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What are the things you should consider before getting a Beard Transplant?

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Some men long for facial hair like a beard or mustache. Men said these facial hairs make them more manly and attractive. Well, it is an astonishing fact. However, for some health reasons, growing hairs on parts of the body may, at times, be hard. For most men, hair growth depends on genetic factors, which include other system issues. Few got low genes for having beard growth that is thick and full, so it’s frustrating. Luckily, science made it easier and more convenient. Thus, a beard transplant.

Beard transplant is the answer for men’s concern for easy growth of facial hair. Since this process is a reliable method for men’s beauty, it gained a surprising amount of fame. Genetic factors are no problem within this process, and others said affecting factors. This requires a specialist kind of procedure that involves a high dependency on surgery skills.

Yet, the procedure of a beard transplant still comprises a lot of factors to consider first. These are the following:

-       the cost for the beard transplant

-       the process alone

-       the time allotted with the transplant

-       the longevity effect from the procedure

-       the chance of shaving the beard or trimming it

-       the best maintenance after the beard transplant

The factors mentioned above are very vital points to know before going to such a cosmetic enhancement process. If one goes wrong, then a lot of things will be wasted all at once. So, the cost is the top thing that one should thing through first. It is due to the factual point that this won’t be all possible without allotted funding.

How much does it cost to get a beard transplant?

Now, just like any cosmetic process with the best-expected quality, it requires a sum of money. It doesn’t stick with cheap deals because of the tools used and the result it will deliver. Also, having this kind of procedure is quite an investment.

The amount usually depends on the clinic, the skin, and the hair type. As part of summation, a beard transplant’s price varies among the scale of 5,000 to 15,000 dollars. Although for some that wanted a cheaper amount of procedure, there’s still an option. For a more affordable deal, find an even reputable clinic. The clinic must be enough for your money not to be led into waste. In today’s time, many businesses take advantage of the customer’s trust; that’s why strict precautions should be applied.

Along with the cost of this procedure is knowing the process of a beard transplant alone as well. Will it hurt? Is it long? Questions like that will probably circle through one’s mind before going in with the operation. So, the process is also included on the things that a person should consider upon proceeding to a bread transplant procedure. To explain further, here’s an informative explanation of how this process functions.

Does beard transplant work? What’s the process?

The procedure of a beard transplant got two significant types. These are FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction and FUT or the Follicular Unit Transplantation. As stated earlier, beard transplant – regardless of the process type contains a highly advanced level of the cosmetic surgical process.

In a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the process involves a cosmetic surgeon grafting individual hairs. After doing so, the grafted follicles would be harvested in a larger area. Since this is the most common method of doing a beard transplant, the healing process is faster through FUE. On the other hand, FUT transplant or also known as Follicular Unit Transplantation contains the method of getting a small portion. Usually, upon taking this type of beard transplant, it often undergoes the dissection process. With this, the end of the surgery partakes on the cosmetic surgeon closing the dissected edge. However, the wonder FUT method will leave only a single mark from the surgery.

That’s why a lot of hopeful patients chose FUE rather than FUT. FUE got a lot of advantages besides those mentioned above. It includes the capability of the patient/s to go back on doing regular activities after the cosmetic procedure. There’s no scar either when a person undergoes an FUE type of beard transplant. Also, the level of discomfort while doing the surgery is low upon choosing Follicular Unit Extraction. Yet, whatever option the patient wants, both types of beard transplants will change the look.

Stages of the beard Transplant Procedure

After knowing the types of beard transplants, it is time to learn the stages of the procedure. It is a fact that a lot of questions are going with a first-timer. But, worry not because this blog got all the answers.

The beard transplant process involves two main stages, namely, Pre-surgery and Post Surgery Stage. Here’s an elaboration of what’s going on in a beard transplant cosmetic procedure.

