover, it happens when the cancer cells have already spread out from where it began. It commonly occurs when the treatment focuses on the immune system. This makes it difficult for the body to fight cancer infections. Fever may be an early symptom of blood cancers.
  • Fatigue is described as the extreme tiredness when a complete rest can't make it any better. It occurs early for those cancer types like leukemia. Blood loss can also lead to fatigue, which is a sign of colon or stomach cancer.
  • Pain can be a symptom of some cancers like bone or testicular cancer. If you are experiencing a headache for a long time and treatments don't work at all, it might be a sign of a brain tumor. Most of the time, pain caused by cancer is the sign of spread from where it began.
  • There are also changes in the skin leading to skin cancer. These changes involve darker skin, yellowish eyes and skin, red skin, itching, and extreme hair growth.

Would signs of cancer show up in routine blood work?

Blood tests for cancer diagnosis can help you to figure out your health condition. If you are suspected of having cancer from the signs and symptoms, your doctor might conduct laboratory tests. This might include urinalysis or biopsy on a specific area of your body to help in understanding the diagnosis.

Blood tests generally can't tell if you have cancer or not. But it can show your doctor an overview of what is the condition of your body. It does not necessarily mean that when your doctor asks for a blood test, you already have cancer. That is not the case.

This method can check if your organs are functioning well and if they are affected by cancer cells. Here are some of the blood test types that doctors use to diagnose cancer.

  • Complete blood count. It is a type of blood test which checks the number of various kinds of blood cells from your blood sample. Blood cancer cells can be detected if there are too few or too many abnormal cells are found.
  • Blood protein testing. This type of blood test works on examining the proteins in your body to detect abnormalities in your immune system proteins. This is commonly done for patients with multiple myeloma.
  • Tumor marker tests. There are chemicals called tumor markers which originates from tumor cells that can be detected on your blood.
  • Circulating tumor cell tests. This blood test is not commonly performed in a clinical setting. It is used to monitor patients with breast, colorectal, or prostate cancer.

Where to have the best oncologist for you?

If you are looking for the best oncologist for your treatment, Reyap Hospital in Turkey is here to help you. This is a reputable healthcare institution that provides quality healthcare services. It continues to strive for comprehensive education and training activities to improve the knowledge and skills of their medical staff.

The cost of cancer treatment in Turkey is cheaper than those of European services. Some factors make the medical clinics in Turkey, such as Reyap Hospital, very interesting for the patients. It has a high level of medical services to meet the needs of the patients.

Reyap Hospital in Turkey also provides hospitality and affordability for their patients. The adequate cost of their treatments makes them more popular in the field of medical services. They also have the quality control of their services as they perform procedures such as cancer treatments.

Cancer treatment is a constructive way to bring back the ordinary lives of cancer patients. The medical centers must offer equipped and appropriate procedures so that the patients can combat this health condition very well. Reyap Hospital in Turkey can be your best partner in choosing the best oncologist and cancer treatment as you make your way to be a cancer survivor.