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The PIP Breast Implant Issue: Get Rid of Your PIP Implants

Reyap Hospital

Most women are very fond and conscious of their body figure. Physical appearance matters to them when working on their self-confidence. Breasts are one of the unique and special features of a woman's body.

Moreover, there are some instances in which reality can't meet your expectations. Due to pregnancy, accidents, or surgeries, the shape of your breasts gets affected. To correct it, patients look for cosmetic or plastic surgery to bring back its attractive appearance.

Furthermore, due to the massive demands and advanced technology that we have today, some manufacturers produce low-quality breast implants for the public. As a result, patients who had these products individually, PIP implants, suffer a lot.

The best thing to do to be safe from PIP implants is to communicate with your doctor. Seek help and ask questions on how and why you should get rid of your PIP implants once a problem occurs.

In this guide, you will learn the nature of PIP implants, its procedures, side effects, and why you should get rid of it.

Table of Contents
1. What are PIP implants?
What was the PIP scandal?
2. What are the health risks of having PIP implants?
What you should do if you have PIP implants?
What are the signs of breast implant problems?
3. Why should you get rid of your PIP implants?
Things to do if you have breast implants
What are the benefits of plastic surgery?
How much is a breast implant removal?
4. Where to have the best breast implant removal?

What are PIP implants?

PIP implants are types of silicone breast implants that contain an unapproved silicone gel. These implants originated from France produced by a company named Poly Implant Prostheses (PIP). The breast implant issues are connected to all of the breast implants manufactured by PIP.

According to research, there are no proofs of severe health risks for PIP implants. But, what makes it harmful is its capability to cause unpleasant effects if they break out inside the body. There has been an increasing complaint about PIP implants. Moreover, it is proven that these implants tend to rupture easily.

In 2010, PIP implants were discovered to have non-authorized material, such as industrial-grade silicone, which is used for mattresses. Therefore, PIP implants were banned for surgical practices.

What was the PIP scandal?

In the medical field, there are always two sides to the story, the positive and negative results. However, PIP implants turn out to be horrible about its unpleasant effects in the body. The company, as mentioned above, PIP, created a cheaper, industrial-grade silicone that is not medically approved to use, resulting in a silicone-based scandal.

The silicone gel was found to cause inflammation and scars. These breast implants lead to controversial medical issues about their harmful and long-term side effects. Because of this horrible practice, the European Commission decided regulatory modifications about the medical regulations.

The commission aims to provide high levels of safety and restore the public's confidence in medical services. Even though the PIP scandal showed how the medical system failed, it serves as the way for the country to make significant regulation changes in Europe for years.

What are the health risks of PIP implants?

PIP implants impose fear on the public because of its nature. What could happen if PIP implants rupture? This type of breast implants is two to six times more vulnerable to break than standard silicone implants. Even though there are no proven severe risks to health, this cosmetic surgery can lead to unpleasant silicone implant rupture side effects.

You must visit your doctor once you have these ruptured implant symptoms:

  • Your breasts experience lumpiness and swelling.
  • Changes on your breast shape
  • Redness
  • Tenderness and pain
  • Burning feeling
  • Expanded lymph nodes in the armpit

What are the signs of breast implant problems?

Breast implants can improve the life of a person. But for several years, it was found out that breast implants can cause illnesses for the patients. Some of the breast implant illnesses that you can experience are rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, and Sjögren's syndrome.
Breast implant illness can spread throughout your lymphatic system. These are the signs of breast implant problems:

  • swelling and pain around the breast implant which can be developed later on after the breast implant recovery
  • fluid accumulation around the breast implant
  • there will make a lump under your skin which can result to changes on the breast shape

What should you do if you have PIP implants?

PIP implants need strict attention and guidance from medical experts. If you want to know if you had PIP implants, you should ask for medical help. If you got your PIP implants on a private clinic or from your trusted facility, contact them and arrange an appointment.

When checking your breasts, your doctor will use an ultrasound scan or MRI scan to check if there are ruptures on your implants. A ruptured PIP implant should be eliminated immediately.

If there are no ruptures found, you can ask your doctor about the possibilities of removing the implants or leaving them inside. If you decided to go them inside, your doctor would likely recommend you to remove them.