For starters, the beard transplant caters to the first step, which is hair preparation. Before starting this process, the person will go with sanitation. Later on, a local anesthetic will be put onto decrease the chance of discomfort. Punch Incision is the second step of the beard transplant procedure. Part of this level is looking for an opening on the hair follicles, usually on the person’s scalp. After the incision, the extraction of follicular units will be next. This process is also known as hair restoration technique or strip procedure. Within this process, the patient’s hair is uprooted to groups. Also, it involves larger grafts, which results in a natural touch. With this, it is perfect for men who wanted a full and thick beard. The process’ result got the capability to adapt. That explains why such a process will give out a natural touch upon the patient. The follicular units got glands that help increase the cosmetic percentage for impact during the process alone.

If it would be a success, it can imitate that natural process of facial hair and manage to be untraceable. With this, the last step is the aftercare plan in which a care package would be given. In this way, the beard status maintains its beauty and satisfying growth. The process involves its time as well. Most people who wish to get a beard transplant often wonder how much time is consumed by this procedure. With this, time span is also a major thing to ponder within a beard transplant.

How long does a beard transplant procedure take?

Just like the process, the time apportioned with a beard transplant procedure depends on the patient. If the candidate for the transplant desires a bigger area for the beard, then it will take a longer time.

As for estimation, the typical time span of a beard transplant is usually between 2 to 4 hours upon completion. But, for some cases, it requires another session of treatment because it won’t be finished with just a single period.

Now, after discovering the time span of a beard transplant, one must also know its effect. Is the beard transplant permanent? That’s whylongevity of the result is also deliberated upon going on with such a process.

Do beard transplants last forever?

One of the many concerns within the procedure of a beard transplant is the longevity of the result. Well, the good news about that beard transplant will last for a lifetime. The hair is transplanted from the donor area got a skill on which it can resist hair loss. With this, the genetic assets and factors of the grafted and harvested material will start anew. It will create a new set of properties along with its new location. According to successful stories of the transplant procedure, there’s a 95% chance of solidity with the transplanted beard on the body. But, beard transplants result can only be permanent depending on what is the origin of the hair. If it is not from the back of the head, then there’s a lesser chance of having beard longevity. This is due to the reason that using the back of the head follicle units is better for genetic protection.

Again, for the question, if beard transplant is a permanent thing – well, it’s a big yes! This is as long as the person that went into that process follows the rules and cosmetic procedures needed. Since it is permanent already, there’s another point that one should know – can the beard from the transplant be shaved? Know why shaving factor  is one of the must-learned things before having a beard transplant.

Can a beard transplant be shaved?

Typically, a full growth beard without any transplant factor involves the process of shaving. But, for a beard transplant procedure, it requires a different process. Based on cosmetic medical experts, a transplanted goatee or beard must be shaved after the crusting process. The crusting process or the healing period usually partakes a week or two after considering its good enough already. To make it more ideal, the patient should do some follow up checkups. With this, the person can go back to the normal routine when it’s safe.

However, upon going on with one’s routine once again, the person still needs to maintain care with the transplanted beard. Thus, having the best care maintenance  is also vital upon having a beard transplant.

After a beard transplant, what’s the best maintenance?

After going to a successful cosmetic surgery, your lifestyle must change as well. It is not enough to use only the after operation deals, but healthier habits are also required. Men with a beard transplant should consider exercising and having enough sleep. Diet plays a significant role in this one as well. A healthy lifestyle will make sure that your body system and not just your skin will work properly. There’s no alternative solution if the person with a beard transplant wants a more natural look upon the beard. Well, it would be an easy thing to do as long as that person got enough dedication and motivation. You cannot show off a good beard transplant if you’re not going to take of yourself.

Final Insight

In conclusion, a beard transplant is an answer to men’s prayers. Besides its outstanding result, it is efficient and reliable. It is an excellent permanent solution for men who long for a perfect and thick beard.

But, upon choosing this cosmetic solution, make sure to consider things such as the stated above. These tips and details will help you to achieve the best results in every way possible.

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