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Look Drastically Younger Than You Originally Are: Choose to Have the Excellent Face Lifts

Reyap Hospital

Skin is the largest organ of the body and as such it serves as the outer covering of the human body. That is why it is essential to look after our skin health and be more productive in such regard. This health care procedure is not just for the betterment of your appearance but more of giving value to your skin as it performs many important tasks for the body. Skin is our protection from bacteria and virus exposure throughout the day.

The skin protects the body from sunlight exposure, specifically the UV light rays that are harmful to the body. Vitamin D is vital for the body to function properly. Exposure to the sun results in healthy skin that produces this kind of vitamin. When we have healthy skin, it keeps the body temperature at a constant level. It can also help your body to adapt to some changes around you.

Even though we take so much care of our skin, there are some instances that we can't avoid that can damage it. It can be due to the field of work, accidents, and mostly as a sign of aging. These are the everyday things that can make us bothered about our skin health. Moreover, there are medical innovations that can help us get rid of your skin insecurities.

Have you ever thought of getting cosmetic surgery? For what purpose would you like to do this? If your answer is yes and you want to enhance your skin on the face, a facelift is an excellent choice for you. Medical personnel continue to find ways on how to make people's lives better off their health problems. You must learn deeper the meaning of cosmetic surgery and how it is done.

If you want to enhance your facial appearance through plastic surgery, you might be in trouble deciding if you should follow it. There are many factors that you need to consider when making a decision. You must have a clear understanding that it will have permanent changes to your physical appearance. There is a difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery. It is a common mistake that these two are the same.

Cosmetic surgery deals with enhancing a person's appearance. The procedures focus mainly on the aesthetic appearance of an individual. On the other hand, plastic surgery works on repairing body defects or burns and diseases. Moreover, if you want to enhance your appearance by having a facelift, you are more likely to have cosmetic surgery.

What is facelift surgery?

A facelift is a surgical treatment that improves the visible signs of aging. These can be seen on the face and neck. Various factors contribute to the loss of the youthful appearance of the face such as sun damage, smoking, stress, heredity, and loss of facial fat. This procedure includes the following:

  • Relaxation of the skin on the face due to sagging
  • Deep folded lines between the nose and the corner of the mouth
  • Fats that have been disappeared
  • Jowls that develop on the cheeks and jaws
  • Loose skin or excess fats on the neck that appears to be double chin known as "turkey neck"

Though facelift is an aesthetic treatment, there are some cases that facelift seems to be not applicable. It is a restorative surgery. It doesn't mean that it can change your appearance or rather stop the aging process. A facelift procedure can only be done surgically. Those minimal invasive rejuvenating treatments cannot achieve the same results, just like what surgeries do. But, it can help delay the period when a facelift could be possible and later on can complement the results of the procedure.

Here are some of the facelift facts that will set your expectations towards the procedure:

  • Facelift surgery gives you a youthful appearance.
  • The results of this procedure can last for approximately ten years.
  • The recovery period is good for one week, but doing your usual activities can be done one day after the surgery.
  • You will experience minimal pain and discomfort after the facelift surgery.
  • If you want to get the best results, you can undergo additional treatments that will supplement the operation.

The facelift gives the patients a very satisfying feeling. It results in a younger look that can last for approximately ten years. This procedure can be conducted in an outpatient setting, such as an outpatient surgicenter or a fully equipped physician's clinic. After the surgery, the patient will experience minimal pain and discomfort. Approximately 3-5 days, the dressings can be removed. Therefore, the patient can go back to his or her social activities. The use of make-up can be applied to hide the bruising and can put the hair over the ears to cover the sutures.

Why Should You Consider Having a Facelift Surgery?

As time goes by, you must understand that youthful appearance starts to fade away due to aging, stress, environmental factors, and heredity. If you are to consider this facelift procedure, your face can ensure a youthful appearance at the age of as if you are only 25. If you start to realise that you are not comfortable with how you look, a facelift could be an answer to that.

A facelift is indeed an excellent aesthetic surgery. Moreover, it also comes with expensive costs. Upon considering this procedure, you should have knowledge about how much it could possibly cost. You might be thinking of going abroad for a cheap facelift surgery that can suffice your budget and expectations. Since facelift has been on the top list of cosmetic procedures around the globe, traveling abroad is possible.

Facelift surgery is reasonably priced at $2800 in Turkey, while on the other hand, the UK offers it for $7200. It is considered a large cost comparison. Due to different locations, cost varies. It depends on you where you want your procedure to be done. Facelift surgery abroad can ensure the best quality of the surgery by choosing the right country, surgeon, and hospital that performs the process. Countries such as India, Turkey, and Thailand are excellent choices because they have many skilled doctors and efficient hospitals.

Just like any medical procedure, there are questions like safety and security. Facelift surgery involves some complications and risks. 2-3% of the patients usually experience side effects such as nerve damage, infections, and bleeding, and these are temporary. It is important that you choose a skilled surgeon that will take charge of your procedure. If that is so, it is safe to undergo facelift surgery.

You should also check yourself first if you are suitable to undergo such a procedure to get the best results. If you are to choose a facelift surgery abroad, accreditation boards ensure that a hospital must provide the best possible healthcare to the patients. It also matches the US standards, along with its concierge care and further follow-up sessions after the procedure.

Where to get the best facelift surgery?

Reyap Hospital is a reputable healthcare institution in Istanbul. If you are looking for the best facelift surgery, you can turn to them. They accept patients abroad and can accommodate them and their relatives in pleasing hotel services. They value their customers that much. It is important for them to ensure the safety and security of their patients.

Facelift surgery abroad is a trend nowadays. You should be innovative and open when making decisions that will affect your health. Moreover, Reyap Hospital - a university hospital - can be the best choice for healthcare services. Their skilled staff and equipped facilities can give you the quality medical procedures that you need. Technical infrastructures and technological equipment are what makes the hospital a competitive institution when it comes to healthcare.

Reyap Hospital maintains to provide equal and quality healthcare services to the patients. It is to be more economically accessible for the public. Affordable facelift surgery is a helpful treatment if you wish to enhance your aesthetic appearance. Continuous research and development of their healthcare services prove that they aim to reach for quality and competitive perspective to be able to offer worthy procedures for the patients.

As someone living in London, I was desperate to get a facelift, yet London was a very expensive option for me. I never thought I would fly to Turkey for a surgery but having found an option such as Reyap with an amazing staff, advanced technology, great services and much lower costs I did not hesitate and I definitely did not regret!  - Jane, 43

Facelift surgery is a widely known cosmetic surgery in the world. Many people opt to undergo when they want to have changes on their faces. A patient must understand the possible benefits, costs, and potential consequences of having such. There are profound changes that happen every day with the use of technology. The field of medicine integrates the use of technology to more comprehensive medical services.

Healthcare must be your priority. It can help you to perform your work very well. If you have the self-confidence to face everyone that you meet day by day, you will feel the fulfilment. When you feel uncomfortable with how you look on the outside, change your perspective on the inside. Think of the ways that can make you feel better about yourself. Always choose what makes you happy and beautiful. In the end, you will feel a lot better when you choose to improve yourself.