On the other hand, if you insist on leaving them inside, you must be very careful about it. You should look for symptoms of rupture and arrange a yearly check-up with your doctor to see if the implants are still in place.

Why should you get rid of your PIP implants?

PIP Implant World Victims Association is an association that helps the victims of the PIP breast implants. It consists of lawyers, solicitors, and medical specialists who can defend the victims' rights and interests. There are so many victims out there needing the assistance of this association.

The breast implant procedure is one of the most popular and safest plastic surgeries. Due to advanced technology, the breast implant procedure gets famous day by day. Patients see long-term success rates and minimal complications compared to other operations.

Because of the PIP scandal, people with PIP implants are seeking for quality and safe renewal operation because of its health risks. The main factor that patients need to look for is the brand of breast implants. If you have PIP implants, you replace it by high quality and FDA approved breast implants.

The benefits of having FDA approved breast implants will surely free you from stress and worry compared to PIP implants. These implants can help you boost your self-confidence when you undergo a breast augmentation procedure. Breast augmentation is one of the most in-demand for plastic surgery in Turkey. Turkish doctors use high-quality breast implant brands for their patients.

Things to do if you have breast implants

Breast implants became famous because of their massive impact on one's self-esteem. Though it makes you feel good about yourself, there are essential things that you should know about breast implants.

  • Communicate well. Contact your surgeon and ask for the information about the type of implants that were inserted. If you have found that PIP implants were used, you can request an appointment with your doctor or look for a private surgeon for advice.
  • Have a comprehensive examination. Your doctor should conduct a medical exam and will suggest you have a scan to monitor the stability of the breast implants.
  • Know your choices. Seek further advice from your surgeon. It will be an excellent decision to have implant removal if there are ruptures or leakage from your breast implants. Moreover, if there are no ruptures present, and you want to keep those implants, make sure that you regularly report to your surgeon for monitoring annually.
  • Be aware of breast changes. If you have discovered differences in the appearance of your breasts, such as lumpiness of the breast, discomfort, or nipple discharge, let your surgeon know about this.

What are the benefits of plastic surgery?

If you are suffering from breast implants problems, Reyap Hospital is here to help you. This healthcare institution offers breast and nipple correction brought by the malpractices of breast implants.

These procedures involve enlarged, asymmetrical, protruding, or inverted nipples. These abnormalities can be manifested in both men and women. Inverted nipples are the most common nipple correction surgery that patients look for.

Plastic surgery is performed to enhance the physical appearance of an individual. It is known as the significant benefit of this procedure. If you choose to have plastic surgery such as breast implants, you can increase your self-confidence.

Aside from that, you can improve your physical and mental health. Aesthetics can help you feel good about yourself. From there, you will have a healthier state of mind and reduce your social anxiety.

According to some studies, people who feel useful and more attractive have more personal and professional opportunities. They tend to have higher salaries and promotions, which can make their lives more productive.

Some of the other breast surgeries are breast lift and enlargement, breast reduction, and mommy makeover, where breast augmentation is also covered. Reyap Hospital offers these quality plastic surgery procedures.

How much is a breast implant removal?

Before you pursue a specific surgery, you must know what could be your possible expenses. The estimated cost of breast implant removal is £4,650. On the other hand, the cost of breast implant removal and replacement is around £5,830.

Reyap Hospital offers a free consultation for the patients. Turkey prices are much lower compared to European services. That is the reason why many foreign patients choose Turkey for their procedures.

Where to have the best breast implant removal?

Reyap Hospital is a reliable healthcare institution that provides quality healthcare services for the patients. They also continue to strive for comprehensive education and training activities to enhance the knowledge and skills of their medical staff.

If you are planning to have your breast implant removal or any of these plastic surgery procedures, get your free consultation here at Reyap Hospital. They have an expert medical team to help in achieving your aesthetic goals.

Their medical care quality surpasses the average European healthcare, which is more expensive. Reyap provides cost-saving services, which became the reason why most patients prefer to go to Turkey. You and your travel companion can enjoy the safe and comfortable medical facilities before, during, and after your surgery.

Medical tourism in Turkey is a whole lot of great experience. Reyap Hospital is located near the largest airport in the world, where the hospital drivers can pick you up for your appointment. Their advanced technology makes it easy and practical to perform the most high-quality medical services. Reyap Hospital got everything that you need for healthcare services.