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What You Need to Know About Thigh Lifts to have Shapelier Legs

Reyap Hospital

We are living in a society wherein there are so many standards that are expected from us to have. Many people are looking into various perspectives, such as physical and personal traits. These are their basis on how someone can be attractive to them. As we interact with one another everyday, we develop personal traits and characteristics based on how we want to be accepted by others.

Life today is being manifested on how presentable you look. The ideal physical image of an individual possesses a pleasing look, perfect skin, tiny waists, and with a fantastic fashion sense. Moreover, not all of these characteristics can be seen in one person alone. That is why most people tend to look for ways on how they can have all of these.

Cosmetic surgeries are procedures done to enhance their physical appearance. There are facelift surgery, lip augmentation, chin augmentation, and many other cosmetic procedures. Another part of the body that people choose to make a surgical enhancement is their thighs. You might want to consider a thigh lift to improve your body curves. But the question is, what are the other benefits of a thigh lift?

What is a Thigh Lift Surgery?

For many people, their upper leg seems to be a problem when it comes to body curves. While for some, the thigh is the body part, which is hard to change its shape after a weight loss. The good thing is that thigh lift can help you resolve this problem. A thigh lift is an excellent way to attain a firm and attractive upper leg.

A thigh lift is a procedure that reshapes the outer and inner part of the thighs by removing excessive fats from the upper leg. It gives a smooth and shapely contour for the lower part of the body. It also adds to the muscle definition and youthful appearance of the thigh. Thigh lift also reduces the stretch marks.

This kind of surgery depends on the preferences of the patient. For the thigh lift procedure, each technique requires you to have general anesthesia. On the first part of the surgery, there will be an incision in the groin extended downward, wrapping around the back of your thigh. Another technique is when the incision is placed along the inseam, starting from the groin down to the knee before eliminating the excess skin in the thigh area.

There could be a minimal thigh lift depending on the body structure of the patient. If you have excessive fats on your thigh and hip area, liposuction would be better before removing skin to enhance your body contour, once the skin is repositioned for a thigh lift. Your surgeon can also remove sagging parts of your skin before putting deep sutures.

Sutures are being placed under your skin tissues. It develops a formation of new shaped contours. When deep sutures are in place, your doctor will then use additional sutures and skin adhesive tapes to close the incisions. This is done before wrapping compression garments on your thighs.

What are the Types of Thigh Lift Surgery?

There are different thigh lift types that you can choose from:

Thigh Lift Surgery Procedure
  • Mini Thigh Lift. This type of thigh lift is to lessen the sagging part of the skin in the upper inner thigh. Only a small part of the upper third of the thigh is being reconstructed. This surgery is for patients who don't have a large amount of excess fat but just want to reduce that part only. There will be a small incision in the groin. This is for liposuction after removing excess skin. The results of this surgery will be a smaller and smoother thigh appearance with small bumps and dents. The recovery period is short since this is just a minimal surgery. This surgery is good for two hours, and the patient can do light exercise routines within two weeks.
  • Inner Thigh Lift. The medial or inner thigh lift is done for the inner portion of the upper thigh. Usually, the patients who undergo this kind of surgery find it hard to eliminate fats through food diet and exercise only. There are also patients wanting to have an inner thigh lift to remove excess sagging skin after a weight loss. In this procedure, the surgeon will make an incision between the thigh and pubic area. To lessen the visibility of the scars, the incision is placed on the groin part. It will start from the top of the pubic part to the hip bone. A large part of the skin will then be removed. There will be minimum scars but good results.
  • Vertical Thigh Lift. This method is for the patients who want to remove the excess fats all the way around the thigh. This procedure changes a large part of the body. Therefore, it requires a large incision. There would be a more visible scar after the surgery. It is an extensive thigh lift procedure that is recommended only for those with a very large amount of excess skin and fats to eliminate.
  • Outer Thigh Lift. As the name itself, it focuses on removing excess skin and fats on the outside portion of the thigh. An incision is placed around the waist. The patients also undergo liposuction, and the excess tissue is secured at the hip bone area. The length of the incision is also visible. If you want to have a bigger improvement with your thigh and accept the scarring results, this would be best for you.
  • Posterior Thigh Lift. This thighplasty focuses on the back of your thighs. The incisions used for this type of surgery depend on the body structure of the patient. It causes the skin to be saggy due to a large amount of cellulite.
  • Spiral Thigh Lift. It is the newest type of thighplasty. If you want to focus on your entire thigh, this is suitable for you. It is sometimes called the total thigh lift. It trims, smoothens, shapes, and improves the contour of the buttocks as well. There will be a long incision to eliminate the excess tissues. More stitches are required since it covers the whole thigh. The recovery period will take a longer time, and you have to return to your surgeon to monitor the healing process.

Get The Best Place for Thigh Lift Surgery

If you are looking for the best place for your thighplasty, you might be in trouble with finding the right one. Reyap Hospital is here to guide you. Their medical consultations and services can help you decide on what type of thigh lift surgery is suitable for your body structure. They are also open to your preferences to meet your desired results.

Thigh lift surgery abroad can be one of your ways to get the best deal for thighplasty. Thigh lift surgery costs within a range of £3,900 to £4,920. Moreover, you can turn to Reyap Hospital as they are offering high-quality medical services for the patients. They also engage in quality education and training activities to enhance their skills and methods in the field of medicine. They also believed that skilled medical professionals provide qualified healthcare services.

Reyap Hospital offers thigh lift surgery Istanbul to help the patients have their beautiful body contours and get rid of the excessive fats and tissues on their thighs. The various types of thigh lift surgery provide choices for the patients on what to look for when they want to do thigh surgeries. You must know what your body needs so that you will choose the right type of surgery for you.

Thigh Lift: Procedure

Thigh lift surgery Turkey can provide you the best results to improve your appearance. Society nowadays looks into the value of physical attributes. That is the reason why many people opt to choose surgical procedures to make themselves more attractive. Hence, you must know the consequences of your every action. Always seek consultation from the experts, and you must only undergo such kind of critical procedures on reliable healthcare institutions just like Reyap Hospital.

Modern technologies help society in so many aspects. Surgical procedures have different innovations that can accommodate whatever people need when they want to change something from their body features. If you wish to have shapelier legs and thighs, have now your thigh lift surgery Turkey in Reyap Hospital. They can assure you of the positive results of your thigh lift surgery.

There are so many things in life that we want to change as long as we can. Change is the most constant thing in this world. As the world undergoes development, people tend to look for possible ways on how to get themselves improved or enhanced in different ways. This is to fit in the place they are living in. Furthermore, they often choose this kind of procedure to be the answer to their long term problems. Reyap Hospital can be your partner to make your life more meaningful and change it the way you want it to be.