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Great Results: Best Mommy Makeover Experience

Reyap Hospital

Olivia Brown, 38-year-old, lives in England and is a proud mother of three who defines herself as a full-time housewife. Having been so dedicated to her household chores, she had somehow neglected her figure and her general appearance.

At the end of each pregnancy, Olivia noticed with concern the changes her body was undergoing and promised herself to take action.

Her husband noticed her discontent and decided to treat her to a Full Mommy Makeover Package at Reyap Hospital in Istanbul, for International Mother's Day.

Olivia answers some questions and shares her experience before and after the surgery.

How did motherhood change your life?

Before pregnancy, I was highly critical of plastic surgery; but after my second baby, I experienced first-hand the dramatic and permanent changes that motherhood can leave in your body. I was happy with my babies, but I needed to turn my attention to a particular part of my life.

Although I followed strict diets and extreme exercise routines (in my limited spare time), my abdomen refused to decrease, and with the frustration came low self-esteem.

My breasts –which had always been small but firm– had gradually lost volume and firmness. I tried not to make a big deal out of it, but my breasts became saggier and saggier, and any type of bra did nothing for me.

With regard to my genital area, it is reasonable to feel a little numb when being intimate soon after giving birth. However, after my third baby was born, the aftermath was even worse: my vagina looked quite limp, and my sex life was not as good as it used to be, as intercourse was painful.

Why did you decide to take the Mommy Makeover at Reyap?

First, I discussed it with some girlfriends in similar situations, then I browsed online, and lastly, I spoke to my husband.

He heartily agreed that surgery was the answer. After watching hundreds of positive testimonials from women who had traveled to Turkey for various cosmetic procedures, we decided on the full Mommy Makeover package.

We found it to be a rather comprehensive option that matched my clinical profile perfectly: liposuction, tummy tuck, breast enlargement, buttock augmentation, and genital rejuvenation. Besides, Reyap Hospital offers excellent post-operative care programs, the most advanced technology, and an attractive quality-cost balance.

How was your post-surgery experience?

I could not be happier; the staff was very communicative and attentive at every stage of the process. When I woke up, I did not feel much discomfort or dizziness, just a slight uneasy posture-related feeling (nearly sitting) and post-surgical drains.

However, the nurses took good care of me and made me feel at home at all times. Back home, I rested as strictly as advised and followed the guidelines that had been thoroughly explained to me in terms of nutrition, bathing, physical effort, and daily routines.

How is your life after the procedure?

One of the things I hated the most was the sagging skin on my prominent abdomen and my stretched navel, which I was not able to conceal under my clothes. Nowadays, almost one year after my operation, I can pull off with any kind of bikini and have a great time at the beach with no insecurities and self-consciousness issues.

We have a healthy and satisfying sex life, and I am so grateful for my husband's generosity that I am seriously considering the idea of a hair transplant as a gift for next International Father's Day.

34-year-old Poppy Jones is a mother who works from the comfort of her home in Dublin, Ireland. She weighs 62 kg and has a BMI of 18.5. Nobody would imagine how this young woman had struggled with a morbid obesity condition up until a couple of years ago, because of a severe eating disorder and a sedentary life.

By the time her first baby was born, her weight had amounted to 243 pounds, and she decided to seek help. After several frustrating attempts, she persisted in her quest until she found testimonies from Reyap Hospital in Istanbul's patients, who had achieved their goals after having bariatric surgeries. That not only were safe and effective alternatives for weight loss, but also affected their metabolisms and hormonal processes.

Poppy answered a few questions about the bariatric procedure and the complementary cosmetic surgeries of her choice, as well as her overall impressions of the clinic.

What encouraged you to go for the gastric sleeve?

My weight disorder harmed every part of my life. I had already tried countless diets, and none of them was consistently successful; I did lose weight, but afterward, I would regain up to twice as much as I had lost. I considered surgery as a last resort, and after doing some research, I discovered that Turkey is one of the best options in the field.

At Reyap's first and free consultation, I was informed of all the options for bariatric surgery, in detail, and I was even told which alternative best suited my case. My BMI was close to 40, I felt suffocated and fatigued all the time, and I had to find a capable, fast, and cost-effective solution.

Did you know about the procedures beforehand?

I had read about it because I aimed at minimally invasive intervention. After that first consultation, it became clear: I was going to have a stomach reduction via a laparoscopic surgery called gastric sleeve, getting rid of the hunger hormone so that I could lose more than 80% of my overweight in over a year.

While I thought the gastric sleeve would be my magic solution, my doctor pointed out that I would eventually need other procedures. He was right; losing almost 106 pounds of excess weight resulted in very a flaccid and stretched skin around my abdomen, arms, and thighs.

So, I opted for a tummy tuck to get rid of the excess skin and fat and to get the muscles taut and back in place. I also had an arm lift to get rid of the saggy skin around my upper arms, reshape them and improve their appearance, those features that physical training could not correct.

Why did you choose Reyap?

In most clinics, you will get such assistance, they will perform the treatment on you, and after two months, they usually forget all about you, but Reyap offers a customized follow up. Besides, the bariatric procedure was quick, and I was able to go home in the same week. I felt at ease during the whole process because the surgical team was beautiful.

I felt practically no pain after the procedure, and going back to my routine was not a problem. A week after the surgery, I felt fully recovered, and I had dropped 9 pounds, I felt slimmer and determined to engage in physical activity, alternating it with my work from home.

As for cosmetic surgeries, the skin around my abdomen and arms was no longer saggy, it was now smooth and tense, and it was great. My waistline was fit again, and my torso was proportional and sculpted, even more so now than it was in my teen years.

Thoroughly recommended, from the first time I visited the clinic, I knew I had made the right choice, and my testimonial is for those who want to improve their lives from their looks.