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Why Travel To Turkey? 5 Benefits Of Hair Transplant Surgery In Turkey

Reyap Hospital

Hair is an essential part of the body. It is one of those physical characteristics that we can change. We can also manipulate it depending on fashion and culture. There are hair cosmetics that people use to maintain good hair quality. These products are used to modify the mechanical and physical features of the hair, which depend on its structures and protein contents.

There are cosmetic products created to restore and enhance hair follicles. Intensive conditioners are used to prevent excess physical and chemical damage to hair. Enhancement of hair shine is the primary benefit of using modern hair care products. We must take good care of our hair. It adds to the attractiveness of an individual. Most people are looking for methods on how they can maintain good hair structures.

On the other hand, some instances make us feel down about our hair. Hair loss, thinning of hair, and baldness affect both males and females. These occurrences happen for different reasons. As we grow older, it is expected that we are about to lose hair strands over the years. There are about 70% of males experiencing male pattern baldness, while 30% of females experience female pattern baldness.

Importance of Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant is a surgical method that moves hair follicles from the donor site to the part of the head where hair loss is evident. It is the restoration procedure for both men and women. It is usually done for those who are experiencing extreme hair loss. This procedure provides many benefits that is why many people choose to undergo this surgery.

It is a normal thing to consider when you see men experiencing hair loss and baldness. It occurs due to genetic and hormonal factors. Male pattern baldness can be seen from receding hairline and visibility of the scalp. For women, baldness happens due to hormonal changes. It is the thinning of hair on the whole scalp.

In today's modern world, technology helps the society in so many ways. There are various innovations in the medical field by the use of modern equipment. Physical appearance has a great impact when it comes to socialization. Surgical procedures just like hair transplantation is one of the common cosmetic surgery nowadays.

Men and women are both suitable for a hair transplant. There are just two things that you need to consider when having hair transplant. One must have healthy hair so that transplantation could be possible. Your scalp should also have the ability to grow hair on the balding area.

Before you undergo a hair transplant, you must first have a consultation with your doctor. It is to know the reason why you are having hair loss. There is a blood testing and scalp examination. These processes determine what is going on in your body. If the results of the exam show that you are suitable for the hair transplant, your doctor can tell you what could be your possible hair transplant results.

As the years pass by, people experience hair loss. It can be due to hormonal changes, age, and genes. Medications, antidepressants, blood thinners, and treatments for cancer are some of the factors why hair loss occurs. If the scalp has a fungal infection such as ringworm, the affected parts of the scalp will later on experience hair loss.

When an individual faces significant stress after a surgery or serious disease, he or she may encounter thinning of hair. Vitamins are essential nutrients to make the body healthy. However, vitamin deficiencies and thyroid disorders can also be the reason for hair loss. Most women experience hormonal imbalance from pregnancy, childbirth, or menopausal period. These stressful events also lead to hair loss.

What is the difference between FUE and FUT Hair Transplant Surgery?

If you are experiencing hair loss problems, you are surely looking for possible ways on how to get rid of it. Hair transplant surgery is one of the most popular ways to cover baldness. It is a procedure usually done to repair hair on the sites that baldness and hair thinning are visible. There are different types of hair replacement procedures.

  • Hair transplantation includes hair removal of some pieces of scalp from the donor area on the head. It relocates them to the thinning or bald area.
  • Flap surgeries deal with moving of scalp tissue into the bald sites of the scalp.
  • Tissue expansion lets the hair-bearing scalp as an expansion to cover the part of the head with no hair.
  • Scalp reduction surgery involves eliminating the bald areas and bringing together the hair-bearing sites of the head.

There are two main strategies for hair transplant surgery. These are Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Expansion (FUE). Both of these hair restoration methods are effective. Let us dig more in-depth on how they are different from one another. We must know how to differentiate these two procedures so that we will be able to choose what appropriate method to have.

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a hair transplant method used to treat patients with hair loss and balding problems. This procedure provides the patient with a natural hair growth appearance after the surgery. This surgery doesn't necessarily need to remove a donor part of the scalp to get the individual hair follicles.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a hair restoration method. It is also called a strip procedure. During the procedure, follicular units let the surgeon perform a safe hair transplant of thousand grafts within a single session. It maximizes the cosmetic effect of the treatment. This method results in holes that make an unnatural appearance.

The main difference between FUE and FUT hair transplant surgeries is the transplantation of follicular hair units. The surgeon in FUT gets a strip of skin from the donor site from which to extract single follicular units to be transplanted to bald areas. On the other hand, for FUE, follicular units are removed directly from the scalp area. This strategy is the most suitable for the patient, depending on a range of factors causing hair loss.

Benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey

Are you looking for hair transplant surgery abroad? If you want to have quality service for hair transplant surgery, Turkey can be one of your choices. What are the things that can make you choose a hair transplant in Turkey despite many other offers out there? Here are some points that you should know about:

  • Hair transplant Turkey yields natural results. There are modern hair transplant procedures in Istanbul that doctors and surgeons use nowadays. Patients really appreciate the natural-looking outcomes of their hair transplant procedures. Hair loss is the main reason why people are looking for hair transplant surgery. Baldness makes an individual feel down on how they look. Hair transplant surgery Turkey helps the patient look younger and boost their self-confidence.
  • The hair transplant surgery is a natural procedure. You don't have to worry, thinking that hair transplants and implants are unsafe. During the operation, the surgeons do not use any particular elements which can damage hair follicles. The transplanted parts of the hair grow naturally. The transplanted hair came from their own follicles of the patient.
  • Hair transplant surgery in Turkey provides permanent outcomes. Patients do not have to use any special hair products to aid hair growth after their primary post-operational period ends. Hair transplantation is good for a lifetime effect. The newly transplanted hairs are set to continuously grow without falling again from the sites where they are planted.
  • If you choose Istanbul as the place to undergo hair transplant surgery, you will experience a short recovery period. Patients will be able to go back to work and their usual social activities after the procedure.
  • Hair transplant surgery in Turkey is cost-friendly. These procedures are at a low cost with quality services conducted in their equipped facilities. The doctors and surgeons also use updated strategies and tools. Hair restoration surgeries in Istanbul can give you the best details about the prices of their services.

If you are after an affordable yet quality hair transplant surgery in Turkey, you can turn to Reyap Hospital in Istanbul. This healthcare institution provides valuable medical services such as surgical procedures that can give a natural look for your appearance. Moreover, they continue to reach for the development and improvement of their skills and equipment to upgrade the quality of their work.

Reyap Hospital in Istanbul is reputable healthcare that performs quality hair transplant surgery. This type of surgery is very common to the country since the natives often experience baldness problems. They conduct researches on how to get rid of this dilemma. Moreover, this institution offers the best hair transplant surgery for their countrymen and eventually to foreners.

Hair serves to be every individual crowning glory. Having a good hair structure adds to the self-confidence of the person. It helps a lot in improving oneself. There are various ways on how we can enhance our physical appearance. Hair transplant surgery is a permanent change in the body system. Be sure to take it seriously. Look for the best hair transplant surgery that can give you what you deserve.