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The Younger Look Effect of Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

Reyap Hospital

Wrinkles are natural signs of aging. It is because the skin on the face is the most prominent part of sun exposure. It is also visible on the neck, hands, and forearms. There are also cases where genetics determine the skin structure and texture of an individual. Other factors that may contribute to wrinkles are pollutants and smoking.

These unwanted but inevitable marks are quite bothersome for people who want to maintain a younger look. It makes them feel a bit odd about themselves having these kinds of facial marks. Moreover, hindering their opportunity to grow and develop through socialization.

The good thing about technology intervention is that it makes it more accessible and convenient for the patients to get rid of their unattractive facial features. Medications, skin-resurfacing methods, fillers, and surgery are some of the effective wrinkle treatments.

Face rejuvenation is one of the best methods that you can have. In this guide, you will know how to facial rejuvenation to help you achieve a youthful appearance.

Table of Contents
1. What is facial rejuvenation surgery?
Risks and Complications
2. How long does facial rejuvenation last?
What is non-surgical facial rejuvenation?
What are the natural facial rejuvenation techniques?
3. Where to get the best facial rejuvenation surgery?

What is facial rejuvenation surgery?

How will you know if you need a facial rejuvenation surgery? First, you stand in front of the mirror in a well-lighted room and seriously look upon your face. Check on the things that make you feel uncomfortable about your face and how you would like to change it.

Facial rejuvenation is the combination of cosmetic surgeries performed to regain the youthful appearance of your face. Facelift serves as the primary foundation for facial rejuvenation. Cosmetic procedures such as brow lift, facial implants, eyelid surgery can be used to improve specific facial features.

Facial rejuvenation restores the youthful look and feel of the patient's skin on the face through cosmetic procedures. The best facial rejuvenation treatment is facial laser treatment. This procedure is for the patients who want to shape and tighten the skin on their face. It is a non-invasive procedure because it uses radiofrequency elements to lift the collagine on the skin structure of the face.

There are also non-surgical treatments such as fillers, neurotoxins, and fat injections, which are performed to increase the volume of the face and remove folds and wrinkles. Besides, there are laser skin procedures to enhance the texture and correct blemishes on your skin.


The best facial procedure is skin resurfacing treatment. It restores the youthful and attractive complexion of the face by eliminating the dead skin cells. This treatment creates a healthier skin which boosts one's self-confidence. It also counters the signs of aging within the process.

The first thing that you must do is to consult your cosmetic surgeon. This is to help you choose the right order of procedures to be done in your case.

  • If you want to enhance the contour of your face by facial rejuvenation, fat transfer is usually done first. Fat grafting will take place in the specific area of your face, which needs volume enhancement.
  • A minimal incision or more considerable facelift is done depending on how loose the patient's skin is. It can also involve brow lift, eyelid surgery, and facial implants when necessary.
  • The skin folds are tightened during facelift when needed. This is performed to eliminate the excess skin and enclosed by sutures.
  • Once your surgeon closes your incision, a laser skin resurfacing is done to enhance the quality of your skin structure. It helps in eliminating wrinkles, poor skin pigmentation, bags under your eyes, and reversing the effect of sun exposure on your skin.


The ideal candidates for facial rejuvenation are those persons with visible signs of aging. These signs can be seen on the midface, eyes, and neck. You should also have good overall health. It will determine how your body can handle the surgery as well as the recovery period.

Risks and Complications

Just like any other medical procedure, facial rejuvenation surgery also has its risks and complications. Here are some of the things that you should take note of the problems that you might encounter with this surgery.

  • Poor reaction to anesthesia
  • Accumulation of blood under the skin or hematoma
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Scarring
  • Skin surface irregularities
  • Higher chances of sunburns
  • Hypersensitivity


After your surgery, your surgeon will explain to you the process and duration of your recovery period. Your facial appearance after the surgery depends on the type of facelift and other additional procedures done. When the effect of anesthesia subsides, you will feel some pain. If the pain is continuous, contact your surgeon immediately.

Your surgeon will instruct you on how you will take care of your skin after the surgery. Depending on the treatment that you had, your skin will appear peeling and scabbing from the first day to 4 weeks after the surgery.

