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Top 6 best gifts for the woman of your life on International Mother's Day

Reyap Hospital

On this special date, not only do children pay tribute to those who selflessly take care of their families, but fathers should also celebrate the relentless efforts of their life partners. For that reason, you will surely be looking for options to treat the woman of your life with the perfect gift, that one thing which represents your admiration and gratitude for her.

Despite the time you have been together, selecting that present can be complicated, and you may not know where to start. Maybe you want to make her smile with joy, make her feel valued, raise her self-esteem through improvements in her appearance, help her reach her goals, satisfy her needs, buy her something useful and functional, make her feel relaxed and loved.

What they say is true, happiness is in small things, and you can offer it to her through a homemade coupon booklet, a poem written by you, or even a delicious breakfast in bed. However, it is also true that all these noble gestures have the potential to be the perfect match for a more meaningful present that allows you to make her dreams come true and indulge her every whim.

Here is a list of ideas that every mother —whether a new one or an experienced one— will appreciate, because from them you can choose the option that best suits your better half's character. We have thought of everything; there is an option for every budget and every type of mother: fashionist and trend follower, fitness addict, entrepreneur, healthy-life addicted, and travel-lover.

1.A trip to the Middle East

Several surveys around the world have shown mothers' preference for a travel gift, and their craving for a break from their busy, stressful lives is perfectly reasonable and relatable.

If the woman in your life is adventurous by nature, we strongly advise you to schedule a tour to the most exotic destinations in the Middle East, including Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Dubai, and Jordan.

Getaway with her and reward her with some fun days full of relaxation and peace, which will undoubtedly help her recover her strength and energy as part of an unforgettable experience.

2.Brazilian butt lift

Once you are in Turkey —one of the best options in the field of cosmetic surgery— do not think twice and visit the Reyap Hospital in Istanbul to give your beloved one a Brazilian butt lift.

This popular treatment aims to naturally increase the size of the buttocks and improve their shape, using fatty tissue from the person's own body. Firstly, the surgeon performs liposuction to remove fat from specific areas (usually the stomach, hips, and thighs), and then it is transferred into the buttocks.

In addition to the mother's self-esteem boosting by means of a killer figure able to pull off the tightest clothes, this is the most popular of the buttocks enlargement surgeries because it has the following advantages:

  • Getting a more natural-looking and feeling derriere.
  • Less risk of infection.
  • Recovery time is significantly shorter.
  • Increased level of fat retention.

3.Neck lift.

Also known as lower rhytidectomy or platysmaplasty, this surgical procedure allows reducing the folds in the jawline and neck by removing excess skin and fat.

With her fresh and improved looks, no one would ever imagine that your life partner is old enough to be a proud mother because of the benefits offered by this treatment:

  • Smoother, more balanced facial profile.
  • Attenuation of natural signs of aging.
  • Well-defined chin and jawline.

4.Lips enlargement.

Plump and luscious lips are a current trend and the desired attribute for many women; should this be the case with your loved one, do not miss the opportunity to please her with the adequate cosmetic procedure such as hyaluronic acid fillers.

Adding shape, structure, and volume to the lips, so they are proportional to her facial morphology will surely render a more natural and discreet result that will last about six months, and then more injections are required to keep the lips full and thick.

The benefits of this alternative include:

  • Greater control over the amount of gel injected and the volume of the lips.
  • There is less risk of an allergic reaction.
  • Any irregularities on the surface of the lips can be easily corrected.
  • There are fewer after-effects, such as bruising and swelling.
  • More lasting, yet not permanent, results.
  • Being a gradual process, the injections can be delivered at different times.

5.Aromatherapy kit.

As a complement to cosmetic surgery procedures, nothing is better than massage sessions, workout routines, and even meditation together with an aromatherapy kit that you can put together as follows:

  • Start with a set of essential oils that offer the same relaxing and healthful properties as herbal teas: headache relief, sleep aid, stress and anxiety reduction, skin smoothing, hair revitalization and remedy for congestion. These oils are the perfect sidekick for a renewing massage as an after-bath treatment or to create a pleasant and fragrant atmosphere; they can be mixed with gel, shampoo, and other hygiene products.
  • Other essential elements are soaps based on natural components, which make up for a real all-round beauty treatment, such as olive oil, exfoliating, moisturizing, and purifying cleansers.
  • Add a final touch that could be provided by a portable essential oil diffuser, an air refresher that reinforces the action of the oils by diluting and spreading them. If you fail to find an oil diffuser, there is no problem; an alternative might be scented candles.

This is an advantageous gift because there are no wrong answers, you can customize it as much as you wish, and there is no limit to the quantity or type of products to include. You can choose items of such refreshing and pleasant aromas as incense, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, vanilla, cinnamon, mint, orange, green tea, and rosemary.

6.Home fitness/gym equipment.

After cosmetic surgery, it is recommended to keep a healthy diet and exercise routines. This might be the case with the woman of your life, or maybe she is just a sucker for a stay-home workout; whatever the case, you can set up a small gym for her. This would be a perfect corner for her to crash in her spare time and focus on drills that allow for muscle toning at varying levels of demand.

You can include:

  • A pilates ball also called fitball or Swiss ball that is used to address balance in specific exercises or movements and enhance resistance in some others.
  • A yoga mat, used for any workout routine that is performed on the floor, such as yoga, abdominals exercises, and many others.
  • A lightweight dumbbell set.
  • A yoga wheel, the convenient accessory that facilitates those postures that require a long spinal stretching.
  • Every mother needs a closet full of comfortable and versatile garments, give her the right sports outfits to run behind your children, exercise, and run every daily errand.
  • Let your imagination fly and add any kind of item: a jump rope, a thermos flask, training gloves, and even a foam roller massager, perfect for improving circulation and accelerating recovery after exercise.