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What are the common causes of breast sagging? Where to get a breast lift?

Reyap Hospital

A woman's breast is composed of complex tissue that produces milk (the glandular tissue) also, fatty tissue. The size of the breast can easily be defined by the amount of fat it has. It has a milk-producing part that also contains 15 to 20 sections called lobes. Female breasts do not have muscle tissue that can hold or strengthen it. So, even if you involve yourself on workouts to toughen it, it's no use. However, if you can note essential factors, you can slow down or prevent yourself from extreme sagging.

Most Common Causes of Breast Sagging

The body is not getting any younger.

Aging makes a significant impact on breast sagging. As you grow older, the ligaments and breast tissue extend and lose elasticity. Therefore, breast perkiness will eventually slump for the primary back up the tissue structure, and fat decreases. This change will eventually be noticeable within the menopause period.

The lack of proper breast support when engaging in vigorous physical activities.

When engaging in a workout, It is essential always to remember to put on your supportive garment or bra. By doing so, it will properly hold, form, and lift the breast. The effect of not wearing such support will take effect on the 30s to 40s.

The commitment to smoking cigarettes.

It is common knowledge that smoking has its dangers in your lungs, heart, and overall health. However, it also contributes to breast sagging. The carcinogens found in a cigarette are the main reason for such rupture in the body. It breaks down a specific protein in the skin that is known as elastin. It provides a youthful complexion, elastic exterior and also helps the breast. Additional information, according to studies, smoking reduces vitamin C in the body.

The gravity is unavoidable.

No matter what the breast size is, gravity causes your skin and ligament's flexibility to slump after some time.

The body has undergone rapid weight gain then weight loss.

Everybody needs to keep an ideal weight depending on their height. As a result, you will prevent the development of any unnecessary stretching on your body.

The pre and post-pregnancy effect.

The breast of a woman stretches and contracts throughout milk production, but once the milk is gone, it will eventually return once the mother is finished nursing.

What is Breast Sagging?

Breasts are perky, but after some time, breast sagging will happen. It is a natural occurrence for every woman when they reach such age or undergo birth. Most women are not fond of saggy breasts, and they usually opt for a lot of measures to prevent or alter it. Breast sagging is also known for the term breast ptosis. There are various data about what does and does not contribute to breast ptosis. It is best to be vigilant and know what is right and misconception.

How to Prevent Breast Sagging?

Maintain an appropriate weight.

You need to maintain a consistent and appropriate weight to avoid breast sagging. This will can also promote firmer breasts.

Opt for a supportive bra that fits you well.

This scenario applies to any type of workout. Any supportive garment or bra is called supportive for a purpose. It has molded cups that lessens the breast's motion.

Do not engage in smoking or quit smoking.

As mentioned, smoking brings a lot of harm to the overall state of the body. Also, it contributes to aging. As a result, tissues and other parts of the body lose their elasticity.

Do a hormone test.

During the menopause stage, the drop in estrogen happens. It is sometimes linked to a decrease in tissue collage. It is best to research ways on how to increase the estrogen on your body, for it increases the breast form. Schedule a visit to your doctor today and avail of a lab test before you raise your estrogen.

Invest in plastic surgery.

There is a procedure called breast lifts. This is recommended to restore your breast's form. It might be an expensive plan, but the result is never disappointing.

What are the Stages of Breast Sagging?

The average woman's breast has a nipple and parenchyma it is located above the fold below the woman's bosom (these two are the glandular tissue and fat that comprises the chest)

Degree 1 mild breast sagging – in this, the nipple lies at the point of the inframammary fold and the parenchyma under it.

Degree 2 moderate breast sagging – in this, the nipple lies under the point of the inframammary fold. However, it remains on top of the lowest hanging part of the parenchyma.

Degree 3 severe breast sagging – in this, the nipple lies well under the inframammary fold and lies at the bottom of the breast, at lowest hanging part of the parenchyma beside the inferior contour of the breast.

Pseudoptosis is not considered as accurate ptosis because the nipple lies on top or at the point of the inframammary fold. However, the more significant part of the breast parenchyma has descended below the point of the fold.

Parenchymal maldistribution - includes a lack of perkiness in the lower part of the breast, a high inframammary fold and a somewhat short distance from the fold to the nipple, seen in cases such as a tuberous breast.

Breast lift with Reyap Health Group?

The medical term for a breast lift is mastopexy. Mastopexy is a surgical operation done by a certified plastic surgeon from Reyap Health Group. They alter the form of your breasts. During this process, extra skin is eradicated and breast tissue to give way on raising the breasts. It tightens comprising tissue to reform and aid the new breast contour.

According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast lift has increased to 70% since the 2000s.  Breast Lift is commonly done when breast sagging happens or when the nipple is pointed downward. It also contributes a lot to self-esteem and self-image. However, a breast lift does not change the size of the breast. If you want to alter your breast's size, you can combine breast augmentation or breast reduction.

What happens in Breast Lift?

Reyap Health Group offers the best breast lift operations. It is done via various incision patterns and methods.

  • The right method to be done for you will be identified based on:
  • Breast size and form
  • Areola size and position
  • Degree of breast sagging
  • Skin value and elasticity as well as the amount of excess skin

Step 1 – Anesthesia

Medications are done for your ease within the surgical operation. The option contains specific sedation and overall anesthesia. You do not need to worry about the certified plastic surgeon of Reyap Health Group, and you will suggest the right choice for you.

Step 2 – The incision

The incisions have three types:

Through the areola

Through the areola and upright down from the areola to the breast fold

Through the areola and upright down from the areola to the breast fold

Step 3 – Reforming your breasts

After your plastic surgeon does the incisions:

The primary breast tissue is raised and reformed to enhance breast contour and firmness.

The nipple and areola are realigned to a natural, more youthful perk.

There is also a scenario that enlarged areolas are lessened by excising skin at the perimeter.

Extra breast skin is eradicated to balance for the loss of elasticity.

Step 4 – Finishing the incisions

Once the breast is reformed and extra skin is taken is eliminated, the remaining skin will be tightened as the incisions are closed. Other incision lines are hidden in the natural breast contours, but some are visible on the breast surface. Incision lines are lasting; however, in different scenarios, it can fade and advance over time.

Heed your plastic surgeon's instructions and do not reduce your outcome by challenging an incision that will not be right for you. Sutures are leveled deep within the breast tissue to formulate and aid the newly formed breasts. Sutures, skin adhesives, or surgical tape can also be used to close the skin.

Step 5 – Notice the results.

Once the operation is done, the outcome will be quickly noticeable. Acquire more data regarding breast lift results.

Where can you get a breast lift?

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