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What Should I Know Before Getting Breast Implants?

Reyap Hospital

Breast size varies among women. It influences the appearance and perception of other people when it comes to attractiveness and social contexts. Most of the social mindset about finding an intimate partner is the desire to look for desirable characteristics.

Moreover, physical traits matter as always for the first impression. There are common notions that link the breast size to how attractive a female is.

Women's breasts are very important for interpersonal connections, for they perceive attention and sexual relations. It affects the woman's attractiveness. Heredity has an impact on the current breast size of an individual. Breast size evolves towards the preferences of the potential partner. Moreover, changes to breast size are evidently seen in society. They engage themselves in this kind of modification for their own acceptable reasons.

Modern technologies find their way to the integration of medicine. Surgical procedures are now updated and modernized. As for cosmetic surgeries, increased breast size is one of the surgical procedures that most women choose to do so. But what are the things that contribute to your breast size? How can you say that it is small or large? Do your genes have something to do with it?

What affects your Breast Size?

Here are some factors that have an impact on your breast size:

  • Your hair, skin color, and height are manifestations of the genes that you have. Moreover, they also have an impact on your breast size. Your family history can somehow depict what size you could probably have.
  • Your weight has something to do with your breast size. If your breast size has a high content of fatty tissues, you are more likely to have a difference in your breast size as you lose or gain weight.
  • If you have regular exercise, you will notice a significant change in your breast size. It doesn't mean that there is an increase in your breast size; rather, the muscle on your breast starts to grow, which makes your breast look bigger.
  • When you are on your period, you will start to see changes in your breast size. As you have your menstrual cycle, you can feel that your breasts are lumpier and bigger than usual. It is for the reason that your glands are expanding for a potential pregnancy. After that cycle, your breasts will return to their normal size.
  • Birth controls also have an effect on your breast size. These products contain estrogen and progesterone, which cause water retention. Changes in breast size are commonly noticeable when someone uses birth control.
  • A pregnant woman starts to have bigger breasts due to hormonal changes. As months pass by, your breasts will develop more ducts and lobules which produce milk. After childbirth, your breasts will continue to swell as it prepares you for breastfeeding.
  • As you get older, your breast size is not like what they were when you were young. During your menopausal period, hormonal changes strike again as the estrogen drops down and loses elasticity.

Understanding Breast Implants and Its Procedures

A breast implant is a material that makes the breasts of a person bigger. These prosthetics are usually done for breast augmentation procedures. It is the most common cosmetic procedure performed in the US. There are two types of breast implants. These are saline and silicone implants. Years ago, there are other fillers used for breast implants, but they are now phased out.

Saline implants are made out of silicone shells filled with saline solution. One major characteristic of saline implants is the use of smaller incisions to insert the material rather than using pre-filled silicone types. The implants are inserted in a pocket filled with the solution. Saline implants are safer in case of leakage. However, compared to silicone, they tend to have more cosmetic issues.

On the other hand, silicone implants are materials wherein both the shell and the gel are made of silicone. These implants appear more natural than saline implants. During the past years, silicone has been restricted due to reports of silicone gel leakage. But through the use of modern technology, these complications are now minimized. By today, there are low rates of implant ruptures, which make it safe and easy to implant.

Breast implants can be done for various reasons. Its main purpose is to reconstruct the breast. It is commonly performed for those cancer patients who have undergone a mastectomy. This is also used for those patients who experienced breast traumas. Breast augmentation is also one of the reasons why people use breast implants. This is to increase and enhance the appearance of their breasts.

During the procedure, incisions are made underneath the breasts, around the areola, from the armpit or by the navel. Breast implants can be inserted between the muscles of the breasts or even underneath the chest muscle. The surgical procedure to be performed is based on the type of breast implant, surgeon's capability, and patient's preference.

Breast augmentation usually lasts for one or two hours using general anesthesia. It is usually done in an outpatient setting, wherein the patient can immediately go home after the surgery. You will expect swelling after the procedure will subside within one or two weeks. Patients are advised to avoid heavy workloads in about four to six weeks. However, there are minimal routines that you can do to minimize the pain.

Breast implants are only recommended to those women at least 18 years of age to expect a complete development of the breasts. These materials are expected only to last for ten to fifteen years. After this time, it should be replaced or removed to avoid complications. You should also undergo an MRI three years after the procedure to check the status of your breast implant.

Before you undergo such a procedure, you should know what breast implant is right for you. It is a critical surgery since you are going to insert a material inside your body. Hence, you need to be more careful. The factors that you need to consider are the breast measures, desired breast size, qualities of your breast, chest wall, and tissues. There are three ways on how you can determine your breast size.

  • Rice test is the common method to know your possible breast implant size. Get a pair of old pantyhose. Cut a strip of 12" and tie a small knot in the end. Get your preferred amount of uncooked rice and fill the pantyhose.
  • The water test goes the same with the rice test. Use a plastic bag and place the water with your desired volume. You can also wear a dress to see how it looks like a demonstration.
  • The most effective way to know the right breast implant for you is to attend a sizing session. There are various implant sizers that you can try. Surgeons can guide you on which size is best for you.

Where to get the best Breast Implant Surgery

Breast implant surgery costs around £3,500 to £8,000. If you want to increase your breast size, you may be wondering about where to get the best and affordable one. You can also consider having a breast implant surgery abroad for more choices and offers for the procedure. Moreover, you need to have careful research so that you will end up with the best facilities, services, and surgeons. Breast implant surgery Turkey can be your guide to achieve your desired outcomes.

Reyap Hospital is a reputable healthcare institution that offers quality breast implant surgery. They have renewed infrastructures with reputable medical personnel who take charge of your medical needs. Moreover, they also have modern and updated equipment to meet the fast-changing world in the field of medicine. They also consider the value of training and education to enhance their skills and services.

Breast implant surgery Istanbul is what Reyap Hospital has. You can have your consultation and diagnosis right there with the help of the skilled surgeons of the healthcare institution. Moreover, they also provide follow up services, such as check-ups and monitoring services to make sure that you are on the right path of your medical journey.

This healthcare institution is aware that qualified healthcare services are provided by expert medical personnel. Moreover, they continue to improve the skills and potentials of their surgeons and doctors to meet these requirements. Their academic staffs regulate comprehensive academic studies as well as creating curriculum and lecturing for their team.

There are some points in our life where change is needed. You might feel uncomfortable with what you have, or it might be the only solution to make a healthy living. Always choose what would be best for you. Just like breast implant surgery, you must decide very well since you are going to put something inside your body. You must also take responsibility for it and be mindful of the safety measure that you need to do to maintain a good result of your procedure.