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Learn The Warning Signs of Cancer: Ask Your Oncologist Today

Reyap Hospital

One of the significant factors that make us weak is having a health disorder. There are cases of health conditions that arise from heredity or external factors. Cancer can start from any part of the body. This condition manifests when the cells grow out of control and dominate other body cells.
On a positive note, cancer can be cured in most cancer patient’s cases. Many people live their lives generally after having such cancer treatments in Turkey. You must know what cancer is and how it is treated. In this way, you will be aware of what to do and be mindful of its symptoms.

What is cancer?

Cancer is a general terminology. It deals with the cellular changes resulting from uncontrollable growth and division of body cells. There are types of cancer that increase, while others are at a slower rate. Some forms of cancer can be seen in tumors, while others do not.

Body cells do have their specific function and lifespan. Cell death is a natural occurrence known as apoptosis. A cell automatically receives a signal to die, and a newer cell needs to be created to function better. As for cancerous cells, they lack the element instructing them to stop dividing and kill.

As a result of this occurrence, they build up in the body and accumulate in the form of tumors. It destroys the immune system and prevents the body from functioning well. Cancerous cells can be visible in one specific area then spread throughout the lymph nodes. These are the clusters of immune cells that can be found on the entire body.
Since this is a severe and critical health condition, you should be aware of its symptoms.
These are the potential symptoms and warning signs of cancer.

  • Hoarseness or nagging cough
  • Changes in the bowel movement or bladder habits
  • Unusual discharge or bleeding
  • Sores which do not heal
  • Difficulty in swallowing or indigestion
  • Visible changes in warts or moles
  • Thickening of lump elsewhere in the body

If these symptoms are manifested on your body, you should visit a doctor to check what is going on. Prevention is better than cure. Early signs and check-ups can help you to detect cancer easily. Moreover, you have a higher chance of living your life the same way you used to be.

What are the causes of cancer?

The development of cancer starts with the mutations of the DNA within the cells. The DNA of the cells contains a large number of single cells having a set of instructions telling the cells what to do and how to grow. If there occurs an error on the system, therefore, it will result in abnormalities in cell growth. It will lead to the formation of cancerous cells.

Gene mutations are harmful to the body. This phenomenon can tell the cells to allow fast growth and division. In this process, there will be a large number of cells that mutate in the same manner. Healthy cells know how to stop growing and dividing on their own.

As part of gene mutation, it fails to stop the cell growth and division. Therefore, it results in the formation of a tumor, which continues to grow faster. The natural characteristic of DNA is to look and repair the errors on the cell. Gene mutation in the DNA means that it won’t be able to be corrected on its own, making it cancerous.

These gene mutations are the root causes of cancer formation. But other gene mutations result in cancer. You must be aware of the sudden changes in your body to monitor your health.

Gene mutations can be acquired in two ways. These are mutations you are born with and the ones which occur after your birth.

  • The first one is the gene mutation that you inherit from your parents. It has a small percentage rate.
  • On the other hand, a large percentage of gene mutation starts from external factors, habits, or lifestyle. This can be from smoking, virus infection, radiation, carcinogens, hormonal changes, and lack of exercise. As you can see, most of them are unhealthy activities.

During healthy cell growth, gene mutation occurs frequently. When a mistake happens in the cell’s mechanism to repair itself, that is the time it turns out to be cancerous. Visit an oncologist today if you see any symptoms.

What is oncology, and what does an oncologist do?

Oncology is the branch of medicine that focuses on the research, identification, and treatment of cancer. A physician who works under oncology is known as an oncologist. He or she explains the diagnosis and cancer stage of the patient. They also offer possible cancer treatments. Oncologists help the patient manage symptoms and side effects of the procedure. And most importantly, it gives quality and compassionate care.

Once the diagnosis is made, the oncologist will explain the details about the disease stage to the patient. Staging is the process of monitoring what treatment applies to the patient. There are different forms of cancer treatments.

  • One is chemotherapy, which works on the destruction of the cancer cells.
  • Another treatment is radiation therapy. It deals with breaking the DNA inside the cells to prevent them from growing and dividing. Eventually, it will cause the cancerous cells to die.
  • You can also have surgery to eliminate the tumors, causing cancer.
  • Hormone therapy is used to cure certain types of cancer. It is a treatment wherein the doctor will administer drugs that will travel on the entire body system instead of targeting the cancer cells. It deals with adding, blocking, and removing hormones in the body to slow down or eventually stop the growth of cancer cells.
  • Monoclonal antibody therapy became popular in terms of cancer treatment. It is a type of immunotherapy that uses monoclonal antibodies. Its goal is to treat the immune system to fight those cancerous cells.

What to expect on your first encounter with an oncologist?

If you have an appointment with your oncologist in Turkey, a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. You must know what to prepare and what to expect before going on cancer treatment. Here are some of the things that you should expect in your first meeting with your oncologist.

  • Before your official oncology appointment with your oncologist, you are interviewed via phone call to gather information, such as your medical history. It will then be compiled on a single document. It also contains if you had any scans or previous tests regarding cancer. This information will be used by the oncologist to research your case.
  • By the time that you meet your oncologist, be as honest as possible. They will usually ask questions leading you to share your story. The purposes of this conversation are to fill in the gaps from your previous interview and to know you better. They will be able to understand your hopes and expectations about your treatment.
  • Usually, you will have a short physical exam on your first appointment. You should have open communication with your oncologist so that it will be easier for you to keep in touch with them regarding your case.
  • After all of the information is collected, your oncologist will explain to you your condition. They will help you understand your case, cancer diagnosis, and possible treatments. At this point, you will be able to choose what treatment you like as well as the success rate of it. Every therapy has an advantage and disadvantage.
  • Once you understand your case, it is time to make a plan. It includes the scheduling of your therapy and the treatments to be done. Your oncologist will also take this opportunity to cover the next months on how the procedure will go. The location where you will get the therapy can be different from where you had the consultation. Your local care team will be there to help you out.

Where to have the best oncologist for you?

If you are looking for the best oncologist for your treatment, Reyap Hospital in Turkey is here to help you. This is a reputable healthcare institution that provides quality healthcare services. It continues to strive for comprehensive education and training activities to improve the knowledge and skills of their medical staff.

The cost of cancer treatment in Turkey is cheaper than those of European services. Some factors make the medical clinics in Turkey, such as Reyap Hospital, very interesting for the patients. It has a high level of medical services to meet the needs of the patients.

Reyap Hospital in Turkey also provides hospitality and affordability for their patients. The adequate cost of their treatments makes them more popular in the field of medical services. They also have the quality control of their services as they perform procedures such as cancer treatments. Please, feel free to reach us at https://m.me/reyaphospitalistanbul.

Cancer treatment is a constructive way to bring back the ordinary lives of cancer patients. The medical centers must offer equipped and appropriate procedures so that the patients can combat this health condition very well. Reyap Hospital in Turkey can be your best partner in choosing the best oncologist and cancer treatment as you make your way to be a cancer survivor.