The aftercare procedures include details about taking care of drains, prescribed antibiotics, and the type of activities that you are only allowed to do. You will also have precise instructions about the usual symptoms that you can encounter during the recovery. The duration of the recovery period varies from one individual to another.


Facial rejuvenation cost is an important consideration. Facials usually cost $60.-$100. On the other hand, skin resurfacing includes laser therapy, which costs $350-$500 per session. The number of sessions depends on your surgeon and your expected results.

The standard procedure that is performed during a facial rejuvenation surgery is a facelift. In the UK, the average price of a facelift differs from one clinic to another. It depends on the extent of the surgery. You can expect to pay a few thousand pounds for a mini facelift while £10,000 for a neck and facelift.

Facelift cost usually starts from £6,730, but there are no standard prices for facelift surgery. It is because every patient is treated differently based on their preferences. To have a quotation for your surgery, you can go to the nearest clinic and have your free consultation.

How long does facial rejuvenation last?

The duration of the effectiveness of a facial rejuvenation depends on the type of rejuvenation procedure that you choose. You can also have multiple rejuvenation procedures to achieve your expected results. Usually, injectables such as fillers last for two years, and neurotoxins last for at least three months.

It is impossible to stop or somehow reverse the signs of aging. It is the natural cycle of life. However, the results of facial rejuvenation surgery can be long-lasting. The supporting procedures, such as fillers and injections, can be done repeatedly. It will help you to maintain the effects of facial rejuvenation surgery.

To monitor your health status, make sure you develop open communication with your cosmetic surgeon. It will be helpful for you since your doctor knows every detail about your condition. Do not be afraid to tell your surgeon when you have concerns.

What is non-surgical facial rejuvenation?

More and more adults wanted to have a younger look. In this case, they look for anti-aging skin treatments to provide them with the changes they need. The most common non-surgical techniques for facial rejuvenation are fillers, botox, and laser treatments. The procedures are used to eliminate dead skin cells, remove wrinkles, tighten your skin, and lessen fat deposits.

Non-surgical facial rejuvenation is convenient for both men and women. These treatments can enhance the appearance of the patient without any surgery or incisions involved. The results can last for three months to more than one year.

What are the natural facial rejuvenation techniques?

If you are afraid of cuts or injections, there are natural remedies that you can do to fight the signs of aging. These natural techniques can be found in the comfort of your homes. You can try some of these:

  • Avocado-Honey face moisturizer. A moisturizer is beneficial as an anti-aging treatment. It acts as the temporary fillers for wrinkles. It also makes your skin smooth.
  • Fruit Salad. Fresh fruits have antioxidants that can protect the skin from damage due to sun exposure. It improves your blood circulation so that the nutrients are well-delivered on your skin.
  • Acne removal treatment. If you want to get rid of those blemishes, you can try making a solution from yeast, which fights bacteria and lemon juice, which dries the blemishes.
  • Basil Facial Toner. This technique is helpful for those who are likely to have acne. Basil works as an antiseptic, which removes acne-causing bacteria and boosts blood circulation to the skin.
  • Facial Scrub from Almond and Sugar. You need to exfoliate your face regularly. This is to remove the dead skin cells, which make your skin dull. As a result, you will have smoother and brighter skin.

Where to get the best facial rejuvenation surgery?

If you are looking for the best facial rejuvenation surgery, Reyap Hospital in Turkey offers it for you. Aside from facelift surgery, they also have lip enlargement, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, brow lift, cheek aesthetics, otoplasty, and neck lift. You can have a free consultation session with the most excellent professional doctors.

Reyap Hospital in Turkey is a reliable healthcare institution that provides quality healthcare services. They continue to strive for comprehensive education and training activities, which can enhance the knowledge and skills of their medical staff. Reyap also has safe and comfortable facilities for their foreign patients.

Cosmetic procedures in Turkey are cheaper than the average cost of medical services in the UK. It's because the employees in Turkey receive lower wages compared to European countries. Despite the low cost of their medical services, it became one of the essential reasons why patients abroad prefer Turkey as a place for their surgery.

Facial rejuvenation surgery can help you to restore your healthy and youthful facial appearance. It will help you to boost your self-confidence and positive outlook in life to attract more opportunities to grow as a person. Medical services are beneficial in many aspects, especially for the betterment of one's health.