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Remove that Pesky Double-Chin: Chin Augmentation Surgery at Your Service

Reyap Hospital

The human body is a wonderful masterpiece. Every individual has their own special features. These defined parts of the body make us different from one another. One body feature that seems to be an intimate object that we know is our chin. This bottom part of the face adds to its defined shape. It is a mysterious part of the research that is a source of controversy.

Some people experience chin issues, such as having double chins. It is essential that you know what causes it and how to get rid of your chin problems. Some various methods and treatments help you to eliminate excess fats on your humble chin. Because of modern technologies, innovative procedures are offered by medical institutions.

How to get rid of double-chin?

Get Rid of Double Chin: Before and After
Get Rid of Double Chin: Before and After

Having a double chin is nothing to be worried about. But if in case it bothers you and suddenly affects your self-confidence, you should take action on this. There are ways on how to minimize its appearance. The first thing you need to do is track what causes your double chin. As we grow older, our skin loses its elasticity. Moreover, gravity takes advantage of it, causing a double chin.

Another factor is genetics. Your family history plays a role in determining where your double chin is coming from. If double chin runs in the blood, it's no surprise you will end up having one. Above it all, you should always remember that you are beautiful just the way you are. But there are times that you will have low self-esteem due to societal judgment.

Here are some ways that you can do to prevent or minimize having double chins:

  • Do some daily facial yoga. Prevention is always the key to fighting illnesses. Face yoga can help to keep the shape of your chin to stay firm. You must go to the gym to have some exercise. Home exercise routines can possibly do.
  • Choose an appropriate chin product. Have a face serum or face moisturizer by applying it in an upward motion. The serum contains a hematite extract that increases collagen production. It also protects the skin from free radicals that makes the skin weaker.
  • Have a lymphatic drainage massage. Starting from the chin, have an upward movement to your earlobe. Using your index and middle finger, you can pinch and knead with firm motions on your chin. Next is to tap the back of your hand under the chin. Stick your tongue out and hold it for 10 seconds. It is an essential facial exercise to make your jaw and neck muscles stronger.
  • Look for double chin treatments. After doing all of those facial exercises, applying moisturizer and serum, still, the double chin is there. Try to look for other options. Double chin treatments include radio frequency, ultra lift, the Nefertiti lift, carboxytherapy, kybella, and liposuction.

If you are getting bothered on how you look by these pesky double chins, your medical surgeons are there to help you. A plastic surgeon might recommend you have neck lift surgery, neck liposuction, or even a combination of both procedures. There is no single operation that can clearly eliminate a double chin. A combination of operations is needed to have a better result of making your chin firmer.

What is chin implant surgery?

Remove that pesky annoying chin through chin implant surgery

Chin surgery is also known as mentoplasty. It is a surgical method of reshaping the chin. It can be done either by an implant or reduction surgery on the bone of the chin. Having a well-defined chin structure determines the balanced feature of the face. It makes a male or female more attractive. A custom-fit chin implant performed by a skilled surgeon can be a solution to get rid of your double chin.

If you want to focus on eliminating your double chin, here are some facts that you need to know about double chin surgery:

  • Before conducting a double chin surgery, recommendations are addressed based on your skin type and desired outcomes.
  • Those in the age range of 20 to 50 who have more elastic skin can benefit from neck liposuction. This operation removes excessive fats, but it won't enhance skin quality.
  • Neck lift surgery can treat a double chin, likewise sagging and loose skin on the neck.
  • A surgical procedure called submentoplasty includes liposuction and small incisions under the chin. It is sometimes called by the doctors as a mini neck lift.
  • Occasionally surgeons conduct neck liposuction and neck lift together. Along with it, facelift and chin augmentation can be simultaneously done.

Chin enhancement surgery, also known as genioplasty, enhances the shape of the chin, neck, and jawline. This procedure includes the placement of an implant on the existing chin bone of the patient. This is to increase the shape and size of the chin. It aims to have a natural look of the facial features. Look for a skilled surgeon so that you are sure of having the best chin augmentation results.

You might be asking why to consider getting a chin implant. Some people feel a lack of proportion of their facial features. Chin implant is a good choice to help you increase your self-confidence. Before you undergo this kind of procedure, you must know what exact changes you want to attain for your chin.

Chin implants enhance the facial harmony by making the chin be in its better proportion along with other facial features. This method also repairs recessed or weak chin. Chin implants also refine the contour of the neck and jawline. It can also help in the reduction of double chin resulting from a small chin bone. These are the features of chin implant operations that can fit your desired chin effects.

Get the Perfect Chin People Model for

Through the use of technology, chin implants have improved over the years. Chin implants can make a significant impact on the facial features of an individual. This procedure is one of the easiest plastic surgeries with low complication rates. It is also considered as the best self-confidence booster. The most important thing is to consult a reliable and skilled surgeon that will ensure your safety and desired effects of the surgery.

Chin augmentation surgery also makes way to medical tourism. According to studies of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, chin augmentation proliferates across the globe. The fundamental reason for the patients is that chin shows the signs of aging. Facial features in society are also one of the reasons why there is a sudden increase in the cosmetic market.

Considering chin augmentation surgery abroad

The cost of mentoplasty varies globally. This is the reason why people tend to travel overseas to search for affordable and quality chin augmentation services. Chin augmentation abroad can give the patient a reasonably good benefit. They also offer lower prices for the patients. You mustn't be easily tempted by these offers. Always keep in mind to look for the best price that will yield the most favorable results.

Chin augmentation abroad is conducted by high-quality medical institutions in countries such as Mexico, Thailand, and India. There are millions of people traveling the countries for surgeries like this. Those licensed cosmetic surgeons can give you the best quality for chin augmentation surgery. Any type of surgery has risks. Going abroad can also increase the threat without full knowledge about the procedure.

Chin Augmentation Surgery Abroad Options: Turkey as the Best Low Cost Option

Look for the best healthcare institution for your chin surgery

Reyap Hospital is a reputable medical institution that is widely known around the world. They also have renewed infrastructures and healthcare services that patients need. They also accept patients outside the country with warm accommodations and conducive facilities. Their technological equipment and functionality are designed to meet the requirements of versatile education. They continue to have developments and researches for their services.

Before and After: Chin Implants 

Chin augmentation surgery is one of the most common facial procedures that improve appearance to be more attractive. It helps to increase the self-esteem of an individual as he or she socializes with other people. Reyap Hospital can provide you the best chin augmentation treatment. They are equipped with skilled surgeons and efficient facilities that can accommodate your needs.

They maintain comprehensive education and medical training that adds to the development and improvement of healthcare services. When you are looking for a medical institution, you should consider its background and capability to perform the procedure that you want. You must take note of their expertise and surgery cost. It will help you to choose the best place for your surgery.

True beauty lies within. Many people are setting standards on how to call someone or something beautiful. Physical features will later on fade away no matter what operations we undergo. These are all temporary remedies that can make our appearance look pleasing for others, and also for ourselves. We must know our true purpose of why we want to have surgeries. Self-acceptance is the best way to motivate yourself that you look attractive already. Moreover, if these methods make you feel better, there is completely nothing wrong about it. Do what it takes to make you feel good about yourself.