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Obesity Surgery: Understanding What Bariatric Surgery Means

Reyap Hospital

Overweight issues are serious medical concerns. It results from excessive fats which do not convert as heat or used as energy. There are some people experiencing this kind of disease due to their lifestyle or hormonal changes. It affects their metabolic structures, which often lead to obesity. Moreover, there are foods that contribute to obesity.

We must take a look at the foods we eat. Fast foods, fatty and fried foods, and carbonated drinks are some of the sources of excessive fats when you have too much consumption. Obesity also relates to Type 2 Diabetes. It means that as the body contains excessive fats, it restrains from producing insulin resulting in too much production of sugar. High sugar content on the blood is a clear sign of diabetes.

One definite symptom of being obese is having a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher. Most people believe that BMI gives a reliable estimation of body fats. However, it doesn't necessarily measure body fat. For some people, such as athletes, they can have a BMI in obesity category, but in reality, they don't have excess body fats.

Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or higher means you are suffering from overweight or obesity
One definite symptom of being obese is having a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher

Obesity Treatments That Can Really Help You

If you are in the middle of difficulty in dealing with obesity, you can have a try with these treatments to help you take it easier.

  • Healthy diet and regular exercise. You must have a balanced diet to make sure that you are giving the nutrients that your body needs. Moreover, accompany it with regular exercise. It helps the body attain a fit body to strengthen your immune system. In this way, you can prevent chronic diseases like obesity.
  • Change of habits. If you are always running to a restaurant or fast-food chains after school or work, you are more likely to lead yourself to danger. When you are invited to a family gathering, it is expected that there are lots of foods there, and you might be tempted to try them all. You can do that. But make sure to work on it the next day. After eating in an extravagant party, go back to your balanced diet so that your food routine will not be greatly affected. Have a clear vision of how you want to achieve your dream body. If you are undergoing a treatment, set in your mind that you need to eat healthy foods.
  • Engage in weight management programs. Go on fitness training that will help not just your body but also your mind. Exercises and routines teach you how to be disciplined. You can rely on other people, such as specialists who are open to help you get back on your healthy shape. You can develop your own health plan and let them have a check on it.
  • If a healthy diet and regular exercise still have nothing to do with obesity, you can go to a doctor to seek help. There are medical prescriptions that can cure obesity and overweight. Even though you are taking medicines, you should still continue to have a healthy balanced diet with regular physical activities. In addition, you should not easily purchase items that promote quick weight loss. Make sure to follow only what your doctor says.
  • Due to modern technology, there are weight loss devices available to help you monitor your health. Your doctor can recommend these devices if a balanced diet, exercise, and medicine still don’t work. The electrical simulation system, gastric balloon system, and gastric emptying system are some of these devices. Even though these are helpful equipment, researches do not have the long-term assurance of its safety and durability.
Bariatric Surgery helps you get rid of excessive unwanted weight
What helps you reduce your excessive unwanted weight? 

What is Bariatric Surgery?

Does any of these works for you? If not, you might be thinking of obesity surgery. But before you have it, you must have to know what lies behind it. Bariatric surgery is a procedure that has several types of operations to help you lose excess fats and weight by making specific changes to your digestive system.

It can be a possible option if the patient has severe obesity, and there is no sign of losing weight from the treatments. Moreover, bariatric surgery is can also improve other medical conditions related to obesity, such as Type 2 Diabetes. It restricts the amount of food in the stomach that it can store. This procedure also causes hormonal changes to the patient. There are different bariatric procedures.

  • Gastric Bypass. Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass is also known as gastric bypass. It is known as the gold standard of weight loss surgery. There are two elements of the procedure. A small stomach pouch is created by dividing the top of the stomach from the rest of its parts. The first part of the small intestine is brought up and connected to the created small stomach pouch. It is connecting the top part of the divided small intestine to the part on the way down. It helps the stomach acids and enzymes from the bypassed stomach and first part of the small intestine to mix with the food.
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy. Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy is usually known as sleeve. This procedure is done by the removal of approximately 80% of the stomach. The remaining part is the tubular pouch that looks like a banana. The new stomach stores the smaller volume of the than the usual. It helps in reducing the amount of food that it can consume. However, there is a big impact on hormones, which includes hunger, blood sugar control, and satiety.
  • Adjustable Gastric Band. It is commonly known as the band. This procedure involves an inflatable band located around the upper part of the stomach. It creates a small stomach just right at the top of the band, and the rest is below it. The smaller stomach pouch satisfies hunger and makes the person feel that he is full even when he only eats a small amount of food. The feeling of fullness is dependent on the size of the opening between the pouch and the rest of the part of the stomach.

Where Can I Get Free Consultation?

Wanting to initially consult with doctors before performing bariatric surgery is one critical aspect of the whole weight loss journey. One should definitely consult with expert surgeon at reliable institution to thoroughly understand every step of such procedure along with all the right information.

Reyap Health Group is a well-known medical institution with Hospital chains in Istanbul, Corlu and soon in Bodrum. Right now they are offering Free Consultation Sessions for anyone who signs up via the link https://obesity.surgeries.doctor/, as well as 10% DISCOUNT in every weight loss procedure. Have a look at https://www.facebook.com/reyaphospitalistanbul/ for more information about our services, goals, and everything else.

Consulting procedures before bariatric surgery 

Is Bariatric Surgery Safe to Undergo?

When considering obesity surgery, it is a normal reaction to have concerns about its safety. There are minimal risks that you will encounter when you choose to have bariatric surgery. Some of the possible risks of this method are dumping syndrome, kidney stones, unable to lose the expected weight loss or regain. However, those who undergo this surgery and strictly follow its procedures obtain a significant health improvement.

Bariatric surgery is one of the safest surgical procedures. It is a must that you see a doctor before you decide to have bariatric surgery. This obesity surgery works efficiently for those patients who badly need it. It could be the last thing that you can think of if the medical treatments and devices don’t work at all. They know better what you should do with your overweight problems.

Bariatric surgery helps a lot in treating obesity. This method involves several procedures, depending on the obesity case of the patient. Moreover, these are comprehensive procedures that will bring back the function of your stomach as it is. An overweight problem or obesity seriously needs action. It may lead to other diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and others.

If you are to look for a place obesity surgery, Reyap Hospital in Istanbul can be your best choice. It is a quality healthcare institution that helps patients to deal with their medical problems. Obesity is a serious health issue that should be cured in an equipped institution. Endocrinology and metabolic diseases can be taken care of by the medical personnel in Reyap Hospital.

They value the principle of giving quality services to the patient by conducting development and improvement with their services and skills. They have comprehensive education that updates the procedures that they offer to their fellowmen as well as for foreigners. They accommodate patients from abroad with their conducive facilities. They are aware that quality services are performed by skilled medical staff.

Reyap Hospital engages its workers in education, training, and service activities that will enhance their skills and abilities in handling medical surgeries. Obesity surgery is one of the services that Reyap Hospital offers to the public. If you want to get rid of those excess fats and overweight problems, you can rely on them.

Being healthy is your choice. You must choose what is beneficial to you. Moreover, if you are already in the state of being overweight, always choose what is right. Be sure that you have tried the medical treatments and natural remedies to get rid of obesity. Eat a well-balanced diet accompanied by a healthy exercise.

To attain weight loss, it comes with a lot of hard work. You should learn the art of discipline to monitor yourself. No one ever knows your health than you do. Always choose healthy habits. Know how to compensate for the setbacks if there are unexpected events that you may need to cross your lines.